Friday, May 25, 2007

Everyone Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend

Just a quick note to wish all of our readers a Great Memorial Day weekend, and to remind you to honor our troops in harms way.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sirens By August 24th...Who Cares, By The Time They Sound, It Will Be Too Late For Us

Entergy has informed the NRC that their new emergency siren system will be up and running properly no later than August 24th...over four months past the deadline is unacceptable, and the $130,000 fine inadequate as well. However, let's be honest with ourselves. If there is a nuclear incident or terrorist attack at Indian Point, by the time those alarms start sending out their warning, it will already be far to late for many of us.

Entergy can march Paul Newman through the plant, they can pay Patrick Moore big bucks to act as their corporate shill, and even bring in Christine Todd Whitman to lie to us about the glory of nuclear, and in the end it will not matter if the site is attacked, or a fast moving event strikes the facility known as Indian Point. Folks like myself can jump up and down, try to warn the general population about the risks, and that too does not matter if no one is paying us heed. There is never any joy in saying, " I told you so." We live in a time of apathy, three monkeys seeing, hearing and speaking no evils...where is and Indian Point employee stepping forth to speak the truth to the world? Where is a rightious man or woman on the inside ready to do what's right for humanity?

Wake up people, the siren system is nothing more than a placebo, and like the evacuation plan, like sheltering in place, it too shall fail us in our time of need.

Indian Point nuke plant owner pledges new siren system by Aug. 24

May 23, 2007, 5:56 PM EDT

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) _ When the owner of the Indian Point nuclear power plant decided it couldn't meet an April 15 deadline for installing a new emergency siren system, it asked for an extension to Aug. 31.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission refused, fined Entergy Nuclear $130,000 and demanded that it come up with a new plan.

On Wednesday, Entergy said its new plan was to have the sirens up and running by Aug. 24, a week earlier than its original request.

The 150 sirens are meant to alert residents within 10 miles to any emergency at the two-reactor installation in Buchanan on the Hudson River, 35 miles north of midtown Manhattan. Despite extensive testing by Entergy and a 2 1/2-month extension granted by the NRC in January, many sirens failed to respond to a radio activation signal during their final test before the deadline.

An older system remains in place and can be used in emergencies.

Entergy submitted its new plan in a letter to the NRC, saying it anticipates being ready by July 18 but might need more time to deal with "potential schedule uncertainties."

"Therefore Entergy is committing to August 24, 2007, as the latest date anticipated for declaring the new siren system operable," the letter said.

NRC spokeswoman Diane Screnci said the commission would examine the plan "to make sure it's acceptable" and would have no immediate comment on it.

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Paul Newman Needs To Watch Martin Sheen's Greenpeace Video

This video was found over on You Tube, and sure any semblance to Indian Point's degrated and failing nuclear reactors was/is completely deliberate. Paul Newman needs to endorsement of the plant, and show it where the sun does not shine. Since he seems to LOVE Indian Point so very much, feels it so abundantly safe, how about he move himself and his family in a bit closer to the plant, place himself in a position of having to rely upon a non working evacuation plan, or worse, sheltering in place.

Paul, We Hardly Knew You!

That must make it OK then... I feel all better now! This from a man who would never endorse alternative fuels in racing for fear of losing his oil company sponsors... This from a man who endorsed John Anderson, forsaking Barry Commoner, to give us Ronald Reagan... This from a man who allowed his lawyer Leo Nevas to built a three story monstrosity on the once charming little island in the middle of the river in downtown Westport, CT... where it should have been a park! This against ALL the town's people opposition... This from a man who ran much beloved local Deli owner Julius Gold out of town, Julius who did all the heavy lifting on his salad dressing!His daughter Nell is Newman's only saving grace... If it wasn't for her, there would be no "organic" division at Newman's Own... Newman is "not" the man you see in his films! Boycott Newman's Own? Yes! Boycott ALL his non-organic products!!! Send Paul Newman a clear message. Rock The Reactors is today considering a picket sign vigil in front of his restaurant in Westport... Anyone interested in joining me, just say the word, let's set a date and time!

