Saturday, December 1, 2007

Civil Disobedience Will Shut Down Indian Point

Four lone anti-nuclear protesters this week shut down a private road a few hundred metres from the nuclear plant at Sizewell, Suffolk for 15 minutes without being challenged. No arrests were made, and in fact the police were NEGOTIATING with the protesters who had put concrete tubes around their arms to end the stand off. Think about that for one minute...four protesters successfully blocked access to a nuclear facility in England. More importantly, they laid across the road to the facility for 15 minutes before PLANT SECURITY noticed they were there...can you imagine if they had been TERRORISTS?

One thing becomes abundantly clear...American communities being forced to play host to ancient, dangerous nuclear facilities for another 20 years have a very powerful weapon at their disposal. Civil Disobedience. We have over 20 million people who live within 50 miles of Indian Point. Properly organized, said facility could easily be laid siege too in a peaceful act of civil disobedience as hundreds, even thousands, or tens of thousands of protesters descended on the gates of the facility with their camping gear.

It is doubtful that County Commissioner Andy Spano would authorize the use of force to remove such protesters, and in fact he just might surprise everyone and join the fun by parking a RV across the entrance to the sight as a Command Center for such a peaceful protest. We could even shuttle people in shifts, keep a round the clock protest going for weeks, if not months. If Congressman John Hall grew a back bone, he could bring in the entire MUSE contingent, and we could turn it into the biggest spontaneous musical protest against the nuclear industry since the No Nukes concerts back in 1979. The traffic grid lock alone from such and event would prove conclusively that the Emergency Evacuation Plan will not work.

Such a act of Civil Disobedience would leave Senator Clinton no choice but to get off the NUCLEAR FENCE and choose sides in this confrontation. Quoting Arlo Guthrie, we would have us a MOVEMENT. Imagine similar events with local politicians joining in at other nuclear plants simultaneously. Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Oyster Creek, Millstone and others all besieged in the same fashion at the exact same time.

Illegal Aliens and their supporters put half a million people into the streets of Los Angeles demanding Amnesty...surely we can put ten or twenty thousand people out in front of say five or so nuclear reactors?
Protesters block road to N-plant

Press Association
Saturday December 1, 2007 10:28 AM

Four protesters blocked a private road leading to a power station to highlight the threat they say terrorists could pose if the nuclear industry was expanded.

Demonstrators said they stood a few hundred metres from the plant at Sizewell, Suffolk for 15 minutes without being challenged.

The group staged the protest days after plans were announced for a new generation of nuclear reactors in England.

Police said no arrests had been made and officers were negotiating with demonstrators. They said the three women and one man were fastened together by concrete filled tubes attached to their arms.

Protesters said they wanted to spell out the dangers of nuclear expansion to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

"We were lying across the road for 15 minutes fastened together before the security guards came," said one protester, Mell Harrison, 36, of Bungay, Suffolk.

"We were 200 metres from the reactor. If we can do it so can terrorists. Imagine that. We didn't get inside the fence. But protesters have done that before.

"If Gordon Brown wants to expand the nuclear industry he should realise that he will face an awful lot of opposition. All the old problems with nuclear power have not gone away.

"What will we do with the waste? What about coastal erosion and the effect that will have on plants. There are accidents. Three Mile Island and Chernobyl really happened. It could happen again. And what about terrorism?

Ms Harrison, who works for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, added: "The Government will discover that an awful lot of people have concerns and people will protest. The answer isn't nuclear power. We must explore alternatives."

Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd. 2007, All Rights Reserved

Mobilize To Stop Loan Guarantees Next Week

Next week the House and Senate will try to reconsile their two versions of the Energy Bill, and neither version is very friendly towards truly sustainable energy sources. More importantly, the nuclear industry will have all Lobbyist on Deck to try to push through ONE HUNDRED PERCENT loan quarantees for new reactor builds. It is imperiative that the entire GREEN community be on the phones next week doing everything possible to have the loan quarantees and the $50 Billion nuclear gift GUTTED from any bill sent to the White House.

