Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Rochelle Becker
Executive Director
Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature, but this April Fools' Day, let's play a trick on Global Warming...

Sunday, April 1st,
at precisely 7 PM ...

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility asks all Californians to join us for a fun, simple, and useful experiment.

All you have to do is turn off your lights (and TVs, Computers, DVD's if you wish).

Can five minutes make a difference? You bet!

On February 1st, residents of France and Spain turned off their lights for five minutes. The result? A savings of 800 Megawatts in France and 1000 Megawatts in Spain.

Together, that almost equals the power output of either Diablo Canyon or San Onofre nuclear reactors. California utilities CAN measure the difference. More importantly, when the drop in usage is noticed it also helps prove that conservation can make a difference.
Of course, if you turn off your TV, computers and other electric equipment during that period the savings will be even greater. This conservation measurement will be useful to the California Energy Commission in their study of the full costs, risks and benefits of nuclear power.
For more information contact:
Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
PO 1328
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93406-1328
(805) 772-7077

Friday, March 16, 2007

Indian Point-The Lowest Hanging Fruit

Many of our readers here on Green Nuclear Butterfly have been watching the B movie flame war fizzling out over on the IPSEC list between our own Royce Penstinger of the acid tongue, my never ending attack, and Mark Jacobs reknowned Hall Monitor of the slow moving IPSEC serve list...GOD forbid the scroll rate gets out of control over there, he might lose the knitting crowd. Since John Hall was elected to Congress, between my Congressman John Hall blog, the once famous but now dormant Washington Scandals blog, and here I seem to have pissed off and/or alienated almost everyone but the Pope, and given half a chance, sure I could upset the Vatican as well.

Most people don't seem to get me, or perhaps they don't understand my agenda, are confused on why I worked so hard to get John Hall elected, only to seemingly TURN ON HIM, why I seem to go to such great extremes to bitch slap such revered groups as Riverkeeper, Clearwater, IPSEC or even Greenpeace for their dismal efforts where Indian Point is concerned. Simply stated, everyone of them are asleep at the wheel, and I cannot let a perfect storm that could stop the relicensing of Indian Point be squandered away through inaction and stupidity.

I asked Mark Jacobs to spell out the IPSEC plan to close Indian Point, challenged him to stand up and lead the coalition...His response was to say everyone was doing what they could. Fair enough, but here is a news flash for everyone....The current stategies deployed by those opposing relicensing aging, brittle reactors is FAILING MISERABLY. That is not a knock, it is a fact...the deck has been stacked against us, as was witnessed in a speech this week from a retiring NRC Commissioner who confidently boosted that 50 reactors were already relicensed for 20 more years, and within a couple more years, all 103 reactors will be relicensed....BOOSTING OF A PERFECT GAME OF THAT MAGNITUDE IS PROOF POSITIVE THE GAME IS FIXED.
It is time to throw out the rule book, get down and dirty in a street brawl...enter Indian Point, the lowest hanging fruit as Michele Boyd of Public Citizen describes these two failing Entergy reactors on the Hudson River, and the perfect storm that will allow us (Anti-relicensing groups) to cull them from the herd, close them down and in the process, greatly damage the GNEP Nuclear Renaissance juggernaut that is leading the United States and the world down the road of good intentions to hell.

I have a plan, or as Arlo Guthrie once said in his song about the pickle, a vision burnt across my mind...I don't want a reactor and its leaking spent fuel pools sitting on the Hudson. We need a movement! The ANTI ENTERGY, CLOSE INDIAN POINT MOVEMENT, and all 21 million people living within 50 miles of these nuclear time bombs have to do to join, is GET INVOLVED, put their hearts, time and a few bucks into making a dream a reality...CLOSING THE INDIAN POINT REACTORS.


Why the Indian Point reactors and Entergy are the perfect battle for the anti relicensing folks, why every angry reactor host community should join in our battle.

1. Entergy currently is one of the two BIG BOYS on the nuclear block. Culling out Indian Point from their fleet and forcing them into closure would be enough of a blow to possibly force Entergy into a situation of having to sell its remaining reactors, and get out of the nuclear end of the energy business. New reactor owners mean new public hearings for license transfer, which means second bites at some of the apples for our side.

2. The Indian Point reactors have a horrid safety record, are leaking strontium and tritium into the Hudson River, and after 9/11 no one can argue that they are the reactors most vulnerable to terrorist attack.

How can we win the fight to shut down these ticking time bombs?

1. First, population numbers are on our side...21 million people live within the 50 mile circle of death around Indian Point. In short, wake up the masses, get them involved, and half our battle is done.