"Paul Newman has long been a nuclear industry supporter—he even has an NEI sticker on his race car. A few years ago, he tried (fortunately unsuccessfully) to convince Environmental Defense head Fred Krupp to support Yucca Mountain by inviting Krupp to his apartment to meet with NEI… In other words, this is nothing new.I’ve been boycotting Newman’s Own for years."
~ Michael Mariotte NIRS

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So, The Parade of Has Been Stars Embracing Indian Point Begins

Once famous, and even respectable Paul Newman of salad dressing and movie fame has sold out to Entergy, and it would be interesting to know how much money was tossed where for his endorsement of Indian Point as the parade of wealthy, elite outside the circle of death, once big movie stars trot in for a short visit at the plant, and to give news hounds their five minutes with a washed up former somebody. In short, it's time for our community to boycott Newman's Own.

USA Today article

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Do Groups Seeking To Close Indian Point Need A New Coalition?

Everyone knows the three main organizations *supposedly* involved in the Indian Point fight, the players that get all the money (in donations) to fight the good fight of pushing for closure of Entergy's Indian Point plant. IPSEC is the key group when you want to talk about a coalition of groups working towards a common goal, with Clearwater and Riverkeeper the big 501 3C's that hold the fund raisers, put up a good front, and ask you for a donation, encourage you to take out a yearly membership to support the cause...question is, are any of these groups doing anything of much good, are they really fighting to close down Indian Point, or just giving the public and press lip service? What have they really done to MOBILIZE THE MASSES for this fight?

Lisa Rainwater seems to be the go to woman when the press wants a quote from the anti Indian Point forces, and from what GNB can tell, she wants Indian Point closed, is sincere in her personal beliefs. However, is Riverkeeper anti-nuclear, do they, and will they openly call for the closure of all 104 aging, degradated nuclear reactors now operating in America? With Indian Point slated to submit their application for license renewal this year (which they did on April 30th) why wasn't Indian Point the number one item on Riverkeeper's 2007 agenda of important tasks for the year? Are they anti-nuclear, or just a NIMBY organization? In fact, Indian Point was not even on the list of the six most important items on Riverkeeper's to do list this year.

If Riverkeeper is to be a leader in our community's fight to close down Indian Point, if they are going to be seen as a protector of our Hudson River, of the nation's rivers, they need to do two things publicly. First, much like the Sierra Club has done, as an organization they must take an anti-nuclear stand, and secondly, they as an organization must publicly state their only goal as relates to Entergy, is closure of Indian Point. Riding the fence, playing both sides to the middle in the name of keeping the donations pouring in by hammering only on safety issues related to the Hudson River is inadequate.

Clearwater ranks right up there with Riverkeeper. Can someone explain to the GNB why Indian Point was kept off the agenda at last months meeting with unions on what to do about Global Warming? Can someone verify the rumor that Manna Jo removed Indian Point from the agenda because Eliot Spitzer wanted it that way, because he needed Indian Point out of the news? If Clearwater wants to shut down Indian Point, what is their battle strategy other than praying for Congressman John Hall's doomed to failure legislation seeking an ISA? Will Clearwater's new leader (soon to be voted in) be luke warm when it comes to the fight to close down Indian is GNB's understanding, that only one of the three people being considered is strongly anti Indian Point, willing to do anything it takes to stop relicensing.