Already, Constellation Energy is trying to use fear, threats and intimadation to force through the 100 percent loan guarantees, announcing this past week that they will not break ground on a new reactor build next year without said loan quarantees in, stop the loan guarantees, and we stop the new builds in their tracks, slow down the Nuclear Renaissance train.

So, this weekend send emails to every one of your elected officials in Washington DC, and starting Monday lets be prepared to SWAMP the House and Senate switchboards with calls demanding that the $50 billion in loan guarantees be stripped from the Energy Bill.

Industry Pushes Nuclear Loan Guarantees
Wednesday November 28, 1:25 pm ET
By Dan Caterinicchia, AP Business Writer

Constellation Energy Executive Says Nuclear Plans Will Be Delayed Without Loan Guarantees

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Constellation Energy Group Inc. will not break ground on a new nuclear plant in Maryland next year unless a federal loan-guarantee program is in place, an executive from the power company said Wednesday.

"If the loan-guarantee program is able to materialize in early 2008 so we are able to secure loan guarantees for construction of a new plant at the end of 2008," the company's board could move forward, said Michael Wallace, president of Constellation Energy Generation Group. "If it doesn't, we won't."

The Energy Department last month said it will guarantee loans for up to 80 percent of the construction cost of new nuclear reactors, but that budget constraints mean the earliest any company proposing a new reactor could benefit is 2009.

Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said then that he would seek "substantial" budget increases for loan guarantees to support seven to eight nuclear plants.

"The trend line is positive and encouraging, but today we're not there," Wallace said at a conference in Washington, referring to the industry's ongoing dialogue with the Energy Department, Congress and the White House. But he said it's not a question of whether it will happen, but when.

Three companies already have submitted complete construction and operating license applications for new reactors to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Constellation filed a partial application earlier this year for a proposed new reactor in Lusby, Md.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Giving Credit To Standard Bearers in Indian Point Battle

This has been a very emotional week for Green Nuclear Butterfly, and our grassroots group, FUSE USA. Due to some horrific rookie mistakes on the part of Susan Shapiro in filing our many FUSE USA petitions with the NRC, every single one of our contentions were dismissed and set aside. I do not feel the NRC, and the Atomic Safety Board (a bias pro nuclear board if one ever existed) acted fairly in their unilateral decision, but I also cannot argue with their belief that a licensed attorney at law like Susan Shapiro should have known better, should have known the basic steps required to execute a Certificate of Service, and see that all parties were adequately served. Oh well, water over the bridge, and in the fight to close Indian Point, we here at GNB, and over at FUSE USA simply do not have time to cry over spilt milk.

Pulling a 48 hour stretch, FUSE USA revamped our contentions, and filed them with the NRC early this morning with a proper Certificate of Service to all parties. Further, hard copies of said filings are being mailed First Class delivery to all parties of record as of the time of the filing early this morning. We also made sure to include our Notice of Appearance, so it seems we have all our I's dotted, and T's crossed. If we missed one or two, one would hope that the NRC and the Atomic Safety Board would do what is in the best interest of Public Health and Safety, rather than kowtowing to NEI and the nuclear industry, and give us a chance to fix minor errors, rather than simply trying to deny us our rightful involvement in the process...however, we will not hold our breath waiting for said board to DO THE RIGHT THING.

That being said, lets go on the record here. FUSE USA, Green Nuclear Butterfly and Sherwood Martinelli want to let it be known, that the NRC's rules and regulations have been deliberately set up to see citizens fail. Neither NRC, nor the nuclear industry want us actively involved in the process, so they hold AVERAGE CITIZENS to the SAME STANDARDS that licensed attorneys are held to. That is WRONG. Further, by holding average citizens, and small unfunded or under funded grassroots organizations to the same standards as attorneys, raises a serious Environmental Justice issue. A community's right to redress and representation in the process should not be curtailed, even eliminated because of a lack of money. Complicated procedural rules in the Licensing Renewal Hearing process that can only be understood by high priced attorneys does exactly that...denies poor unfunded or under funded citizens and grassroots organizations our voice in the process. As a perfect example, FUSE USA is having to spend money we do not have refiling our petitions. We are talking thousands of pages of printing has to be paid for, several hundreds of dollars in postage has to be covered. Unlike Entergy, we do not have a multi-million dollar budget to work with, are facing a real hardship in having to resubmit our documents. The board should be ASHAMED of itself for caving into Entergy's back room demands, carefully presented publicly to avoid any appearance of wrongdoing in their Motion To Strike that was inconveniently filed on the Eve of Thanksgiving.