2. We can out spend, Entergy, the NRC and NEI combined if our hearts are in this fight! I can hear the naysayers now claiming I am insane....think for a minute folks! We have 21 million people living within 50 miles of Indian Point! A one dollar donation from each one of them is $21 million dollars! The NEI's entire budget for their PR for the entire nuclear industry is $8 million.
Can you imagine if every one of those 21 million people donated just $10 dollars to the cause of closing down Indian Point? That's $210 million dollars, over half of Entergy's entire profit picture from everything they earned in 2006. Now, can you imagine if everyone of those 21 million people were willing to donate $100 dollars a year towards closing down Indian Point and bringing in safe renewable energy to our region? That's $2.1 BILLION dollars, or almost three times the $841 million dollar NRC budget approved by Congress for 2007! YES, WE HAVE THE POWER TO OUT SPEND THEM, OUT LAWYER THEM, AND OUT ADVERTISE/PROPAGANDA THEM...this is what a movement is about!

3. We have local government on our side in this...which would make protests, sit ins and acts of civil disobedience far easier. We have some heavy hitters nationally, and the timing for holding their feet to the fire on this issue could not be better with next year being a presidential election year.

4. This kind of a movement WOULD CATCH THE ATTENTION of both national and international press, and in doing so bring the horrid truth of the 103 aging, failing reactors front and center, and under the media microscope.

5. Let's not forget John Hall in all this...he has the ability to bring the musicians back into this fight, has the ability to give Pete Seeger the gift of seeing the relics that are the Indian Point Reactors closed down and decommissioned.

Call me Don Quixote tilting at reactors on the Hudson, but this radical idea can work. We want the Indian Point Reactors shut down, we want to get the anti relicensing team on the scoreboard in a huge way, and we can do it if everyone will get involved in the Green Nuclear Butterfly's Close Down Indian Point Movement/Coalition.

Remember those good old days when we believed? Want to bring them back again, and once again know the sweet taste of victory against overwhelming odds? Then join us, and do Arlo proud in this new movement. Together we can use our ladders to harvest Entergy's lowest hanging fruit, Indian Point reactors 2 and 3.

Send donations and inquiries to:
Sherwood Martinelli
Green Nuclear Butterfly
Close Indian Point Coalition
351 Dyckman Street
Peekskill, New York 10566

Join Frank Craven at his home in Salt Point, NY for a Fire Ceremony

Written by Barry Tillman on behalf of Frank Craven and some folks planning the 20th Tipi Prayer

Dear All My Relations,

This invites you to join Frank Craven at his home north of NYC for a Fire Ceremony on the Spring Equinox March 18th (New Moon 10:43pm) noon to March 21 at noon.

Address and directions at bottom of this message.

Sacred/ Family/ Activist/ Leadership atmosphere.

We'll gather with those wishing for prayerful meditation around the fire plus gathering in the tipi and the house for other congruent activities like sharing intentions and co-creating our leadership community. Frank will lead sunrise and sunset ceremonies and will support a co-creative atmosphere for other activities such as a sweatlodge being prepared by us on Monday the 19th and an all night Tipi Ceremony beginning 9pm on the 20th and concluding after sunrise on the 21st and followed by a feast.

Please bring a bedroll (a few beds are available) and blankets, towels, warm clothing and sweatlodge attire, Please contribute to the kitchen so we may eat well, some donation to the house, musical instruments, sacred instruments, powerful intent for yourself and the world. We are extending this invitation to all of our friends and family.

No one turned away for lack of funds.

Water is there, tipi is up, firewood is ready, house is nice and comfortable.

Barry Tillman at 646-342-5836 is coordinating the building of the sweatlodge and the Tipi Ceremony.

The Tipi Ceremony on the 20th is untraditional. I take personal responsibility for the success of this ceremony. May we each bring forward our talents and gifts for a spontaneous and creative experience involving many medicine traditions, cultures, technologies, protocols, styles and healing modalities. The outcome may be a more unified community of leaders supporting each others plans and commiting to work together.

We will focus on our ability to generate visions and use the mind. Many have expressed an idea or a component they wish would happen in a ceremony. We will circle up on the 20th at 4pm to plan the evening. We will be discussing the possibilities with each other until then. We hope this gathering builds support for the April 7th Prayer and activities this summer. I expect this prayer to be 5-15 people.

Yours truly, Barry Tillman

Colonial Farm house, sweat lodge, teepee, canoe & river on the property, (adjacent to a public park that has baseball field, basketball, tennis and volleyball, BBQ picnic tables).
in Salt Point, NY 12578.

17 Clinton Hollow Rd. (Route 18) off of Salt Point Turnpike first old farmhouse (1823) by the waterfall.
4 miles south of The Omega Institute (Rhinebeck)
10 miles north of Poughkeepsie.

