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ETS Energy Store-Green Nuclear Sell Out?

Summer Rayne Oakes Tied Into Nuclear Industry, Entergy, and Indian Point? Say It Ain't So Joe.

The title could almost tell this story, mix in a famous GREEN FASHION SUPER MODEL in one Summer Rayne, toss with green guy in need of money Seth Leitman with his big dreams, sprinkle liberally with a couple guys with deep pockets and direct links to Indian Point, and you have a earth shattering news story that could shake the Green Fashion and Product Industry to its very foundations, a story that can only be know as Green Nuclear Sell Out.

First, the SUPER MODEL END of the story. Any one that is any one in the green fashion industry knows self styled Green Vixen and business Mogul Summer Rayne, the super model with a genius brain, the self described Eco friendly super chick with a Masters Degree to back up her claims. From her ever so humble roots buried deep in the green hills of Pennsylvania, she has clawed and fought her way to the top of the proverbial compost heap, the queen of all that is green. If one trots over to the ETS Energy Store, you'll find Summer Rayne's beautiful little foot prints dancing all around the site. Her track record so far shows a woman with a plan, someone who does not get duped easily, but perhaps she did? Just how did this super GREEN model end up hooked up with an online GREEN STORE that has partners with direct ties to Entergy and Indian Point? Only the readers can answer that question, unless Summer Rayne would like to meet for an interview over... (something healthy I am thinking, hard for a Scotch drinker) some green tea and energy bars?
What I can tell the readers, is rumor, unsubstantiated musings based on some reliable sources. Supposedly, another well known GREEN MODEL better known as Betcee, the poster child for the "Shut Down Indian Point" movement by proxy, if not by choice was going to do the shoot for the ETS Energy Store, but backed out...did she of the magical mind and soul find out something that changed her mind? Again, not being in a position to ask her directly, we can only ponder. With Betcee out of the picture, through some machinations, it is this writers understanding that one Super Green Model Summer Rayne stepped in and did the shoot for a few good reasons, such as OLD FRIENDS, and perhaps this false sense of security is what kept her from doing due deligence?
Again, we cannot know, but perhaps the key lays in one Seth Leitman, self proclaimed green guy and according to his blog, the creator, brainchild and President of ETS Energy Store. From the various links found on Google, the skinny on Seth is pretty straight forward, a boring story about someone with a passion for electric cars, a tree hugging kind of guy that wanted to make a leap to the big time, wanted to launch a whole GREEN STORE, offer up earth friendly products to a hungry group of tree hugging green free spirits...sure there is more to this story, but this is enough to lay a ground work for the hypothesis that comes next.
Hiring Super Models, even green ones and doing photo shots costs MONEY, and quite a bit of it. Then you have a very sophisticated web site that needs designed and launched, and if you call their 1 (800) number, ETS Energy Store even has their own answering service to take orders and answer questions in the late hours of the night...WE ARE TALKING BIG BUCKS! Green Nuclear Butterfly has it on good authority that ETS Energy Store has some partners, that Seth Leitman found people willing to put up the money he needed to launch his Green financial empire...the question becomes, does a green guy, does the green industry have a responsibility to the world, and to their green consumer base to only use GREEN INVESTORS, only partner up with other services that ARE GREEN? Seth Leitman's fate, and perhaps the fate of ETS Energy Store will be weighed in how that question is answered.
Some might feel the answer to that question is NO, but for most within the grassroots environmental movement, the green friendly universe if you will, expect our green retailers, service providers and green models to make green business decisions, and have green friendly partnerships. If you are in this later group, this story starts to take a sad, tragic and ugly turn.

You see, if my sources are correct, and I believe they are, you have a Super Green Model basically fronting for a company (ETS Energy Store) that is partially owned by people directly associated with, working for the Nuclear Industry, and Indian Point. Enter into this story BGA Engineering who proudly proclaims their parternering with ETS Energy Store on their corporate website:

Our commitment is not only in providing complete engineering solutions, but now is in actual products as well.


The ETS Energy Store sells renewable energy products (solar and wind) that can be purchased and engineered/designed/installed by BGA, LLC. The ETS Energy Store also provides sustainable products which are great eco-friendly gifts! Just click on the link below to go to the ETS Energy Store!
Being part of the tree hugging green horde myself, and obviously one who is not overly friendly towards Indian Point, Entergy and a flawed nuclear industry, this association BOTHERED ME, was tugging at my soul, screaming quietly that something was not quite, I did some more Googling and my suspicions were born out when I found these little clues found on BGA Engineering's website:

Designer Design Engineering

Sponsored various nuclear and fossil projects that required the detail design of electrical systems and the preparation of general arrangements drawings and sketches. Experience included design, evaluation, and recommendation of vendor equipment proposals, design of relay protection control and wiring of various sub-stations to feed into a new centralized computer system. Wrote specifications for new equipment.

