Saturday, April 11, 2009

Call for Boycott of French Wine & Cheese

In the past months there has been a growing concern that France's aging nuclear power infrastructure has gone from bad to worse, with critical leak and waste problems. Sadly the majority of French nuclear power plants were built in the heart of wine and cheese country, where cows graze and grape grow.

French farmers pride themselves on bio, what we mean by eco, producing some of the best wine and cheese on the planet. But today, because of the rising levels of ionizing radiation coming from nuclear power plants that were built to run only 25 years, not 40 since President Pompidou handed EDF over to Westinghouse.

In solidarity with French farmers, a boycott of potentially irradiated wine and cheese products made from contaminated water, would urge the French authorities to set up transparent radiation monitoring measures of all wells, streams and rivers affecting agricultural regions.

France is facing an unsurmountable decommissioning and waste disposal future. Not having invested in an alternative energy infrastructure as their neighbors did, France is the driving force putting extraodinary pressure on the rest of the world to dive into a nuclear renaissance, this despite the clear evidence that nuclear power is no longer a viable, cost effective way of producing electricity.

So we'd like to call on the boycott of French wine and cheese products until it can be demonstrated that they are all free of contamination.