Drive up the Taconic Parkway until Salt Point Turn off (left) 2 miles south to the hamlet of Salt Point, Franky's place is in the heart of townnear Matt's Garage and the Post office.
All are welcome with humble heart and a desire to pray...the fire will be lit at noon March 18 (Sunday, new moon ~ solar eclipse) and extinguish on Wednesday March 21. Sunrise/Sunset ceremonies.
Bring your instruments, blanket and toiletries and any provisions/donations.
Frank's house number is 845-266-3106/ cell phone 646-207-7539
Catch Frank's TV Show What’s Ailing/Healing America? on Manhattan Neighborhood Network every Friday evening at 9:30pm.

Getting Entergy out of Dodge!

Remember the plot of the Magnificent Seven, not to be confused with the Chicago Seven?

It just started with Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen... and a small village under the thumb of an evil gang (cough! Entergy...) which owned everything, the bar, the goods and supplies store, the mayor, the sheriff, the church, the whore house even!

The local town's people were so afraid they couldn't move a muscle, crippled by fear, terrified. So they went to get a gun fighter, who couldn't do it alone, went and got another... and that wasn't enough... so they looked for more. And then they were Seven.
Right now it's more like the Good, The Bad & The Ugly... We know who we are... As a matter of fact Eli Wallach played in both films. We're not nice guys. We're gun fighters, we shoot from the hip, we're fast, we're cool, we're ruthless, we're dudes, we fight amongst ourselves, and your women fall in love with us, cause we're bad boys, we don't bathe, we don't shave, because we're here to get the job done.
Get Entergy out of Dodge!
As a kid I dreamed of being two things, Abbie Hoffman and James Coburn. I once saw a movie where James Coburn played a pirate, A High Wind in Jamaica, and I said to myself, that's me... That's who I want to be. Tall, slim, twisted, inscrutable, sexy, mean, wonderful... and I became that man... and soon, in a few months, I will be leaving environmental activism behind, after 30 years, to join the ranks of Hollywood actors, because I freakin' deserve it after doing their dirty green work for so many years... I want to be the new Vincent Price... I want to play super-villains... I want to relish in my persona.
So you see, Indian Point, for me, it's just honing my chops, a peice of cake really, frosting on it... I haven't even gotten started yet, because after we chase Entergy out of town, we'll track'em down, all the way down, to Bayou country... and like Swamp Thing, we'll bog'em down, drown'em in their own folly.

I'm being accused of driving a poor young woman crazy right now... with my antics... and for the first time in my life, I'm not apologizing for it, because she signed on, we toasted stout over it, and she's in till the bitter end, kicking and screaming if we have to. Sergio Leone once said, "The best characters are the sinners who look like saints."

That's a western. That's a real western... Just ask the Peekskill historian!

Soundkeeper Terry Backer to Join Call for Millstone Closed Cooling


Contact Nancy Burton:

Contact Terry Backer:

Long Island Soundkeeper Terry Backer will join environmental activist Nancy Burton at a press conference on March 19, 2007 at 9 AM in front of the Hartford Superior Court (95 Washington Street) to call for converting the Millstone Nuclear Power Station to a fish-friendly cooling system.

A court hearing is scheduled for 9:30 AM on March 19, 2007 on Burton’s application for a temporary injunction to put Millstone in cold shutdown during the impending annual fish larvae migration. The microscopic larvae are swept by the billions into the Millstone cooling water intakes and destroyed.

As Long Island Soundkeeper, Backer has spearheaded federal litigation to convert power plants to closed cooling systems.

“Once-through cooling - what is used at Millstone - is equivalent to a fish-killing machine and it needs to stop,” said Backer.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Indian Point Unit 1 Waste Wrongly Being Co-Mingled, and Other Issues of Concern