Substation and Dunwoodie Substation Series Reactor Installation- Performed physical bus layout observing ANSI clearances for 138kV and 345kV bus work. Performed engineering and design services to install extra high voltage disconnect switches and circuit breakers. Prepared schematics, one lines, physical and wiring drawings for substation protection. Performed all facility electrical work which consist but is not limited to grounding and lighting associated with the installation of Series Reactors. Prepared construction specifications for overall project.

a) Electrical Engineer/Instrumentation and Controls Design Engineer
b) Szabados Consulting, LLC, 52 Oliver Rd Paramus, NJ
c) Self Employed and worked for Various Supervisors
d) All work performed at Indian Point 2 Nuclear Power Station

There it is, the tale is told, the smoking gun that ties Summer Rayne, Seth Lietman, and the ETS Energy Store into Indian Point, Entergy and the environmentally deplorable Nuclear Industry...question becomes, who knew what when, and who sold out to whom...if Seth Leitman made a deal with the devil and partnered up with these two men knowing of their ties to the nuclear industry, ETS Energy Store is anything but environmentally friendly and green. Even worse, what if all of this is a part of the Atlanta 7 conspiracy, what if some of the players in this tale are actually tied into NuStart and their plan to STEAL THE GREEN MOVEMENT for the nuclear industry. Are there innocents in this story? I think she should have known better, but I have to believe that Summer Rayne was duped, the victim of a naive mistake of trust. I think some of the other players not mentioned by name in this tale, such as those who organized and did the photo shot with Summer Rayne (Jon Mack, the photographer Eric Striffler) got taken in, had no clue who the men behind the green masks really were, though I would like to hear it from their lips. If the tale is true, then what about Betcee...she was a no show for the shoot, backed out with no reason...if she knew, surely she had a duty to put out the word?

There is probably more to this story, mysteries that shall unravel as days turn into weeks and the winter snow begins to fall, but for now I leave you with this simple warning. The NuStart Consortium and others within the Nuclear Industry are bent on taking our Green Mantle as their own, and pushing us off to the side...the time has come to be vigilent in our actions, and in our business dealings. If you are a part of the new GREEN ECONOMY as a business, choose your partners carefully. If you are a GREEN CONSUMER, do your homework and make sure that green you are spending money on is not slime from the bottom of some fetid swamp.

Entergy Nuclear-Safe, Secure, ASLEEP

Sure gives credence to allegations that Entergy forces it's employees to work LONG HOURS with little rest.

We all know the propaganda slogan...Entergy Nuclear Plants are safe, secure and vital...are they really? According to a decision handed down by the NRC, seems like Entergy's slogan needs altered a bit to be Safe, Secure and Asleep, and safe and secure are up for some serious debate as well.

WASHINGTON, DC (ENS) — --> The Nuclear Regulatory Commission today proposed a $60,000 civil penalty for Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., for violations that occurred at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant on June 29, 2004 when a control room supervisor fell asleep in a chair while on duty.

After the NRC learned of the event, the agency’s Region I Office of Investigations began an investigation at the plant, which is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Investigators determined that the control room supervisor was asleep and therefore neither alert nor attentive to his duties. A reactor operator, observing the supervisor asleep, deliberately failed to take immediate actions to awaken him, inform appropriate site personnel and file a report on the event, investigators found.

The shift manager, "in careless disregard of requirements," the NRC said, failed to inform appropriate site personnel and file a report on the event.

To Defeat Your Enemy, Become Your Enemy... How Nuclear Industry is Trying To Steal GREEN MOVEMENT

Nuclear Plants...A Modern Day Holocaust Waiting To Happen... Could Your Community Be One of The Chosen Ones?

The 100 plus Nuclear Reactors in America are all old, aging, even decaying relics from a failed and dying industry, and Corporate Nuclear Energy Titans intend to change that by seeing the Nuclear Age here in America experience a renaissance. To accomplish this miracle though, they need the world's largest propaganda campaign to sell a dubious and skeptical public, especially in those communities they have targeted as the NEW HOSTS of these planned New Age Reactors...too do this, they have devised one of the most sinister plots since Hitler's Third Reich...they want to STEAL THE GREEN MOVEMENT and make it their own, all the while getting citizens to pay for it through MASSIVE subsidies compliments of our government and elected officials.

This effort to STEAL GREEN is being orchestrated by Entergy and a small group known as the Atlanta 7, or more formally by their coalition's less than original name of NuStart. Entergy who owns and operates 10 reactors wants more but decided they needed, before pushing for new reactors, to first lobby (K Street-Tom DeLay) for subsidies by tying Nuclear to the fledgling Hydrogen Economy! Though this blogger has not been able to figure out the list of lobbyists (hired guns) working for this vile and repugnant group of villains, we have learned they are being VERY SUCCESSFUL, as NuStart was successful in getting our elected officials to cough up HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of OUR MONEY to support their research and cause. This fact is very alarming, as Entergy's original BLUE PRINT for this cloak and dagger rape of a nation was to EXTRACT FEDERAL DOLLARS to pay for their research and to RECRUIT the government in their campaign of deceit in selling host communities on the new plants economic benefits, while dismissing as minor any risks associated with these fatally flawed facilities, as Chernobyl has shown us. With reactors, contrary to this new effort to change the perceptions, we are playing Russian Roulette, with it not being a question of if, but rather when.

