Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Protest New York Visit of PRO NUCLEAR Secretary Geithner of Treasury Department This Wednesday MArch 25th

AIG is PRO NUCLEAR, spent over FIVE MILLION OF OUR TAX DOLLARS lobbying for the Indian Nuclear Deal...Secretary Geithner supports AIG executives getting bonus checks, and he lied to us about what he knew, and when he knew it. Secretary Geithner is going to be here in New York this Wednesday morning...sounds like a GREAT DAY for a spontaneous protest (peaceful of course).

Give Secretary Geithner A Piece of Your Mind This Wednesday March 25 in New York


Wednesday March 25th Spontaneous Geithner Protest in New York City

March 24, 2009 02:17 AM EDT
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Secretary Geithner who LIED TO US about AIG Bonus Money is visiting NEW YORK this Wednesday morning...hoping to ignite a spontaneous peaceful protest on the sidewalk in front of the two locations he is scheduled to visit...show up if you can, and put this post anywhere you can, email it to your friends. This is a chance to let the Obama Administration and his Secretary of the Treasury know just what Main Street Americans are thinking.

Monday, March 23, 2009
Attn NEW YORKERS...TWO CHANCES To BOYCOTT Treasury Secretary Geithner Wednesday March 25,2009
They KNEW ABOUT AIG BONUS MONEY AND LIED!http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_P4T4W3LQyf4/SchD4C1wSuI/AAAAAAAACcs/XaTxyRxT9S0/s1600-h/Fired.jpghttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_P4T4W3LQyf4/SchD4C1wSuI/AAAAAAAACcs/XaTxyRxT9S0/s1600-h/Fired.jpg
Attention NEW YORKERS...are you upset about AIG? Do you want to let one Treasury Secretary Geithner know just what is ON YOUR MIND? Well, MR (I knew about and approved AIG Bonuses) Geithner is going to be here THIS WEDNESDAY March 25,2009 at two different locations...here is his PRESS SCHEDULE as found on the Treasury Web Site! Let's all turn out with our Protest Signs and give him a Main Street American welcome to the BIG APPLE!

Wednesday, March 25
7:30 AM ET
Secretary Geithner
Roundtable Discussion with Partnership for New York Cityhttp://www.nycp.org/bod.html Membership
Time Warner Centerhttp://www.shopsatcolumbuscircle.com/info/TWC.cfm
New York, NY

A NOTE OF INTEREST...Lloyd C. Blankfeinhttp://www.nndb.com/people/045/000117691/ Chairman & CEO Goldman Sachs & Co. is on the board of Partnership for New York City.You remember Goldman Sachs...they got $12.9 Billion http://www.reuters.com/article/ousiv/idUSN1712706420090317of the AIG bailout money.

9:15 AM ET
Secretary Geithner
Deliver remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations
The Harold Pratt House and Peterson Hallhttp://www.prattmansion.com/
56 E. 68th Street
New York, New York

This event is open press. For media seeking additional information, please contact Meaghan Mills at the Council on Foreign Relationshttp://www.cfr.org/ at mmills@cfr.org or 212-434-9888.

download map/directions (PDF 961K)


to Bowling Green
to South Ferry
to Whitehall Street


From Bronx, Queens, and Long Island

Take I495 west. Exit 35 St. to 34 St/Downtown. Take the southbound/downtown FDR Drive South to Exit 1 Battery Park/Staten Island Ferry. Bear left at South St. Turn right at Whitehall St. Turn right at Bridge St.

From Brooklyn and Staten Island

Take Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. Bear right onto FDR Drive ramp. Take the Pearl St. ramp. Turn right at Water St. Turn right at State St. Turn right at Bridge St.

From Northern New Jersey

Take New Jersey Turnpike south. Take RT-3 exit 9 to Clifton/Lincoln Tunnel. Take US-1/US-9 N. Continue on 12th St. Continue on Holland Tunnel. Take Exit 3 to Brooklyn. Left at Beach St. Continue on Walker St. Turn right at Broadway. Turn left at Bridge St.

From Southern New Jersey

Take New Jersey Turnpike to Holland Tunnel going toward Manhattan. Take Exit 3 to Brooklyn. Left at Beach St. Continue on Walker St. Turn right at Broadway. Turn left at Bridge St.

From Upper Westchester

Take New York State Thruway south to the Major William F. Deegan. Turn right at Third Avenue. Take the Harlem River Drive ramp and merge to the FDR south. Take Exit 1 to Battery Park/Staten Island Ferry. Bear left at South St. Turn right at Whitehall St. Turn left at State St. Turn right at Bridge St.

Monday, March 23, 2009

USS Hartford Fast Attack Nuclear Sub Seaworthy? MAYBE NOT

Just in from Washington Scandal...is the USS Hartford to damaged to be seaworthy? If so, just how safe is the nuclear reactor?

USS Hartford No Longer Sea Worthy? Formal Request For OPEN INVESTIGATION

Naval Inspector General

Attn: Navy Hotline

Building 172

1254 Ninth Street, S.E.

Washington Navy Yard DC

Take Notice of the nice SMOOTH SEALED surface where the Sail joins the Hull.

Notice the vertical/horizontal alignments...compare this to the new CANT.

Dear Inspector General:
As an Anti-Nuclear environmentalist, I have grave concerns when it comes to all things surrounding the Military/Commercial Nuclear Industry...simply stated, there is more than adequate reason not to trust anything put out in the way of Propaganda from the Nuclear Industry (through NEI) or our government through various and assorted agencies (DOD, DOE, NRC, and yes, the US Nuclear Navy).

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize the horrific collision of the USS Hartford with the USS New Orleans was/is far more serious than the Navy is letting on. The few available pictures of the USS Hartford fast attack submarine show SERIOUSLY broken welds around the sail. The Conning Tower is canted from stem to stern, suggesting that periscopes are no longer working.

Further, it is my own belief and allegation that such a significant collision has impinged upon the reactor cores cooling capabilities. It is my belief that any attempts to navigate the USS Hartford back to America under its own power endanger the crew of the USS Hartford, as well as the citizens of the world, and our environment.

It is therefore respectfully requested that your office open up a FULLY PUBLIC investigation of how the accident occurred, and just what damage has been done to both vessels. This investigation should include inspection of the entire nuclear propulsion/cooling system to assure the safety of the world population. Said inspection should take place after the nuclear submarine has been returned back to America using the same technology used to transport the USS Cole. (see photograph)

World public health, the safety of the grew, and the protection of our world oceans should supercede whatever Middle East Agenda the USS Hartford was carrying out. When already we are hearing rumors of water tight doors below deck being incapable of closing, the Navy cannot and must not needlessly risk lives of our American Sailors.

United States Citizen
Anti Nuclear Activist

PS,,,what environmental restoration work is underway for the TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND GALLONS OF SPILLED DIESEL, and what took the Superior Officers so long in getting a grew out to deal with that end of this accident.
Vice Admiral William E. Gortney
Rear Admiral Thomas A. Cropper
Rear Admiral Scott E. Sanders
Rear Admiral Scott E. Sanders