First, it has been suggested by others, and even printed that Neil Sheehan has the social graces of a rock tumbling through an out house cellar, and is for all intents a putz...after my/our conversation with him today, we can verify this fact. He takes my call, then when he realizes who it is on line one knows it will be a long call, wants to call me back tomorrow as he has to get back to members of the mainstream which I ask, are you saying bloggers are NOT mainstream media? He, (flustered) says to give him a break, he meant WORKING media...need a bigger shovel there Neil? Needless to say, our discussion went downhill from there...we'll see if he bothers calling back tomorrow as promised.
Think sometimes, that we are so busy with reactors 2 and 3 over at Indian Point, that it is easy to forget that Entergy is also legally responsible for failed miserably reactor one as well. There seem to be some very disturbing things going on at Indian Point that directly/indirectly involve reactor licenses 1 and 2, and the potential wrongful co-mingling of waste streams from these two separately licensed reactors and their twin leaking like a sieve spent fuel pools.
Lets back up for a few minutes and unravel some of this wondrous fabric we call life so that we can fully appreciate the warp and weave of coincedence.
About two weeks past, Remy C. and I had traveled into the city to make some face time at three important Green events. Heading back home on the 1:00 AM Metronorth we met a young man whose father worked at Indian about a small world at times. This man had a wealth of information on Indian Point, real INSIDE dirt. Wasted dives into both the reactors, and spent fuel pools, leaks being hidden from us, and most interesting of all, a story that tens of thousands of gallons of irradiated water was being spirited away from the sight on a regular basis...ranked right up there with a story he was telling us about a hose left in the wrong place that acted as a siphon, but the train pulled into Peekskill before I could get that full story from him.
This week I had occassion to speak wih Barbara Youngberg who is with the New York DEC about Indian Point, and her remarks at Clearwater's Roundtable on Indian Point Leaks...pity no one at that meeting coerced her into openning up about reactor one. As I spoke with her, the eerie truth began to gel as her words bore witness to the young man's truth and vice versa. Being one handed is a real bitch, so going to simply make a list of some of what I now believe to be true:
1. The leaking reactor one spent fuel pool leaks have grown far worse than we know about, and one can assume the leak has gone not only from bad to worse, but could be severe, even critical in nature.
2. The spent fuel leakage rate is known, as staff is having to continually top the tank off to protect the spent fuel rods in said pool one. Further, said leakage is being captured through various deployed systems for said purpose and mitigation. Problem...volume is so great that said gathered leakage is having to be pumped into trucks (remember our young man) and spirited off site. CURIOUS....WHERE IS THIS IRRADIATED WATER GOING, IN WHAT VOLUMES, AND WHAT KIND OF TRUCKS ARE BEING USED TO TRANSPORT?
3. Lets assume my assumptions are right. What are Entergy and the NRC hiding, and why?

A) A severely worsening leak in spent fuel pool for reactor one, coupled with a known leak of less severity (currently) in spent fuel pool two would deliver a devastating blow to Entergy's relicensing plans, and both the NRC and Entergy are very aware of this.

B) As spent fuel pool one goes, so too goes spent fuel pool number two, and again Entergy and Indian Point know this.

C) News of a severe leak scenario of a spent fuel pool would be National, if not International FRONT PAGE news, and would deliver a crippling if not death blow to the Nuclear Renaissance, and the whole GNEP short, no Nuclear 2010 plan of action, no new reactors here in America, a halt to the NRC's rubberstamping of 104 applications for license renewal, as is now wrongly occurring. Congress would have no choice but to step in and order and ISA of every nuclear facility in America...Goodbye Nuclear Renaissance.

We all know that the DOD, DOE, NRC, NEI and the whole nuclear industry have far too much at stake here to let that, they are hiding the truth from us, the intent being to NURSE things along by breaking rules (co-mingling licensee waste streams by moving pool one fuel rods into already over crowded pool two) and keeping everything nursing along until the rods can be transferred into dry cask storage and pool one is buried on sie for 14 millionh years.

In their quest for a global One World Nuclear Order with America at the helm, have the DOD, DOE, NRC, NEI, NuStart, Entergy, CASEnergy and the entire nuclear industry decided they are willing to place the ultimate bet in their gamble for a nuclear renaissance? Are they hiding a sinister secret, and praying to the devil that they can keep New York City safe from an Indian Point on the brink of the long feared nuclear holocaust, the ultimate nuclear accident, a spent fuel rod fire?
Without a full complete investigation by outside experts that had unfettered access to all parts of all that is the Indian Point facility, these are but the suspicions of one man who happens to be good with puzzles. Do you trust Entergy? Do you trust the NRC? Do you trust George Bush and his Nuclear 2010 iniative?
Can stakeholders afford to write this article off as the rantings of an anti nuclear heretic? Make your own decisions, but this writer think the time has come to have outside investigators crawling all over the Indian Point site, and that all efforts at relicensing be halted until we have the full and complete truth about the leaks, the strontium, and the tritium...if Entergy and the NRC are not lying to us, then they should welcome this investigation.

Entergy Says: "Toxic Waste is Good for You!"

With a little help from:
Center for Media and Democracy

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is intimately tied into Hill & Knowlton which explains the kid glove treatment given to CASEnergy, and Moore's endorsement of nuclear. These guys control a whole lot of ad dollars.

In December 1953, H&K designed the tobacco industry's strategy for counteracting scientific evidence which linked cigarette smoking to lung cancer, authoring the Frank Statement to the public printed throughout the USA in January 1954. H&K also helped organize the Council for Tobacco Research. As a result, H&K was named a co-defendant of Philip Morris in numerous tobacco lawsuits.

H&K represented the Catholic bishops in America in their campaign against legalized abortion, and the Body Shop International when it came under criticism for making false claims about itself and its products.