FUSE USA had our contentions tossed out, not because they did not have merit, not because they failed to raise serious health, safety and environmental issues that are or should be in scope, but on technicalities. Entergy, and other key players (such as NY AREA, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation) want us out of the game, want to sink our small row boat before we even get fully into the water. That is not the intent of the Intervention Process, but it sadly is the reality. Those with the most money, the shrewdest attorney almost always win. Contentions that should be heard and that are worthy of further review because they were not worded EXACTLY RIGHT. That is WRONG.

We all know this is an uphill fight, and we know that our side is outgunned. Entergy has a $40 million dollar war chest, and some of the finest demon spawn attorneys from hell that money can buy. Couple this with Entergy, and the nuclear industry's (NEI) multi-million dollar propaganda campaign, and it is obvious that our side has the deck STACKED AGAINST US. That's OK, we here at GNB and FUSE USA like being the dark horse, the long shot in a star filled field.

So, let's applaud some of the Standard Bearers in the fight to "Close Indian Point", acknowledge those that are marching us into the Valley of Death.

Today, Nancy Burton of Mothball Millstone weighed into the fight, and we could not ask for a more seasoned veteran. Millstone, much like Vermont Yankee and Entergy's decaying Indian Point represents one of the most despicable and unsafe facilities in the entire American Nuclear Fleet of decrepit reactors. Never giving up, fighting against overwhelming odds, Nancy Burton this week was able to argue her issues before Connecticut's Highest Court. She's a trooper, and glad to know she is going to be in this fight to the bitter end.

Flanking her in this David verse Goliath on steroids fight is Westchester County Commissioner Andy, I have to admit to having some differences with Andy Spano (do not like his robo dialer). So, when we here at GNB state that he is a serious warrior that has his heart in the right place where Indian Point is concerned, we hope it carries a LOT OF WEIGHT. He understands what is involved for our community, understands that Indian Point MUST BE CLOSED. He has been in this fight for a long time, was been battling Indian Point in the courts long before Entergy filed their License Renewal Application. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Maurice Hinchey, Nita Lowey, and sadly, even John Hall, Andrew Spano is willing to take a stand, and is DOING EVERYTHING HE CAN to shut down an unsafe nuclear facility. For that, he has the respect of GNB, and FUSE USA.

The State Attorney Generals of numerous states, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont deserve credit for their involvement in this and other fights to close down dangerous reactors. Groups like NIRS, WISE and Mothers For Peace all deserve a standing ovation. NEC up in Vermont is another dedicated group of warriors that are giving Entergy a serious battle, and as the old saying goes, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings."

There are other groups, well funded groups that should and must do more, have been far to silent so far in this battle. With Kennedy's recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton (who has taken BIG MONEY from Entergy and NEI donors), Riverkeeper needs to publicly DISTANCE THEMSELVES from Kennedy, as he is betraying the cause, is not being the stand up player that he should be in this fight. Further, we here at GNB hope that Riverkeeper and Clearwater when they file their contentions have not narrowed their fight to a very small group of contentions doomed to failure, not really aimed at closing down the aging, dangerous Indian Point facility. They get the LION's SHARE of the GREEN DONATIONS, and as organizations with the most, it is right to expect them to be doing the most. It is fundamentally wrong for Riverkeeper to be holding a Donor's breakfast at the home of the Rockefeller Fund, and DENYING other grassroots organizations a SEAT AT THE TABLE. God forbid that some of the smaller groups that are in this fight steal a crumb or two of support from one of their donors!