Entergy and NuStart are treading very carefully at the moment, knowing stealth is on their side. They have already successfully fleeced our pockets to the tune of over $200 MILLION dollars, with hopes of getting the 110th Congress to cough up EVEN MORE. They have recruited a power house Public Relations firm, and have been bringing on board some serious shills who are more than willing to sell their souls for the Gold Crowns King. Entergy is more than willing to toss about in exchange for absolute and complete loyalty to the cause...MAKE NUCLEAR GREEN. The co-founder of Greenpeace has co-oped his soul with former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman to create NUKE FRIENDLY juggernaut, "CASEnergy ", who has the website address by the way of as they work with the nuclear industry FOR A PRICE. If you visit this frightening site, you can see the roadmap to stealing the Green Movement right before your eyes. Pay close attention to their BUZZ words in the below quotes from their site's section about their coalition:
The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASEnergy Coalition) is an important voice in the public dialogue over current and future energy needs, particularly in addressing how nuclear power can contribute to America’s energy security and economic growth.

The CASEnergy Coalition is a large grassroots coalition that united unlikely allies across the business, environmental, academic, consumer and labor community to support nuclear energy. We believe that nuclear energy can improve energy security, ensure clean air quality, and enhance the quality of life and economic well-being of all Americans. Through news conferences, media events, grassroots advocacy and issues education, the CASEnergy Coalition ensures that everyone from consumers to policymakers have the necessary tools to make sure they can make an informed decisions about nuclear energy.

Or this statement found on their Mission Statement Page:

MissionThe Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASEnergy Coalition) supports the increased use of nuclear energy to ensure an environmentally clean, safe, affordable and reliable supply of electricity. Nuclear power enhances America's energy security and economic growth, helps attain cleaner air and improves the quality of life, health and economic well-being for all Americans.

To complete their stable of Nationally Known Nuclear Rubberstampers, enter America's Mayor Rudi Giuliani and his newly formed CASH COW MONEY MACHINE, Giuliani Partners LLC. Give NuStart credit for their devious plan, as it could actually work if the green grassroots does not wake up to this incidious infiltration of our ranks. Entergy's willing partners, and the minions within the Pro Nuke Movement have a plan, and it is being implemented, their goal to see Anti Nuke's individuals, organizations and coalitions replaced with a Nuclear friendly surrogate, a new Earth Mother group of pretenders lead by Christine Whitman and her CASEnergy demon spawns as the slogan, "No Nukes" is replaced with "No CO2". In short, these folks want to convince us that the slight risks associated with a MELTDOWN, and Nuclear Weapons proliferation are minor inconveniences of Atomic Energy, and well worth their costs when compared to the catastrophic effects of Global Warming. Be Green, Go Nuclear is their chant of the day.

For those thinking this is all pie in sky rhetoric from an Anti Nuke Nut case, consider this...the folks at NuStart have already SETTLED on six potential HOST COMMUNITIES they intend to TARGET.

1. Port Gibson, Mississippi
2. St. Francisville, Louisiana
3. Lusby, Maryland
4. Scriba, New York
5. Aiken, South Carolina
6. Northeast Alabama

Its plan...push forward applications for AT LEAST TWO of these six sites, and make it easier for other utilities to FOLLOW SUIT in pushing through new licensing efforts for reactors. The plan is working, as both consortium and non-consortium members alike have begun the process of invading America's countryside with a whole new ARMY of nuclear reactors. Among some of those who have started the permitting process are Entergy at Grand Gulf, Exelon Generation in Clinton, Illinois. Also in process we have Dominion Nuclear -- which is not a member of NuStart -- at its North Anna plant in Virginia. Thinking of jumping into the fray is Duke Energy of Charlotte, North Carolina. Each of these sites conveniently would use the reactor designs paid for with OUR TAX DOLLARS, but owned by the NuStart Consortium of PLANET RAPERS. (whoops...too harsh? Should I tone that statement down so as not to offend Entergy officials?) Though NuStart has already reached DEEP INTO OUR POCKETS for over $200 MILLION in Federal Government incentives, the reader should know, that all these players have stated for the record, that they need CONGRESS to continue subsidizing their costs of construction if these PROPOSED REACTORS are going to become reality.

To destroy your enemy, you have to know your enemy, and the GREEN MOVEMENT had best wake up, as we are under the microscope, and about to be dissected and destroyed by the Nuclear Industry as they strip off our skin and make it their own.

As UK Nuclear Goes, So Goes America... The Deceit of Pro Nuclear Forces

Contaminated Vehicles Waiting Burial After Chernobyl.