Hill & Knowlton also represents Debswana - a joint venture between De Beers diamond mining companty and the government of Botswana. De Beers owns the rights to mine diamonds in the Kalahari, and through Debswana, has played a role in evicting indigenous Kalahari Bushmen from their land. According to Lord Pearson of Rannoch – a Peer in the British House of Lords, "Many of them (Kalahari Bushmen) felt that they had been evicted because Debswana wanted their land for its diamonds".

Hill & Knowlton claims on its website that "an information campaign generated support [for Debswana] among members of Congress, UK Parliamentarians, Members of the Japanese Diet and Members of the European Parliament, as well as numerous media outlets."

Paul Taaffe is Chairman and Chief Executive of Hill & Knowlton, Inc.

Entergy just as ugly and incestuous as they are tied into Burson-Marsteller.

Burson-Marsteller part of Young & Rubicam Brands, working as partners for some of the world's strongest brands, is led by Richard Mintz, who ran the media shop at the Department of Transportation during the Clinton administration. He also served as staff director for Hillary Clinton during the 1992 campaign.

In March 2005, PR Week reported that Burson-Marsteller won a $4.6 million contract, through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Urban Area Security Initiative grant program.

Executives at the Burson-Marsteller PR firm are saying as little as possible about their pro-biotech PR campaign for the Monsanto company.

In January 2004, the Observer (UK) reported that European Women for HPV Testing was a front group being run by B-M campaign for the US biotechnology company Digene. The Observer reported that some of the celebrities cited as endorsing the campaign on the groups website were not aware of the links of the group with Digene.

In April 2005, Jack O'Dwyer's Newsletter reported that Burson-Marsteller had joined with Quinn Gillespie & Associates to launch 360 Advantage, a public affairs shop filled with "key players in George W. Bush's successful presidential campaigns." 360 Advantage is headed by Russ Schriefer, who did advertising with the Bush/Cheney 2000 and 2004 campaigns and produced the 2004 Republican National Convention, and by Stuart Stevens, a "Bush adman and veteran political strategist."

The Executive Board, as of December 2005, consists of:

Harold Burson, Founding Chairman
Mark Penn, Worldwide Chief Executive Officer
Chris Komisarjevsky, President & CEO Worldwide, Emeritus
Carlos Lareau, Chief Operating Officer, Worldwide
Ken Rietz, Vice-Chairman, Worldwide and CEO US
Celia Berk, Human Resources Worldwide
Fred Hawrysh, Director of Global Client Service
Per Heggenes, Chief Executive Officer UK, Co-CEO Europe
John Maltese, Chief Financial Officer Worldwide
Heidi Sinclair, CEO Continetal Europe, CoCEO Europe
Bill Rylance, President & CEO, Asia/Pacific
Santiago Hinojosa, President & CEO, Latin America
Leslie Gaines-Ross, Chief Knowledge & Research Officer, Worldwide
Pat Ford Chair, Global Corporate Practice / New York Market Leader
Richard Mintz, Chair, Global Public Affairs Practice/Director of Global New Business Development
Jennifer Graham, Chair, Global Technology Practice
Ame Wadler, Chair, Global Healthcare Practice

More here:

Indian Point, Jonestown on Hudson?

Almost 30 years ago in a White Night of horror, Jim Jones followers were involved in a mass suicide/murder as their utopia crashed down around them. It has been argued that the events which led up to, and allowed that massacre to occur amounted to a perfect storm that saw almost 1,000 followers of a failed and false movement destroy themselves, rather than wait around for society to do it for short, their dreams and beliefs destroyed, their utopia exposed as a non working, fractured social experiment gone wrong, coupled with a poorly timed Congressional Investigation/Fact Finding Mission created a perfect Jonestown storm where human destruction on a large scale was preferable to facing the truth, and owning up to the lies.

Jim Jones, rather than admit he was wrong, rather than allow failure to see the light of day, chose death, for himself and his long before enough lies exposed show people the truth of Indian Point, of the nuclear industry, and in that proverbial hour of judgement and enlightenment, how many reactor crews will choose death for themselves, their reactors, and their communities, rather than admit their facilities are a danger to human health and the environment?

Jonestown happened because Jim Jones and his rabid inner circle believed the world was out to get them, were convinced a movement was out to shut them down, and end their utopian religious experiment...different words, different parties, but go into any bar frequented by Entergy employees, and you are likely to hear paranoid, rabidly loyal pro nuclear zealots who worship/work at the temple of Indian Point talking in conspiratorial tones about the ANTI NUKERS out to get them at all costs, out to shut down the facility, out to cost them their jobs. Listen long enough, and you will hear the lamentations of madmen plotting the deaths of those who oppose their nuclear utopia...booze talking, or warning sirens of a hell to come, sitting just out on the horizon hoping for a perfect storm?