Why did the board of Clearwater deny the citizens a chance to sign a Citizen Petition For Rulemaking at this past weekend's festival, and will history repeat itself at their BIG Clearwater Festival next month? Has the current board of Clearwater made the organization obsolete, nothing more than a group capable of holding social events, and bake sales? Are they so worried about GETTING ALONG with everyone, including the enemy, that they are no longer effective as and activist organization in protecting the environment and its citizens here in the Hudson Valley? The public in and around Indian Point should demand three things from Clearwater before they continue supporting them. First, a public proclamation from their board that Clearwater the organization is anti nuclear as an organization. Secondly, a proclamation calling for full and complete closure and Decommissioning of Indian Point reactors 1,2 and 3. Lastly, a detailed strategy plan to fight Entergy's License Renewal Application. These items should be out to the public before we support the rumored fund raising concert planned with Jackson Browne.

Then we have IPSEC. The problem as Green Nuclear Butterfly sees it with IPSEC is very simple. It is impossible to accomplish much of anything when your bylaws require consensus among ALL MEMBERS of the coalition before you can move forward with any action, sign onto any petition as a group. Even more discouraging, how many times is the dissenting voice in IPSEC Clearwater and/or Riverkeeper? The battle has been joined, the NRC's time clock for relicensing started on April 30th, and we need a coalition that can be decisive and move fast. Building consensus is not something that happens quickly, if at all. Foot soldiers in the fight to close down Indian Point cannot be deployed quickly if everyone is quibbling over small details and singular words, trying to find 100 percent consensus on each and every issue and petition.

No one is saying these groups in their time have not served their purpose...the question is, are any of them capable of doing the job now at hand? Can we rely on a Model T to halt relicensing, or do we need a new, sleek, streamlined coalition that can attack fast and often to slow down the Entergy relicensing juggernaut. Can an organization effectively fight the relicensing of Indian Point if they as an organization are not willing to publicly go on the record as being anti-nuclear, and fully in support of closure and decommissioning of the Indian Point facility and its three reactors? Green Nuclear Butterfly believes it is time for change, time for a new coalition if we are to stop Indian Point's attempt to win a 20 year license renewal. Calling for and ISA is a dead strategy, we need to move on to something else that just might work, and IPSEC, Riverkeeper and Clearwater all seem unwilling or unable to abandon that losing strategy.

We have 22-30 months from April 30th to stop Indian Points License Renewal Application. We are already behind in the fight, do not have our boats in the proverbial water and up to cruising speed. For this reason, Green Nuclear Butterfly believes all the various assorted groups in this fight need a new coalition, one with clear leadership that has the ability to make quick decisions in a timely manner, rather than having to wait for consensus among all members. If you and/or your group agree with this, if you think the time has come for a new modernized coalition, please email expressing your interest. If there is enough interest, and organizational meeting will be held in early June.

Monday, May 21, 2007

If We Do Not Learn From History, We Are Doomed To Repeat It.

The question then is this...can we afford to repeat Chernobyl on and even grander scale with Indian Point?

The Ugly Historical Truth of A Fast Moving Radiological Event

Many of us live in the ten mile circle of death around Indian Point. Millions more live in the 50 mile circle of effect...after Chernobyl, and to this day, there is a 50 mile exclusion zone around the reactor site where no human lives. The NRC would have us believe we are safe sheltered in our homes, even if a nuclear accident hits the you believe them? Are we as a community willing to take that risk? The aftermath and ongoing effects from Chernobyl should see us state a resounding no, should see us in mass rising to demand the closure of Indian Point.

If a Terrorist Attack Or Significant Nuclear Accident Occurs At Indian Point, Will You Be The Slave Labor Forced To Remediate The Accident?

Because of its far reaching and troublesome content, the You Tube video featured in this post could have been titled, "The Scariest Video Ever Made", but I am dealing with what it could mean for the five counties surrounding Indian Point, and what we as citizens could be forced to do. Watch the video, imagine a serious nuclear accident at Indian Point, then ask yourselves, "Would the government, our president, force those sheltered in the contaminated area to clean it up?" We all know the answer, which is why Indian Point must go.

Click here to watch video.