Imagine a governmental agency (such as the NRC?) drawing up plans to squash, quell any and all green opposition to burying Nuclear Waste and building NEW REACTORS. Launching a covert operation to launch false support by using third parties to bring pressure on certain key committees who are investigating certain key issues in the process. Enlisting politicians sympathetic to their cause ( Rudi Guiliani and Christine Todd Whitman?) while attempting to isolate those who are not (such as Congressmen Hinchey and Hall?). Just such a devious plan was created, implemented and uncovered in England, and the foot prints here in America lead any anal retentive chimp tripping on LSD, let alone a reasonable thinking person to believe that the Nuclear Industry here in America is using even more devious efforts in trying to turn public tide in favor of more reactors, in favor of Yucca Mountain as a DUMP SITE.

First, for years the nuclear industry and our taxes have supported all kinds of pro-nuclear organizations, non-profit even quasi government groups that get hand picked to do supposedly impartial investigations, even play key roles in the supposed force on force (MOCK) tests at nuclear facilities. Take a look at NEI, their relationship with the Nuclear Industry, their incestuous relationship with the NRC, and you'll find some very disturbing trends, such as their ability to funnel crucial advance information to the owners of nuclear facilities before every force on force test at a Nuclear Reactor...can hear NEI protesting now, "BUT we would never do that." Funny, can NEI and/or the NRC share with us who is in charge of the security forces CHOSEN to be the mock attackers? Talk about a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Wells' comments also suggested a potential conflict of interest in how simulations of terrorist attacks are conducted. The potential conflict arises, he stated, from the fact the NRC is considering hiring the "terrorist" impersonators from a firm that was selected by the nuclear industry's own trade association, the Nuclear Energy Institute, and that already provides security guards to half the plants where such exercises are to be conducted.

Then, they need some friendly face, so they buy them...what a better person to embrace Entergy's relicensing than Rudi, America's Mayor? They have supposed GREEN FOLK who, for a price, have sold their souls to the beast, including disgraced co-founder of Green Peace, and Christine Todd Whitman who has created a special group to line her pockets with GOLD, or is that the proverbial 35 pieces of silver? Think about it, the perfect Three Stooges poster children of the nuclear PR campaign to GREEN THEIR DEATH TRAPS. A Former EPA Head and a Greenpeace Co-Founder Lead a New Coalition Promoting Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Add in a touch of RUDI, and stir lightly.

There are other devious steps being taken as well. Entergy will want to deny it, but they have harnessed their entire WORK FORCE as a Pro-Nuclear Burning Grassroots Army of vapid pro nuclear attack rats. They have their employees (the brighter ones) writing letters to the editor, and tracking the Anti-Nuke's online, leaping on almost every post we put up, poking fun at us on their I POD radio shows distributed to the folks within the short, targeting us.

Others are organized to show up at every public protest against Nuclear with their own banners and signs produced by and paid for with Entergy short, they are creating a false facade of public support by using their employees, their employees spouses and children as SHIELDS, much the way Hezbollah hides behind and uses the populace as human shields for their terrorist attacks. What once was suspected can now be proved, as Entergy won a FIRST TIME award for their efforts just last year...we happened to stumble across their press release on it. Couple this with their attempts to spread money around to win support...IE, their financial backing of the Paramont Theatre in Peekskill, and you have an industry trying to buy RELICENSING, BUY the new licenses needed to build a whole new army of reactors such as the one Entergy and GE are now trying to push through down in Louisiana.

If Rosie O'Donnell thinks Donald Trump is a snake oil salesman, she should spend some time researching the executives at almost any company involved in perpetuating, supporting and embracing Nuclear Energy as a GREEN FRIENDLY industry, as it is a LIE. Flim Flam artists and industry shills such as Christine Todd Whitman and Rudi Guiliani who have sold their souls for a golden parachute should be ashamed of themselves...people that should be standing staunchly behind CLOSING INDIAN POINT have become traitors to justice, human safety and our environment. Problem is, just like in England, your industry can run, but it cannot hide as we will dig, we will search, and we will EXPOSE the truth, as we are The Green Nuclear Butterfly. WOW...flashbacks of Muhammad Ali, we float like a butterfly but sting like a bee.

Then we have the entire Nuclear Industry getting nostalgic and going back to the early days of the industry and borrowing a page from short, they are TEAMING TOGETHER, spreading the costs and risks of a whole new line of reactors. They are trying to attach these new reactors to the GREEN MOVEMENT by presenting them as the birth mothers and driving force of a whole new Hydrogen green movement, and all the while quietly lining up GOVERNMENTAL FINANCIAL support to subsidize the industry and their new reactors...that's right, LETS GET THEIR TAXES TO BUILD OUR REACTORS, or at least to offset a great deal of the costs. Your a shrewd one Mr. Grinch, I'll give you that!