Here in the Hudson River Valley 24 miles north of New York, and in every community playing host to aging, brittling temples (reactors) created to tithe the demon spawn of the now failed nuclear religion (industry) indicators hint that perfect storms are brewing on the horizon with both America and France perfect spawning grounds, and one has to wonder when and if we will see the Larry Gottlieb's and James Steets of the nuclear industry (realizing their temple of lies and the proganda to fuel them have failed) changing course, and preaching to their own the wisdom of going out in a nuclear mushroom cloud of glory rather than having to live in a nuclear reactor free society. Will NRC's Commissioner Diaz give the industry his blessing of a world wide deliberate nuclear meltdown/holocaust with one of the agency's Generic Letters, or will the beginning of the end start with just one wild cat reactor crew, with others joining in as the sky begins to glow a deathly nuclear green? The entire nuclear industry knows they are one major incident away from losing it all...they know they are gambling with our lives our futures, and or communities...simple equations say the day of reckoning is fast approaching, and when it does what will the cost nuclear armagedon be?

When will the owners of these doomed reactors order their minions to release the army of isotopes as one reactor after another is put into deliberate meltdown in a misplaced attempt to seek revenge on the ANTI NUKERS as they themselves (nuclear plant employees) embrace and carress their own nuclear long do we have here in America before the PERFECT STORM SEES REACTORS EXPLODING IN THE NIGHT? When that incident happens, will it make any difference if the incident that destroys New York was an accident we saw coming, or a deliberate act of vengeance, a Jonestown on the Hudson?

NEI, DOE, NRC and the rest of the nuclear industry including Entergy have wrongfully believed in their own nuclear nirvana for decades, ignoring truth after truth that showed those with even a modecum of sense that nuclear was neither a green nor safe energy...problem is, just as with most religious zealots, just as with most cults such as Al Quida, the true believers waiting for their place in heaven with the 72 virgins, truth does not matter, reality easily pushed aside when you have bought into a lie of safe, vital and secure nuclear energy. Praise Allah, Thank You Jesus, and whoever says leaking spent fuel pools are a problem speaks blasphemy, and needs to die.

All things must support the one TRUTH, the only truth as the followers of the one true power preach to the unsaved non believers. The ONE WORLD ORDER as national boundaries are eliminated in favor of a ruling nuclear royal class led by King George whose father, George Bush I began the nuclear dynasty of 1,000 years with the privatization of the gaseous diffusion plants, and the creation of USEC...hollow be thine name...PRAISE BE TO KING GEORGE, AND HALIBURTON IS THE KINGDOM OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND DEAD EYE DICK CHENEY.

We (DOD/DOE/NRC) want a world in which America is king of the nuclear maintain that reality, we need a Nuclear Renaissance, a new generation of reactors. For that to happen, we have to change public perceptions, even if we have to lie to accomplish it, and we have to extend the lives of existing reactors...A religion was/is born. GREEN Nuclear POWER, the great birth mother of the new Baby Jesus who will save us from our CO2 sins, give us a NuStart with CASEnergy acting as the 13 disciples, and the holy trinity being DOE, NRC and NEI with the AEI holding the keys to the gates of the great nuclear society, Iran assigned the role of the angel fallen from grace and cast down into pergatory with North Korea and Osama Bin Laden. Can't you see 10's of thousands of children all dressed in green jump suits goose stepping past the parade stand? EYES RIGHT! The Chants as they march off to war, "All Praise To Nuclear, Entergy is Our God!"

Anything that does not support the one power must be/shall be demonized, any one trying to stop the creation and building of this new nuclear utopia must be silenced at all costs. Nuclear is the Father, son and creator of the hydrogen has been written, foretold, and so it must be...let the brainwashing begin. Employees, slowly at first, then in mass numbers converted to born again witnesses of the virtues of the GREEN NUCLEAR INDUSTRY that gives them their daily bread. The fact that battery technology is the key to the EV industry is academic, that reality hidden in technology suppression that has gone on for decades. The masses need to think nuclear is necessary for the EV reality to move forward into reality...the lie of nuclear's neccessity is academic, something peasants need not know.

This small group, whipped into a nuclear frenzy, armed with pro nuclear bibles, and literature/propaganda designed by deacons and bishops within the temple of NEI are sent out as a new army of nuclear missionaries, convinced that their jobs, even their lives depend on selling the lie that nuclear is clean, vital, safe and secure green energy, the savior from global warming. So beautiful and pure...the perfect lie, almost believable until we see that first MAJOR incident that brings with it the perfect storm.