This more than any other License Renewal fight is a defining moment, will decide the path we as a community, and a nation will travel. So far, the NRC has wrongfully granted 48 reactor operators a License Renewal over community objections. However, with the gallant efforts of the folks up in Brattleboro, with Mothers For Peace stunning victory in the Ninth Circuit Court, the tide has begun to turn. Respected leaders are now speaking out AGAINST GNEP, and average citizens are beginning to realize that nuclear is not as safe and green as the industry tries to make us believe it is. If we stop the License Renewal of Indian Point, there is a good chance we stop the Nuclear Renaissance train from leaving the station, and that is a fight we need to all be involved in. For ourselves, and for our children, License Renewal for Indian Point must be stopped at all cost.

This is a "All Hands on Deck" movement, and we need every boat in the water if we are going to have a chance of killing the nuclear giant that is Entergy. So, to the real leaders in this movement, a heartfelt thank you as we all prepare to march into a battle that is going to get very ugly.

Karl Grossman & John Gofman quoted in new book

Poisoned Nation: Pollution, Greed, and the Rise of Deadly Epidemics
by Loretta Schwartz-Nobel

240 pages
St. Martin's Press
August 21, 2007
ISBN-10: 0312327978

An award-winning investigative journalist links the soaring epidemics of cluster illnesses and many other diseases to the chemical contamination of our water, air, food, and everyday products for the profit and power of a reckless few.

With irrefutable evidence and moving personal stories of the sick and dying, Loretta Schwartz-Nobel demonstrates that the human equivalent of global warming is already upon us. She shows how governments of both parties operate in tandem with America’s most notorious polluters and how they have deceived the public, buried evidence of spreading disease, and suppressed critical scientific data. She traces relationships between organizations whose products cause diseases and those who profit from diagnosing and treating them, as well as their efforts to avoid research into environmental causes and possible cures.

Poisoned Nation is an urgent call for action that delineates the problem with such clarity that the truth shines through. The author issues a plea to religious leaders of all faiths to work together for change, to create a movement to defeat greed and guide us toward a safer, healthier future.

Poisoned Nation Reveals:
- Americans are being denied urgent health information about the poisoning of our water, food, air, everyday products, and vaccines for the short-term profit of a reckless few.
- The blood of every baby born today is already contaminated by more than two hundred industrial chemicals, pollutants, flame-retardants, and carcinogens.
- Perchlorate, a highly toxic chemical used in the manufacture of rocket fuel and linked to thyroid disease, cancer, and a host of other illnesses, has already entered the drinking water of at least thirty-five U.S. states and is currently threatening the health of untold millions.
- Despite a global ban on methyl bromide, an acutely toxic chemical known to cause devastating birth defects, it is still being sprayed on Christmas trees, fruits, and vegetables sold in America. The EPA has refused to reveal the extent of methyl bromide’s use and our country’s stored supply of the product. - The soaring epidemic of autism could not have taken place without the cooperation of drug companies, the government, scientists, and health officials. The worldwide poisoning of children during routine vaccinations continues today, especially in Third World countries.
- The FDA allows thousands of cosmetic hair dyes and personal-care products known to contain carcinogens to remain unregulated and to be sold daily to millions of American men, women, and children even as links with cancer have been clearly established.
- The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute have long known that mammograms used for diagnosis actually increase the risk of breast cancer, especially in younger women, yet they continue to recommend this diagnostic method. But it is not too late.

Interfaith religious groups working together still have the collective power, the resources, and the moral obligation to demand and implement change. Praise for Growing Up Empty“Loretta Schwartz-Nobel’s Growing Up Empty is a forceful reminder of the great shame in our society that hunger still plagues millions of Americans. She puts a human face on hunger around us and shines a moral spotlight on a problem that is largely ignored. More than just a forceful call to action, Growing Up Empty is a mandate for reform.”
—Senator Edward M. Kennedy

About the Author

Loretta Schwartz-Nobel is the author of six previous books. Among her awards are the Women in Communications Award, the Society of Professional Journalists Award, the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism Award, and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Award for outstanding coverage of the problems of the disadvantaged.