Revealed: the nuclear waste agencys undercover plans
The Sunday Herald, 14 May 2006
By Paul Hutcheon, Scottish Political Editor

A covert campaign to ensure that opposition to burying waste was overcome has angered anti-nuclear groups and raised questions about the tactics of a government agency.

Plans to launch a covert campaign to overturn sustained opposition to burying nuclear waste and pave the way for a new generation of nuclear power stations were drawn up by a government agency, it has been revealed.

The proposals included putting "third party pressure" on a separate government committee given the task of investigating the issue, "enlisting" politicians sympathetic to their cause and "isolating" those who were not.

Nirex, the government agency responsible for the disposal of radioactive waste, also produced a list of MPs, MSPs, civil servants and journalists to lobby about disposing the waste produced by nuclear power stations.

The agency has admitted drawing up the "media and public affairs strategy" but insists it was merely a draft put together by a junior member of staff and that some of the suggested tactics were not used.

The UK government-appointed Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) has accepted the Nirex proposals and overturned previous opposition to the burying of nuclear waste. Its recommendations are expected to be used by Tony Blair to support his plans for a revived nuclear power industry, which would have been held back because of uncertainty over how to deal with the waste.

North Carolina Uranium Accident Worse Than We Were Told?

We've all seen the one picture of the truck accident in North Carolina wherein a driver lost control and the truck tipped over...the NRC, Homeland Security and everyone else would like us to think it was NO BIG DEAL, and the one picture circulating seemed a bit tame...well, who out there has pictures of the TRUTH? Cruising the Internet this evening have come across a second picture from the scene that would suggest there is more to this story than we were told, and perhaps explains the EXCLUSIONARY, if any one in North Carolina caught photos of this incident, let us put them up on this blog to get the truth out. Curious...where is the highway...this truck did not just roll over, and the fact there seems to be no sign of roadway or berm tends to support a higher rate of speed coming off the exit than originally claimed. Also, notice how there is a lack of UNIFORMED RESPONDERS? Were those representatives from Global Nuclear Fuel and the trucking company KEEPING THEM AWAY? We do have the guy in the white suit, obviously a first responder.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Foster V Zeh, Whistle Blower Hammered By The NRC-CHILLING EFFECT AMONG EMPLOYEES at Nuclear Reactor Facilities

Foster V. Zeh should be a hero within the Green Community, groups like Riverkeeper, IPSEC and Greenpeace should have used whatever it took to protect him for coming forward, but that did not happen, he quickly faded out of the limelight, only to have the NRC use him as a symbol to others within the nuclear industry thinking of coming forward to shine light and attention on Indian Point, Entergy and the nuclear industry as a whole. His story needs retold in light of the NRC's 54 Page report that gives Entergy 30 days to resolve issues that have created a chilling pall among employees who are now AFRAID, even FEARFUL to come forward with their concerns regarding both safety and security at the Indian Point plant...the document and its demands are laughable, as the NRC itself has shown it is far more concerned with keeping its licensees dirty laundry outside of the public domain, and that they are willing to burn a whistle blower at the stake to send their own chilling message down to the employees at Nuclear Facilities throughout America.

How many times have we all heard about the nuclear industry's mock security drills, modeled (supposedly) to keep us safe, secure, and alive? After each and every one, the licensee is given a Gold Star, and we are told they performed within acceptable parameters...well, for starters those security drills are not performed out in the field most of the time, but instead played in a room with observers, and the players moving their magnetic pieces around a simulation board. Scenarios are created and set up that allow the licensees to WIN, to receive their GOLD STARS in a wrong sighted attempt to give the public a FALSE SENSE of Security.

Enter one Foster V. Zeh...former security guard at Indian Point, working at both reactors 2 and 3. What Foster V. Zeh did was simple...he disobeyed the unwritten but often exercised rule in these simulated attacks. He played for real, played for keeps instead of playing to let Entergy win their Gold Star. Less than 60 seconds into the simulation that eventually saw to his termination, he'd SUCCESSFULLY gained access to the now leaking Spent Fuel Rod Storage Facilities, was in a position to cause that worst case scenario that the NRC and Entergy falsely and maliciously tell us cannot happen...Foster V. Zeh was in a position to breach and do significant damage to the containment facility, potentially starting Indian Point down the road to a Chernobyl type incident of biblical proportions.

OH MY GAWD, what a great learning experience, what an opportunity Entergy and the NRC have been presented with...because of this brave man, they can actually participate in a mock security drill where anything and everything IS GOING WRONG. Hold the phones, stop the presses as that is NOT WHAT OCCURRED. Instead of seizing on this opportunity, Zeh's boss called a TIME OUT! While the NCR's observer stood around with his clipboard, Zeh was taken out into the hall, screamed and yelled at, and TAKEN OFF THE TEAM, replaced by someone willing to play by the unwritten rule that the licensee MUST WIN at all costs, even if that meant deliberately THROWING THE GAME.