Some of these missionaries know/knew the truth, have escaped before they were sucked into this great dark black vortex of lies and deceit...for these fortunates, their own values and moral compass would not allow them to play a part in the second coming of the black death (the first being the plague). For others, perhaps like Steven Lessard, being a part of the lies, being a high priest in the NuStart Nuclear Coven was too much, and they chose to end their own life, and the lives of those they loved rather than continue further down the passage into the pits of hell that is America's 103 aging reactors and the lies involved in relicensing them. Speculation at its best some will say...true enough. But then Entergy, the NRC and the NEI have no problems speculating on the safety and reliability of aging, brittling reactors, and gambling with our lives that they can keep them safe for another 20 quaint.

Was murder/suicide a more attractive reality than being a part of the great nuclear utopian lie that is setting our community up for a nuclear holocaust of biblical proportions? We do not know, the answer hidden from us as the black angels of nuclear secrets sweep into our community to bury and hide from us any clues leading to the truth. Was the Lessard family tested for radioactve contaminants in the autopsy? Our health and safety at best is secondary to profits, and the dawn of a second nuclear age that will be far more sinister than the first has already been. Hide the truth, bury the aborted nuclear failures, and tout Yucca Mountain, we shall over come, and praise be to the isotope, hallowed be thine atom. The Lessard's of Nuclear Energy are soldiers of the one God, cancer deaths in the general population around nuclear reactors nothing more than justifiable collateral damage (ALARA).

Come, drink my blood in memory of me, accept Entergy donations in the community in rememberance of your body and skin that will be burned to vapors when reactor three blows the name of the father, the son and the holy fusion process...amen.

Jim Jones, Jonestown, obscure references and inferences to the Holocaust, ignore them children, they are the ANTI NUKERS, a blight on the silken fabric of our societal cloth...they should be gathered up and sent to the mines up on the you know why George Bush called for the building of that settlement to be built over on the dark side...some mine for uranium, the melange of our time, while the non believers bury our waste in the Dunes on the dark side of the moon...remember the Third Reich? The nuclear industry promises us a hydrogen economy and a Electric Vehicle in every garage...Hitler promised the peoples car and Volkswagen flourished only after the secind World War. Much like Bush, Hitler claimed a belief in God, and both men see themselves holding dominion over the world. The Germans held old fashioned book burnings to control the flow of knowledge and truth. We instead have George Bush, Dick Cheney and the NRC using 9/11 and National Security as their excuse to remove the truth from our sight, all in the name of the NEI and a New World Order disquised as a Nuclear are with us or against, and thanks to the Patriot Act, we do know where you live.

Yes, the relicensing process is fixed, our lives being bartered for 35 pieces of Judas silver as Entergy for 20 more years of profit...make no mistake, the pro-nuclear renaissance movement is a cult of the most sinister kind, and the deaths from its existence are is just a question of the when and the where. Tell me readers, "Are we here on the Hudson the next Jonestown event just waiting to happen?"

Monday, March 12, 2007

Blowing in the Wind... Homage to Dylan

Green Nuclear Butterfly blogger Remy Chevalier takes on the Entergy corporation, owner of the Indian Point Nuclear power plant in Peekskill, NY with this homage to Bob Dylan.

Credits: Text on signs, camera held by Sherwood Martinelli.
Music: "Senseless" by Theatre of Tragedy.

Chirac Quits... French Pro-Nuclear Swine!

If anyone speaks the tongue of frogs, saw his bow out speech last night on television, you will have picked up on his renewed commitment to a green future for la belle France uttered in the same breath as his renewed glowing praise for nuclear power as a clean, green means of electrical generation, the solution to global warming.

Face it, the man, a Georges Pompidou spawn, who while kicking the S.H.A.P.E. out of France, allowed Westinghouse the run of the House of Baguette and Cheese, to build what is now the greatest nuclear threat looming large, so large French anti-nuclear demonstrators get sent straight to jail.

France is sitting on a nuclear powder keg of aging reactors and nuclear waste... leaking, dangerous plants, renewed rumors of lethal accidents going unreported by the mainstream press... it's only a matter of time before one of France's 58 reactors goes critical and bathes all of Europe in a catastrophe of Gargantuan proportions.

Jacques Chirac wants official recognition from the European Union of nukes as a clean, green energy source, this while Germany, Spain and Austria are fiercely anti-nuclear, committed to solar and wind, desperately seeking suitable battery storage chemistry, now in limbo in the black labs at MIT.

Yet the European Union last week already agreed to embrace the nuclear option in a battle to save the planet, as a desperate measure of ignorance and greed, to preserve the powers that be in the seat of supreme autocracy. The reason why I left France, and am here, 30 years later, having foreseen this, asserting myself as a leader in the American anti-nuclear community.