'Poisoned Nation' ludicrous
Reviewer Ros Smith, Charleston Net
Sunday, October 21, 2007

A shadowy figure on a grassy knoll in Dallas, the mysterious death of a blond bombshell and the Roswell crash site are compelling topics for conspiracy theories. "Poisoned Nation" exploits our persecution paranoia by investigating the contamination of the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Rocket fuel, methyl bromide and mercury are just a few toxic chemicals that, according to the author, are infecting our digestive systems, lungs and breast milk. Loretta Schwartz-Nobel chronicles the voices of the sick and dying, which resonate with the horrors of cancer, asthma, autism, lung illnesses and rare forms of disease.

Schwartz-Nobel uses carefully chosen facts and statistics, from resources such as the Food and Drug Administration and National Center for Health Statistics, to draw superficial conclusions. For example, the skyrocketing rates of asthma in Harlem must be due to the air pollutants that big business chose to ignore. She uses unscientific quotes; for example, pediatric asthma occurs because "pound for pound, children breathe more air." Her ludicrous statements are served up with hyperbole and a sense of outrage at our government.

This book is sure to engage the furtive imaginations of those who believe that the moon landing did not happen. For the rest of us, this book should be placed somewhere between the fictions of the Bermuda Triangle and UFO phenomena. A word of warning for the believers: Don't drink the water, eat the tuna or use sunscreen.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rockefeller's LED Tree

Rock Center's Eco-Friendly Tree Is Lit

NEW YORK (AP) — This year, all the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lights are green.

The holiday display, lit at a Wednesday night ceremony, still includes a rainbow of colors. But this year the 84-foot-tall Norway spruce is sporting energy-saving bulbs, and an array of solar panels atop 45 Rockefeller Plaza will help power them.

Early revelers began gathering around the tree Wednesday afternoon, hoping to snag a good view of performances by such stars as Tony Bennett, Josh Groban and Ashley Tisdale.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Radio City Rockettes helped flip the switch for the tree lights shortly before 9 p.m.

The 60-year-old spruce has been covered with five miles of wire and 30,000 multicolored bulbs known as light emitting diodes, or LEDs.

Using the new lights is expected to reduce the energy consumption of the holiday display from 3,510 to 1,297 kilowatt hours per day — a savings equal to the amount of energy used to power a 2,000-square-foot home for a month.

The rooftop solar panels installed to power the lights will become a permanent fixture to help offset the energy demands of Rockefeller Center.

Organizers are planning to recycle the tree by using it as lumber for Habitat For Humanity projects in New York, the Gulf Coast, India and Brazil.

The tree's topper can sparkle even without any lights: The Swarovski star is adorned with 25,000 crystals. It's almost 10 feet in diameter.

NBC broadcast part of the tree lighting event, which also included performances by Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Natasha Bedingfield, Sean Kingston and Taylor Swift.

This is the 75th formal tree lighting ceremony at the Art Deco plaza in midtown Manhattan.

While the first official lighting was in 1933, the first Rockefeller Christmas tree was put up two years earlier by workers helping to build the complex.

On the Net:
The Tree at Rockefeller Center:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Refusing To Die When Everyone Wants You Dead

This afternoon I received notice that all of FUSE USA's contentions have been dismissed for an assortment of filing errors. The NRC does not give a rats ass about public health and safety, does not give a crap about the merits of the contentions, they only care about PROCESS, and may the best funded attorneys win. Further, they have their heads so FAR UP THEIR ASSES, that they never even READ FUSE USA's third filing, which was completely different...instead, they read Entergy's pleading, denied it to seem impartial, and then dismissed everything under the guise of keeping a TIDY DOCKET, thus giving ENTERGY EVERYTHING THEIR MOTION ASKED FOR. Yes, as I am sure any one reading this knows, I am now officially PISSED OFF, and getting me OFFICIALLY PISSED OFF means I am going to start being a world CLASS PRICK where both Entergy and the NRC are concerned...they can choke on their rules as far as I am concerned.

A part of me blames myself...I should have known better than to trust anyone but myself to do the filing. I was talked into believing that a former nuclear industry expert, and a licensed attorney knew better, allowed myself to be convinced that having FUSE USA documents filed by an attorney LOOKED BETTER, gave us more legitamacy as an organization. Maybe if your attorney had a FREAKING clue this all might be true, but enough of that, what is done is done. I should have stepped in when the first filing prepared and put together by Ulrich Witte and Susan Shapiro was found to have significant shortcomings in it. Instead, I continued to move forward on other contentions, continued to do research instead of stepping in and demanding to take over the process of fixing the problems.