Foster Zeh took his concerns to the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations in a letter dated December 20, 2002. That letter is a veritable smoking gun even today as we look at the NRC's 54 page letter and 30 day DECREE that instructs Entergy to come up with a plan that encourages rather than discourages employees to come forward with their complaints and worries about safety and security at the two reactors. For brevity, I'll only share some of the highlights from this letter:

I participated in a planned security drill at Indian Point 2 in mid August of this year. During the drill, I was able to gain access to the spent fuel pool building within 60 seconds. In earlier drills, the mock assault team was also able to gain quick access to the spent fuel building – on one occasion, in 36 seconds – and simulate placing explosives throughout the building. Had the mock assault been real, the damage would have been catastrophic. (A February 2001 NRC report - NUREG 1738, reveals that the loss of life and illnesses from a spent fuel pool release would be significant and health impacts would be felt hundreds of miles away.) Regrettably, the NRC did not penalize Entergy or Wackenhut for this poor showing. In fact, the NRC passed Indian Point 2 security with high marks.

In light of the vulnerability of the spent fuel storage buildings, which house much of the high level radioactive material on site, one would expect the highest level of security. However, these buildings are lacking proper security and are extremely vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Foster V Zeh's letter then goes on to include a summary of Security Concerns, of which I share here only the more disturbing ones:

Most security guards believe they can not defend the plant against a terrorist attack for the following reasons:

Guards believe that they are not properly armed with weapons to defeat attackers.

Guards admit that they are under-qualified and under-trained with respect to gun handling qualifications, physical fitness tests, and training exercises.

Guards are being hired with very little experience; in some cases guards are hired who meet just the minimum requirement of possessing a pistol permit.

Guards reported that qualifying exams for carrying weapons had been rigged, in some cases, to ensure guards could pass.

Guards say that security drills are carefully staged to ensure that mock attackers would be repelled.

Guards forced to work overtime (i.e. forced to work 6 or 7 straight days involving 12
hour to 16 hour shifts, (even when ill).

Guards suffer from a high fatigue level.

The facilities that house the highly dangerous irradiated or “spent” fuel at Indian Point are vulnerable to attack. In a recent exercise at the main reactor campus, one security guard was able to penetrate security on five occasions and was able to carry a mock satchel charge of explosives into the highly radioactive spent fuel pool three times – without being challenged by security

• The Code of Federal Regulations pertaining to safeguards information has been violated numerous times.

• Security guards are being suspended and terminated by Wackenhut and Entergy without proper representation and cause due to the fact that they are bringing serious security concerns to the attention of management. Note-security now handled at least partially by presidential hopeful Rudi Guiliani.

A “chilled” environment exists at the plant and security guards do not feel safe speaking with management about their concerns.
• Entergy Nuclear management have asked security personnel to alter incident reports so that an incident becomes a less serious offense and non-reportable

• Company officials sugarcoat and cover up real problems regarding the missing handgun incident, forging documents, giving guards a third chance to pass re-qualifying tests, watering down mock attack drills

• Numerous recommendations made by guards to improve security have not been implemented resulting in the same problems resurfacing time and again.

• Many incidents involving sexism, racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism.

This entire list of summary highlights is very disturbing, but none more so than the one which alleges a "Chilled Environment" existing at the Entergy plant...does that not sound eerily familiar in light of the recently published 54 pages report? Almost four years to the day that Foster V. Zeh made his allegations, they are finally coming home to roost...or ARE THEY?

Reasonable people would think that Foster V. Zeh would now be a vindicated Whistle Blower, rewarded for bringing serious problems to the attention of his superiors, and the larger oversight community (NRC), and in that assumption one would be horribly WRONG. The NRC's 54 page reports talks about the "CHILLING EFFECT" that Zeh brought up in 2002, says they want to see CHANGE AT THE FACILITY, yet secretly, outside the public eye they are sending a completely DIFFERENT MESSAGE...if you go public, if you blow the whistle, if you air our DIRTY LAUNDRY in public, we will HURT YOU BADLY.

You see, Foster V. Zeh lost his job, and has spent these past four years being hounded, and trying to resolve the issues through a process called Alternative Dispute Resolution...some have said this is where they send you after sternly letting you know they could imprison you if they wanted to. On June 20th, 2006 the case (Foster V. Zeh !A-05-051) was finally resolved. We would hope, that the NRC took serious sanctions against Entergy, and we again would be disappointed. Instead, they SILENCED THIS WHISTLE BLOWER. Here is the skinny on what Foster V. Zeh had to agree to.

1. He agrees to NEVER AGAIN seek employment with ANY NRC licensee.

2. He agrees to have no involvements with NRC licensees activities for a period of THREE YEARS from the date of this order. (, just when Entergy is going for a relicensing, the BIG SMOKING GUN WHISTLE BLOWER is forced to SHUT UP and STAY QUIET?)