Preparing For A Nuclear Incident or Terrorist Attack on Indian Point-Our Right To Bear Arms

Looking,somewhat tongue and cheek,at our right to bear arms. How many of you are aware of the fact that in the case of a nuclear incident or terrorist attack, the first thing to be suspended will be the rule of law?

Leave no doubt, when a significant nuclear incident or terrorist attack strikes Entergy's Indian Point reactors, or one of the other nuclear reactors here in America the rule of law will cease to exist. Chaos will rule supreme, and it will be every man,woman and child for themselves as people try merely to short we will be a part of pure Anarchy, many first responders, members of law enforcement, the blue canaries will be dead and gone. Our own government is spending billions of dollars telling us to be ready, be prepared. Part of being prepared in a worst case scenario is SELF DEFENSE, and that means high fired weapons ready at hand.

Which is what NRC, DHS and all levels of government fail to tell you about, do not even want to discuss. They do not want us being ready to defend what is ours with heavy fire power if the need arises, and in the wake of a significant nuclear event, or terrorist attack that need will arise, and your family's ability to survive if ordered sheltered in place (which you will be) may very well depend on the fire power and ammunition you have readily at hand. If someone(s) desperate for food and/or shelter tries to break in, tries to take what is yours, do you really think trying to dial 911 is going to get you any help in the midst of a nuclear disaster?

Weapons and Ammunition sales should be the fastest growth industry there is around nuclear power plants and related facilities. A private dwelling and its citizens should not have just one weapon, they need several, at least one if not more for every member of the family, and lots of ammo. Don't think boxes here, think cases or pallet loads of ammo...after all, if it becomes every neighborhood for itself, you may have to arm your neighbors as well. Start thinking neighborhood watch on steroids.

A semi automatic 12 gauge, or a 22 pistol is not going to be adequate, you need heavier equipment for this job, and it's highly suggested you attend the next major gun show that comes to town...sure, folks like Mayor Bloomberg would prefer a public without ability of self defense, but then, he has his own personal security detail, all of them adequately armed and dangerous.

Start off with say a 9mm Glock, as it is a gun with a serious bite to it, and with ease you can tuck one into a shoulder holster with little have to think Rambo here, be prepared with more than one gun at any given time, as you never know who will be busting down your door in a nuclear incident, and trust me, the odds are they will be armed, and more than willing too use deadly force to take what is yours. A 9mm Glock can be found online, most suppliers ready too UPS it right to your front door.

For distance shooting with accuracy, you might want to seriously consider a high grade Sniper Rifle with scope. When accuracy counts, you need to be prepared. If someone is taking pot shots at you in times of civil unrest, you have to have the right tools for the job of protecting you, your family, and your property...after all, what if someone is trying to steal the vehicle you have at the ready for a last ditch effort at evacuation? Are you willing to let your family perish because someone bigger and stronger than you decides they want to make off with the family hummer?

This article is to some degree tongue and cheek, but there is a certain sad truth in its presentation. Is this what we want in Westchester County? Is allowing Indian Point to remain open worth walking down this path painted before you? Just how prepared are you for the aftermath of a nuclear incident. Perhaps more importantly, how prepared do you want to have to be? With Indian Point up and running, we are a target, and if we are a target, we have to be prepared for the worst as we all have learned from 911.

Your Life Depends On Seeing Beyond NRC Lies...Tell Entergy To Leave Our Community While You Still Can

Another video Entergy, NRC and our Federal Government don't want you too see, as it shows the truth of what a nuclear incident means....76 communities GONE in and around Chernobyl, so starting ticking off our own starting with Buchanan. Peekskill, Ossining, Briarcliff, Pleasantville, and the list would go on and on...WAKE UP PEOPLE, or some of you will die from the continued operation of Indian Point.

First Responders-Are You Ready To DIE For Entergy's Profits at Indian Point?

First responders...are you willing to DIE for Entergy's bottom line profits by keeping Indian Point running for 20 more years? How many of you know, that first responders to a nuclear incident at referred to as Blue Canary's?