I have no choice but to reshuffle the cards, pull up everything that has been filed, review it one page at a time, and rework, reprint and refile it all because Entergy and their FUCKING hot shot attorneys have no hearts or souls, but are only interested in doing what ever it takes to win License Renewal for Indian Point, public health, safety and the environment be damned, as that is what they are handsomely paid to do...FINE, this is WAR.

They won the first round, had all of FUSE USA's months of hard work dismissed on technicalities by the fucking Atomic Safety Board judges that suck the ass of the nuclear industry. NRC employees acting as judges...what a FARCE. If the board, and Entergy think they are keeping FUSE USA, and me out of this, they are SADLY mistaken. We will have contentions filed by the deadline. As for those in the Close Indian Point camp who don't like my tactics, who think I am a little rough around the edges...just do me a favor, and stay the hell out of my way.

Trust me, when the filings go in, the NRC will have their Certificate of Service, their notice of appearance, and everyone will get a copy of every GOD DAMN PAGE of EVERYTHING WE FILE. Further, there will not be someone acting as a buffer between Entergy and me as a stakeholder in the community. Entergy and their Park Avenue hot shots can deal with me, a dumb old farm boy, their INDUSTRY EXPERTS will answer my questions under cross examination. When the dust settles, Entergy may win their precious License Renewal, but not without the biggest fight that has ever taken place in a License Renewal Application.

I read the rules, and no where in them does it say STAKEHOLDERS have to be represented by an attorney at law...let the games begin.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Electrifying Minnesota

Renewable Energy Expo
Thursday, December 6, 2007
6:00-9:00 p.m.

New "Electrifying MINNESOTA" Exhibit

See how everyday life has been shaped by electrification through artifacts, photos, first-hand accounts, early advertisements and film from the 1880s through the 1950s.

The exhibit recounts the history of electricity since one of the nation's first hydroelectric power plants whirred into action 125 years ago at St. Anthony Falls.

It demonstrates electromagnetic induction, how the process utilizes natural resources to generate electricity and how the use of those resources impacts the environment.

You'll learn how you can take responsibility for our electrical future by joining The Bakken team and taking the Minnesota Energy Challenge.

A Library and Museum of Electricity in Life
3537 Zenith Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55416-4623
612-926-3878 Fax: 612-927-7265

Explore and discuss sustainable energy solutions and learn how to make our community a better place to live!

• Listen to Mark Rathbun speak from Great River Energy Renewable Energy Project

• Participate in a green design workshop from Studio 2030 and a solar energy workshop from Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

• Check out eco-friendly kids’ activities from Kiddywampus and Kidwind

• See demonstrations and exhibits from Xcel Energy and the Center for Energy and Environment

• Take the Minnesota Energy Challenge for a chance to win great prizes

• Sample cake from organic baker Amy Kovacs and coffee from Peace Coffee

Electrifying Minnesota Exhibit Sponsored By:
With Support From the City of Minneapolis

Will Ferrell Makes Fun of Planetary Survival


Fundamentalist right wing pro-nuke night watchman Iraq Vet Marine nut job takes on John Hall


November 26, 2007

Peekskill – Republican Kieran Michael Lalor Sunday officially announced his intention to seek his party’s nomination for the 19th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat John Hall.
Lalor of Peekskill, served with the Marines in Iraq in 2003.

He said Hall does not represent the people of the district as he believes he could.

“I don’t think John Hall’s views are representative of the 19th district and I don’t think his ideology fits with the people here,” he said. “I’ve lived here my whole life; I know what these people are all about, they are about the same thing I am about – taking care of your families, less government, traditional values and securing the nation from threats around the world.”

Lalor taught at Lourdes High School in Poughkeepsie and is a graduate of Pace University Law School.