3. He agrees not disclose Safeguards Information regarding the Indian Point security program to any unauthorized individuals. (In short, no more TELLING ANY ONE, INCLUDING THE PRESS THE TRUTHS HE KNOWS. )

In exchange for this, the NRC has agreed NOT TO SEEK FURTHER SANCTIONS (as in prosecution) against Foster V. Seh. Even more disturbing about this agreement, was how it was kept SECRET, and for a very good reason. You see, Foster V. Zeh is the smoking gun that the ANTI Nuclear side needs, his testimony and statements on record at a public hearing on relicensing would be incredibly damaging, but he has been silenced for a period of three years. Included as a part of that hearing was the right of STAKEHOLDERS to appeal of intervene in this agreement, which conveniently expired 20 days AFTER IT WAS ISSUED, and quietly slide into the appropriate but mostly out of site registry.

The reporters and network who broke this story originally back in 2003 need to revisit it, for Foster V. Zeh, and for those of us in the stakeholder community who need his story told openly and publicly for the record when the relicensing hearings begin.

We thank the Fink On Entergy Blog for suggesting we look into this story.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Too Tough On Riverkeeper? We THINK NOT...


tisk, tisk, tisk...gauging by a few emails in my box this morning, seems a few folks think I was a wee bit too tough on Riverkeeper, and their narrow minded BLUE BLOOD donors. The general tenor of the notes were, "Riverkeeper does a lot of good work, and we should all be working as a team, rather than being divisive." So, let me see if I have this straight...environmental groups raising millions for their pet little projects who leave certain industry alone, or put forth a token effort of opposition should get a free pass for ducking the hard issues, should be allowed to pass Go and collect $200 even though they have no back bone? Shaking my head in disdain as I envision the conversation now..."Why Buffy, for whatever reason is this man attacking us, didn't we raise some $150,000 last year at our Hampton's Regatta to benefit "Save the Dunes at Our Favorite Place To Go For a Stroll?"

Give me a BREAK...we have an organization in Riverkeeper that counts among it's key players people from some of the wealthiest families on the East Coast, if not in all of I wrong in thinking Patty Hearst's decedent's are now on the board, and just how much money is she sitting on? Yet, if you look at Riverkeeper's own letter to the faithful touting their MAJOR efforts for 2006, there is no mention of Entergy, no mention of Indian Point...curious here, does the Riverkeeper get funding from Entergy, or other companies incestuously tied into the Nuclear Industry? A leaking spent fuel rod holding facility LEAKING hundreds of thousands of gallons of cancer causing radioactive materials into the Hudson River, and Riverkeeper and it's board are NOT UP IN ARMS? Indian Point should have been at the TOP OF THEIR LIST, yet not even and honorable mention in the organizations "Major Strides" list
Riverkeeper Major Strides List:

Riverkeeper discovered toxic soil gases in Greenpoint, Brooklyn resulting from the country’s largest oil spill, prompting the New York State Attorney General’s office to aggressively pursue remediation by Exxon-Mobil while Riverkeeper’s suit against them continues.

Riverkeeper teamed with Columbia University School of Architecture’s Urban Design Program in a semester-long studio examining issues relating to water, design and urban planning along the Yonkers Waterfront.

Riverkeeper’s helicopter patrol of the Hudson River resulted in the serving of a notice of intent to sue St. Lawrence Cement for a mile-long plume of pollution emanating from their cement plant and visible only from the air.

As stated, not one mention of Indian Point, and if you read further in their propaganda letter to the FAITHFUL, you'll be amazed to learn that Indian Point and it's ruination of the Hudson River IS NOT A PART of Riverkeeper's self important list of their SIX CORE AREAS...any one else see the humor in their use of the word CORE in that descriptor? By their own admission, they have a powerhouse of attorneys yet have they filed a lawsuit to gain access to the underlying documents that make up the siting or security assessments...this particular stakeholder believes we in the Circle of Death should know what our real risks are, but apparently Riverkeeper is fine with these documents being kept out of the public fact, if their inattention to Indian Point is an example, they seem to be fine with letting Entergy win re licensing of the facility...sure, maybe they'll trot out a dog and pony show of token resistance, maybe even hold a token Indian Point fund raiser or two, perhaps and afternoon tea at the "Stone Barns",then divert the money to more pressing issues such as a safe yachting brochure? I can hear Katharine Hepburn chiding her fellow blue bloods now, "Without discipline, there's no life at all"

The various and assorted grassroots network deserves better than this from Riverkeeper and other groups who supposedly care about the Hudson River, and if they cannot do better, perhaps the time has come to form a new coalition willing to take on the tough job of shutting down Indian Point?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Target-Entergy's Indian Point. The Goal-SHUT IT DOWN.

This picture shows the power of death that is nuclear power's legacy and truth.
First, welcome to, "Green Nuclear Butterfly", the proud sister site of, "Entergy Watch" and we are just as committed to the goal of shutting down Entergy's Indian Point, and exposing the TRUTH of the failed nuclear industry here in America as they are.