The Reality of Nuclear Incident At Indian Point-Visit to Chernobyl 2006

Nuclear Energy, Vital, Safe and Secure? Indian Point is leaking tritium and strontium 90 into the ground water, contaminating the Hudson River, killing fish. Cancer rates are up, and our children are being born with birth defects. Meanwhile, our community sits idly by waiting for others to do the work needed to deny Entergy's Indian Point reactors a license renewal for 20 more years. At what cost your apathy?

Perhaps watching this video will wake up the activist in all of you. The children at the very end of this video could be your children, your grandchildren, all because you refused to take a stand.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tritium Leaks At Ten Reactors...NRC Trying To Ignore Issue In Name of Relicensing

As I wade through Entergy's bogus Application for License Renewal, it is apparent the document is deliberately vague and ambiguous. More troublesome, the document is dishonest and more than a bit evasive as Entergy tries to stack the deck in favor of winning another 20 years of operation at the aging, trouble plagued reactors. As one example, in the EIS they claim no ill environmental effects from plant refurbishments, as none are planned. Websters defines refurbish as to brighten up, renovate. Renovate is defined as fixing up, making new, restoring to a earlier higher quality state. How can Entergy have an adequate management and control system (as is required to get license renewal) without any envisioned plans for refurbishment of aging sections/parts of the plant? How can they fix leaks without REFURBISHMENT? Someone is lying to us, or the NRC is getting ready to sweep all tritium and strontium 90 leaks at reactor facilities under the carpet, and not require that the leaks be located/found and repaired. Sadly we all know the writing on the wall...another general finding that EXCUSES the licensee from the rules.
Tritium leaks are just the latest perfect example that reactors are aging, starting to crumble and suffer the long term effects of being over worked...these man made machines were designed for a productive life of 40 years, but in the name of a Nuclear Renaissance, the industry and our government are trying to squeeze more life out of them, as a renaissance of the nuclear industry requires them to maintain market share here in America during the transition to new AP1000 reactors, which have little chance of being up on the grid in a major capacity before 2030. The problem is, tritium leaks are spreading, with ten percent of our nation's reactors now experiencing this problem.
So far, the NRC's mechanism to deal with the problem was too form a committee/task force which put out a report stating A) that reactors are experiencing inadvertent leaks of tritium (and strontium 90), but B) said leaks do not pose any IMMEDIATE HEALTH RISKS to members of the public. That catch phrase, no immediate danger, has been the mantra of the nuclear industry from almost day one, but is a fake assurance, the proverbial red herring meant to appease stakeholder communities, provide them with a false sense of security. If you are about to get hit by a train, that is and Immediate Risk, but if cancer causing tritium has entered your body, and the cancer will take ten years to appear, you are in NO IMMEDIATE DANGER, which is why the nuclear industry and the NRC trot out that same old beaten down and worn out mantra of theirs, and surprisingly, the public buys into it.
These leaks do not get better without a refurbishment plant that includes a detailed plan to locate, identify and repair the leaks...according to Indian Points License Renewal Application, there will be no ill effects to the off site environment from refurbishment, as they PLAN NONE. This can only mean one of two things. First, the company is lying to us, hiding their refurbishment plans until after they have won relicensing of the reactors, as many other facilities have done...IE, at a Duke facility, they conveniently did not notice cracks in the fuel nozzles until one month after being granted a 20 year license renewal. The other reality...Entergy and the NRC are prepared to let licensees all over America leak tritium into our local water supplies and sewers for another 20 years, with no requirement that said leaks be located, identified and repaired/fixed. Either reality is unacceptable.

Some articles/links to tritium leak issues:

BRACEVILLE, Illinois — After higher than normal tritium levels were found in groundwater near the Braidwood nuclear reactor, 60 miles southwest of Chicago, Exelon Corporation,owner of the reactors, have bought out one property owner and is presently negotiating financial settlements with 14 other neighbors. The high levels of radiation are due in part to a valve break that occurred in 1998 when three million gallons of tritium-contaminated water leaked beneath the reactor. Four leaks have occurred at Braidwood between 1996 and 2003.