Meanwhile, Hall’s spokeswoman, Meaghan Smith, said, “No matter who is running against him, Congressman Hall will continue to do what he has been doing since taking office in January: working hard to solve problems for the people of the Hudson Valley and being an accessible and accountable representative.”

From nyjournalnews comment section:

"Kooky Kieran Lalor, the Pace law school grad who currently works as a night watchman, is going to be quite entertaining to watch campaign. My only hope is that Greg Ball gets in the Repub primary race. Seeing those two crackpot neanderthals go at it will be hilarious."
Posted by: BBD on Mon Nov 26, 2007

Iraq war veteran announces bid for Congress in Peekskill


PEEKSKILL - Kieran Michael Lalor says he wants to send Rep. John Hall "back to Woodstock" come 2008.

In announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 19th Congressional District race, Lalor said the freshman Democrat "wants to spend your glorious tax dollars on hippies."

"When it comes to the people in Peekskill, I'm one of them," Lalor said. "We can't have a leader that is out of touch with 80 to 90 percent of the people here."

Lalor, a 31-year-old Iraq war veteran, is seeking to represent a district that covers Putnam County and parts of Westchester, Dutchess, Rockland and Orange counties. He has yet to file paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission, but he said he would do that this week.

Lalor said Hall was a backer of bill that contained a controversial $1 million earmark to build a Woodstock festival museum. It was yanked from a Senate appropriations bill earlier this year.

He described himself as a follower of "Ronald Reagan's School of Conservatism" and said Hall has no relationship with the traditionally Republican district.

"I'm just like everybody else," Lalor said. "I don't owe any favors to anybody."

Lalor, who served in the Marine Corps, said he would make national security a top priority in his campaign, citing it as the pressing item at "family dinner table discussions" in the district.

"It's no secret we live in a different world after 9/11," Lalor said, tying Iraq to the war on terror. "Success in Iraq will make us a secure country."

Another priority for Lalor will be improving border security. He said Congress has had a lack of will to tackle the issue and said the country should be more aggressive in enforcing its immigration laws.

"Fighting (terrorists overseas) while letting them in over here is a deeply flawed policy," Lalor said.

Lalor also said he opposed abortion and gay marriage. He concluded by saying voters could expect him to run a substantive campaign of "optimism."

The National Republican Congressional Committee has listed Hall's seat as one of many key districts it hopes to recapture in 2008. Hall won the seat in 2006 with 51 percent of the vote, and has raised over $1 million for his re-election bid, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

The National Republican Congressional Committee had listed Katonah businessman Andrew Saul as its top recruit to challenge Hall, but the multimillionaire pulled out last week, citing personal reasons.

Lalor said he hopes for the GOP endorsement as well as nods from Conservative and Independence lines.

Reach Aman Ali at 914-694-5063 or

Kieran Michael Lalor 2008
PO Box 2215
Peekskill, NY 10566
(845) 616-3509

Keiran want to "reclaim our seat in the House of Representatives so it reflects our values, not those of Hollywood elites and liberal extremists."

[[ In otherwords, Keiran wants Hollywood to come calling. Fess up Kieran... you'd love a good choice meaty role in a sturdy war flick! Hey, as far as I'm concerned, you and John Hall can both take the high seas in your ALL NUCLEAR NAVY ships... Planet Destructo Galore! RemyC. ]]

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nukes in new issue of Sleek magazine

SLEEK magazine
Issue 16
Download PDF

"Rather than delivering his environmental message with a sledgehammer of ugliness, J├╝rgen Nefzger chooses to frame his photos of atomic plants in scenes of beautifully lyric everydayness. the message, however, still comes through loud and clear."

The rest of the issue is dedicated to garbage, using dumps as backdrops for fashion shoots!

"What with global warming and environmental meltdown taking centre stage in the world’s consciousness, it’s perhaps no surprise that so many artists are drawing such rich inspiration – a virtual art goldmine, as it were – from the garbage dump, then literally bringing their trash into museums and galleries everywhere."

"in a world drowning in its own trash, you might as well go down with style and a lot of colour. Photographer Alfredo Piola shows that even trash – with the right fashion and accessories – can be fabulous."