For those that have been around for a while...OK, for those of us as ancient as Methuselah, being green was/is synonymous with being ANTI NUCLEAR. Let's not forget Three Mile Island, let us not forget DOWN WINDERS, and let's not forget Chernobyl. For decades, the Anti Nuke movement (of which Congressman John Hall was/is a part) has fought, held the line, and prepared for the fight that now is upon us. The line has been drawn in the sand for some time, and that line runs right through the site that is Indian Point.

Some have grown tired, gotten weary as the NRC has played games, used trickery, and waved rules in protecting their licensees instead of human health and the environment. In some ways, we, much like the Democrats have been out in the wilderness, fighting our own demons, trying to find that common ground where we can all stand as one, uniting in one common cause...that cause is the closure of Indian Point.

Some will try to dishearten the masses, stop us from rising up, tell us we have no chance to win. Those same game players within the industry are the same kind of villains that said Congressman John Hall had no chance against Sue Kelly. However, the grassroots believed in him, and believed in our cause...through out the spring, summer and fall we as one stood strong, never gave up the fight, even though the odds were against us. We were out financed, out gunned, and the Republican Sue Kelly's war machine pulled out every trick, including robo callers in the closing days of the campaign, but we stood firm in our faith, we never gave up. In the November Election we proved the Naysayers wrong, showed that RIGHT can win against might.

It is now time for that same faith and dedication to rise within the grassroots sector of the Environmental Movement. Riverkeeper raises millions, yet where is their march to close Indian Point, where are the protests in front of every gate of the facility? The old saying says, lead, follow, or get out of the way...the time has come for groups like the Sierra Club, Riverkeeper and WISE/NIRS and all the other supposed Environmental groups need to take all that money they have been raising and step up as true leaders of a new movement, or they need to get out of our way and stop raising funds in the name of closing Indian Point. The days of quietly sitting in public meetings waiting for our two minutes in front of the microphone after Entergy and the NRC have monopolized the event by going first needs to be over. The time for sending comments and having FAX TREES has passed. We need protesters, we need marches, we need a human chain around the entire facility. In short, we need a paradigm shift in the ANTI NUKE MOVEMENT, as we have seen that being nice accomplishes NOTHING.

Our incoming Governor claims to be against Indian Point, and he is hereby challenged to put his actions where his mouth was...we want his support, and we want new laws enacted making it impossible for Entergy to re license these failing reactors. Maurice Hinchey is dedicated to closing down Indian Point, but he needs our help. So, we call on John Hall to step forward publicly, and state for the record that he will accept NOTHING SHORT of CLOSURE. Further, John Hall managed to pull together a whole lot of talent in the process of getting himself elected...we in the movement to shut down Indian Point challenge him to work with the people involved with Rock The Reactors to host a set of concerts aimed at bringing attention to these failing Entergy reactors at Indian Point. We call on him to use that same persuasion and dedication that got him elected to fight one last grand battle, standing side by side with those of us in the Anti Nuke movement.

We want investigations of the NRC, and their cozy relationship with licensees, we want an end to said regulatory agency's siding with licensees instead of taking the proper steps to protect human health and the environment. We want an end to back door deals that force communities to play host to facilities that would cause us to lose everything, including our lives if there is an incident. No more conveniently called Exclusionary Zones to hide licensee's accidents and mistakes. We want an independent prosecutor named to head up these investigations, and we want those found to be in violation of our laws PROSECUTED, imprisoned and fined. We want an end to a NRC that protects the financial interests of the company, while risking not only our financial interests, but our lives and our safety. Limiting the liability of companies running nuclear reactors is WRONG, and Price Waterhouse needs to be changed. Allowing companies running reactors to protect their financial interests by putting the reactors in separate, yet fully owned Limited Liability Corporations is WRONG. Using our taxes to SUBSIDIZE the industry (see Entergy's $300 MILLION in Community Block Grants as one example) is wrong.

We can do this, but it TAKES A MOVEMENT, and the Green Nuclear Butterfly Blog is going to work towards making that movement a reality. In this issue, there are only TWO SIDES, no fence sitters allowed. Further, those outside of our area who traditionally support the companies in the Nuclear Industry (Think NEI) should have no voice, as they DO NOT LIVE WITHIN THE CIRCLE OF DEATH and their hands so deeply entrenched in the industry's wallet makes them not only morally bankrupt, but means they have a huge conflict of interest.

In the days, weeks and months ahead, this blog will do everything it can to dig up the news the industry does not want America to see, and we will beat our drums of war, as the battle is upon us, and the time grows short...if Entergy is allowed to re license these aging and decaying reactors, it is not a question of IF, but WHEN the accident will occur. When it occurs, hundreds of thousands of people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut could die instantly, and millions more could die slow painful deaths from horrid life draining cancers. We must all unite behind this cause, we must reach deep inside ourselves to find the strength of will to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to end the legacy that is Indian Point.