This is an issue that could split Europe in two, again, as well as the whole world... if we're not careful. Anti vs Pro nuclear sentiments are paramount to religious zeal in many people, and societies... those who understand the subtle energies of nature and those who do not! Those who would have us poison the whole world for a quick return on investment, and those who would have us reduce our energy consumption and start on the path of planetary restoration.

We're in dire straights here, and it concerns Indian Point, because what happens on the Hudson, with the Indian Point relicensing, will reflect on the entire survival, of the aging, failing, nuclear industry all over the globe, not just here. I left France in the early 70's. As a child, I was in the same room as Pompidou, I witnessed him hand over my father's land to the ugly Westinghouse Americans... the corporate swine who transformed France into a nuclear waste dump!

To say that nuclear power is cleaner than oil, gas or coal, shows an absurd miscomprehension of the issues involved, an absurd lack of understanding of what radioactivity really is, how it affects all life on earth, energy fields, our genes. The anti-nuclear community in this country knew the score 30 years ago, it still does today... but it's been asleep at the wheel, brow beaten by the millions of dollars spent by the Utilities brainwashing school children into believing the nuclear industry is clean and green... this while a civilian independent safety assessment team can't even enter a nuclear power plant to visit, not so much for fear of terrorism, but for fear of finding out what is really going on... leaking fuel pools, rupturing weld joints... contamination on the order of which mankind has never seen before, seeping into everything, insidiously polluting the air, the water, the land.

The nuclear thugs in the European Union, in league with the international nuclear industrial complex, contemplating an end to their reign of oil and coal terror on mankind, are desperately trying to cling to world supremacy by perpetuating the nuclear nightmare as a guise to preserve their control over international institutions.

It's a ploy... It's a ruse... and I hope the good people of Rockland and Westchester County, as well as the good people of Fairfield County and Manhattan, will not fall for this insanity of cosmic proportion perpetuated upon them. We can end it here, right here, right now, by preventing Indian Point its relicense. Turn the criminal tide of multinational corporate tyranny against nature.

Give the land Indian Point sits on back to the Native Americans to who it belongs. Give America back to its people. Free Leonard Peltier, the way we freed Mandela!!! Have a heart America... Genocide on an entire civilization... then making them sick with uranium mining, giving them red bricks made of uranium tailings, to make homes, to annihilate them... Listen to your conscience good people of Peekskill... Go to the Peekskill Museum... remember who you are, where you are... remember who this land once belonged to!

Save The Planet is the slogan that sits on top the Hard Rock Cafe logo, the Hard Rock now owned by the Seminole Indians of Florida, who never signed a peace treaty with the U.S. Government, who vowed to buy back their land, one burger at a time. This is war, don't kid yourself... We re-empowered the Indian Nation with the means to fleece back the white man... rob him blind... and use the profits to restore this land.

It's too late for the quiet, peaceful not-in-my-backyard resolution of IPSEC... a wind is slowly blowing up the Hudson... a wind of change the likes of which humanity has not seen in a long, long time... a song of reason and love and reverence for this earth, for this land... a song Pete Seeger sang his whole entire life... musicians, who feel, troubadours who weave tales of emotion, of renewed hope and inspiration, who for decades sang at the Clearwater festival... dreaming this day would finally come.

Close down Indian Point. Do it for reason. For respect. For reconsideration. Let the French stew in the poisoned juices of their own pathetic failed imperialist ambitions. Don't let this sad little country sink us into a third World War over Protons and Poetry. Give it up, stand down. Let us be. Let Amerika be!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Handed Protestor...Royce Recuperating

Good early morning GNB readers...things have been slow here on the blog this week, even though there is a whole lot going on where Indian Point is concerned.
So,where is Green Nuclear Butterfly jumping into the fray?
Not going to go into details here, but our fearless leader...that would be me, is in the process of recovering from a personal attack. I've been in bed for the better part of the past three days here, and a severe fracture of my right arm has me all but helpless...should get a cast next Friday when the swelling goes down. Trying to use a mouse left handed is being quite the challenge, and hard to get copy to the blog with one finger...but, shall do what I can.
IPSEC on March 8th sent out a notice inviting us to take part in discussions on setting an agenda...a brainstorming session if you will. Glad to see the letter from their list serve, but how much real public input did/do they want when they released the invite to their listserve on the very morning that the meeting is set to take place? If Mark sees this, I have some thoughts, or will try to get Remy to post them up.
Deserving of major article...Entergy/Indian Point want to leave the millions of gallons of radioactively contaminated water right where it sits...under the reactor, and leaking into the Hudson River. Seems they feel this is far superior to them SPENDING REAL MONEY ON THIS ISSUE.

1. Green Nuclear Butterfly is going to launch a YouTube account/channel...your videos will be more than welcomed.

2. Indian Point Plume Tracker...more on this later.

One fingered typing has worn me out, and it is time for another pain pill.