A tritium leak that began in Dec. 2004 at Dresden, east of Morris, Ill., may still be on-going. Levels of tritium 25 times the allowable drinking water limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), were found in a test well near the center of Dresden property, where up to 650,000 gallons of contaminated water leaked from underground pipes. Records show 500,000 picocuries per liter. The EPA allows 20,000 picocuries of tritium per liter. The full extent of the ground water contamination is unknown.

Inside concrete vaults set into the ground where several valves are located, employees at Byron found standing water with tritium levels four times above the EPA limit. Workers are taking environmental samples and engineers are working to determine if tritium has leaked outside the vaults. NRC-approved amounts of tritium-tainted water are normally allowed to drain into the Rock River. — WBBM News Radio,Chicago; & (Chicago) Herald News, Feb. 16, 2005

Arizona Public Service Co. (APS), owner of Palo Verde’s three reactors, notified the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality March 4, that a tritium leak may impact the groundwater. A hole 13-feet deep was dug near reactor Unit 3 to obtain samples of water in a pipe vault. The vault pipe comes from a network of underground pipes beneath the reactor — from whence the leak originates. APS assures the public there is no groundwater contamination although levels in samples are more than three times the NRC-approved limit. Information is unavailable about the extent of area contamination.

HADDAM, Conn. — The NRC learned in October 2005 that the “decommissioned” Connecticut Yankee nuclear site was leaking radioactive water from its waste fuel cooling pool that had contained as many as 1,000 fuel rods. The fuel has since been moved to on-site dry cask storage. NRC inspectors took samples of the cooling water and concrete to determine the extent of the leak. No one knows when the leak began but a few gallons of contaminated water per day breached a 6-foot-thick concrete wall. The water contains cesium, cobalt, strontium and tritium. An NRC spokeswoman repeated the industry’s mantra, “No danger to the public,”when talking about the contamination.
— Hartford Courant, Nov. 4 & 8, 2005
BUCHANAN, New York — The NRC announced that a leak at Indian Point Unit 2 stopped more than four months after it was first discovered on August 22. Local officials were not notified for three weeks. The leak sprang from the 400,000-gallon waste fuel cooling pool. At worst, the leak amounted to two liters per day. Entergy Nuclear Northeast drilled wells to determine the extent of the contamination. Six on-site wells contained contaminated water, with one registering seven times the EPA’s approved threshold for drinking water. Radioactive water is known to have moved into a storm sewer and from there into the Hudson River. The source of the leak is still unidentified — Journal News, January 7, 2006; Times Herald-Record, December 21, 2005.

Groundwater Contamination (Tritium) at Nuclear Plants
Tritium is a mildly radioactive type of hydrogen that occurs both naturally and during the operation of nuclear power plants. Water containing tritium and other radioactive substances is normally released from nuclear plants under controlled, monitored conditions the NRC mandates to protect public health and safety. The NRC recently identified several instances of unintended tritium releases, and all available information shows no threat to the public. Nonetheless, the NRC is reviewing these incidents to ensure nuclear plant operators have taken appropriate action and to determine what, if any, changes are needed to the agency's rules and regulations. The following information provides further basic information on tritium and other isotopes released from nuclear power plants, outlines the status of the unintended tritium leaks and the NRC's actions. Unintended...what a nice way of putting it. No threat to public...tritium is known to cause both cancer, and birth defects.

Plant Sites with Groundwater Contamination

Recent events at several nuclear power plants have highlighted a concern with tritium contamination of groundwater, as a result of unplanned releases, such as those due to equipment degradation. For example, at the Indian Point nuclear power plant, unintended releases of tritium through a crack in the spent fuel pool concrete support wall may have been the cause of the elevated levels of tritium in groundwater in the area immediately surrounding the plant's spent fuel pool. In another instance, at the Braidwood nuclear power plant, unintended releases of tritium from a number of vacuum breaker valves at the plant caused elevated levels of tritium in groundwater in unrestricted, public areas.^PBNTAD01&ID=061370067

During the latter part of 2005(Sept-Dec 2005), IPEC identified an onsite Tritium ground water contamination issue in the Unit 2 transformer yard. The exact source is currently unknown and under investigation but may be associated with a small hairline crack discovered on the Unit 2 spent fuel pool shield wall (southern pool wall). As such IPEC has implemented an aggressive onsite and offsite ground water monitoring program to fully characterized the onsite contamination, to quantify and determine its onsite and offsite radiological impact to the workers, public and surrounding environment, and to aid in identification and ultimate repair of any leaking systems, structures or components affected. So, if they are planning the ULTIMATE REPAIR of the leaks, how can they claim no refurbishments are planned for Indian Point during the 20 year relicense period?

Nuke leaks taint Hudson
The Record Review
March 17, 2006

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission suspects that an uncontrolled release of tritium is going into the Hudson River. The leak was found near the discharge canal at the Indian Point nuclear power plant, situated on the east bank of the river. Also last week, a monitoring well was leaking small amounts of strontium 90, considered a more dangerous radioactive isotope, but the amount leaked was not enough to pose a threat to public health, said officials.

NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said that the tritium leak indicates a migration under the discharge canal and into the river. "The conjecture is that it’s possible it [tritium] would be flowing to the river, and regardless of the amount involved, it’s considered an uncontrolled release." If it is an UNCONTROLLED of many, where are the FiNES?

According to an NRC report, water was sampled in mid-February from the same well that had the highest concentration of tritium levels at 600,000 picocuries per liter of water, 30 times the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water limit of 20,000 picocuries per liter. That sample also showed a small amount of strontium 90, measured to be about 3 picocuries per liter. The EPA drinking water limit for strontium 90 is 8 picocuries per liter. At high levels, strontium 90 and tritium are cancer-causing agents.

Indian Point's Future-Cast Your Vote

Last I looked, America still claims to be a democracy, and those who actually vote tend to carry the most sway. With that thought in mind, decided to post a poll for the next week here on our blog to see who is paying attention, who is letting their voice be heard the loudest. The poll gives six scenarios for Indian Points future, and if you do not see your choice listed it, write it in by leaving a comment on this post. The results will be posted in a future, make your own choice, and send your friends here to vote. Green Nuclear Butterfly wants to get a real handle on where stakeholders in our community are at when it comes to the relicensing of Indian Point, and being a betting man here, would guess Indian Point will flood the voting if they start seeing a lot of votes for categories they do not want to win.

Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

Last October, a new catch phrase was born... for those of you familiar with Rock The Reactors, it really strikes a responsive chord.
In episode 5 of 'Heroes", Hiro teleports himself from the future to the current New York city, to relay the message "Save The Cheerleader, Save The World" to another Hero, who has the ability to mimic all other Heroes.
The season finale of Heroes airs tomorrow night, Monday night. Many of us who have watched this show, relish it, because of moments like these...
Memorable quotes for"Heroes"
Parasite (2007)
Linderman: You see, I think there comes a time when a man has to ask himself whether he wants a life of happiness or a life of meaning.
Nathan Petrelli: I'd like to think I have both.
Linderman: Can't be done. The two have very different paths. You see, to be truly happy, a man must live absolutely in the present. No thoughts of what's gone before, and no thought of
what's ahead. But, a life of meaning... A man is condemned to wallow in the past and obsess about the future.
Shutting down Indian Point is a lot more than just about facts and figures. It's about emotions, it's about right and wrong... it's about the Powers That Be threatening an entire valley, the entire population of New York city, with the possibility of another disaster... for a few electrons more.