Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Atomic Legacy-Dead Nuclear Babies

Thought I would share another post from the Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour. We are hoping to be doing and official launch of the program shortly, but want to send out some key dolls to people, get a few more of our dolls up on the site before then. In the meantime, thought the whole concept should be explained a bit more carefully, give the reason behind creating the tour, so without further adou, let us introduce you to the DOE/AEC Nuclear Dead Baby Dolls.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Atomic Legacy-Nuclear Dead Babies

This is how they were posed before being NUKED.

As we move ever closer to getting this project up and running in a big way, it will be shown publicly we are hoping this coming week at the Indian Point relicensing meeting, there has been some slack about the theme. People find it harsh, in your face, our accusations of nuclear energy amounting to an abortion machine akin to feat mongering. Others wonder where we came up with the idea for the Indian Point Dead Baby World Tour.
There are several reasons to have settled on this theme, including Elena's incredibly heart wrenching photographs of the fallout area in and around Chernobyl, and the abandoned dolls she has come across in her travels.

Another crucial reason for the Nuclear Dead Baby, is that dolls have been a part of the horror that is nuclear from the very beginning of the supposed Friendly Atom. If you research old photographs from the various and assorted atomic tests in the name of military/commercial atomic energy, research the Friendly Atom, you'll find dolls were a routine participant in those early days. Their gruesome poses, haunting expression adding a surreal reality to the message that nuclear kills. As our campaign moves along, we'll share many of these photographs with our readers, but tonight, thought I would share a peek into the dolls long involvement in the Nuclear Industry, by introducing you to Priscilla and some of the members of her family who were forced, like many of our soldiers to endure nuclear bomb testing under the guise of the Friendly Atom and CHEAP ELECTRICITY.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Indian Point, Nowhere To Run - DVD

So you live close enough too Indian Point that you are going to have to evacuate when the BIG ONE arrives, either through Entergy's mismanagement causing a severe accident at the facility, or when a terrorist attack, couple with inept and inadequate security causes a Chernobyl on the Hudson as the NRC stands back and explains, "we really didn't think it could happen". News flash, the evacuation plan will not work, and EVERYONE knows it clear up through and including a president that cannot even say the word short, Nowhere To Run, the title of the award winning project by Tobe Carey. Green Nuclear Butterfly suggests this as a must view for anyone living within 50 miles of Indian Point, or any other aging, failing, leaking, delapidated, crumbling, rusting, antiquated, contaminated reactor in America, such as Oyter Creek, Pilgrim, Diablo Canyon, Palisades, and a host of others. Order your copy today of this fine reality piece...tell Toby the Green Nuclear Butterfly sent you.

Indian Point - Nowhere to Run
Indian Point - Nowhere to Run
Silver Medal Winner - 2003 Houston International Film Festival

A provocative program outlining the compelling reasons to shut down and decommision the Indian Point Nuclear power plants which operate within 35 miles of New York City.

By Jim Gordon (courtesy of the Woodstock Times)

Woodstocker Tobe Carey has long been familiar with issues related to nuclear power, but he said working on his new short documentary film, Nowhere to Run, about security measures at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Westchester County, was an eye opening experience. “I guess what I learned most was that plant security needs a very steep upgrade,” says Carey. “It’s all very blasé; ‘It can’t happen’ here was the attitude that we found while we were doing the whole thing.”

To Order:
Send: Check or money order for $14.95 + $3.50 s/h for total of $18.45
NY State residents add $1.52 sales tax) to:

Willow Mixed Media
PO Box 194
Glenford, NY 12433
(845) 657-2914

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Igniting A Revolution ~ The Voice of AK Press

Igniting A Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth

AK Press
674-A 23rd Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Derrick Jensen (Contributor), John Zerzan (Contributor), Robert Jensen (Contributor), Marilyn Buck (Contributor), Jeff Luer (Contributor), Robert Thaxton(Contributor), Ann Hansen(Contributor), Steven Best, and Anthony J. Nocella, II
For decades, environmental groups have been resisting the destructive trends set by industry and government, but as the social and political climate has changed, popular protest movements have become less and less effective. As the earth's situation worsens, those opposing its destruction have out of necessity become increasingly militant. Corporate and federal properties have been vandalized, set ablaze-even bombed-and the government is meeting this new brand of environmental militance with an increasingly heavy hand.
Whether you're drawn by frustration with environmental strategies that, to date, have been ineffective against this growing ecological crisis, or simply by curiosity (Who are these people? Why are they doing this? What do they hope to gain?), Igniting a Revolution offers a fascinating and compelling look at the emerging movement of revolutionary environmentalism.
Includes essays by Marilyn Buck, Robert Jensen, John Zerzan, Ashanti Alston, Jeffrey "Free" Luers, Derrick Jensen, Ann Hansen, and a preface by Bron Taylor.
"This volume will interest any reader who wishes to hear directly from some of the leading intellectuals, activists and prisoners involved in these movements. The insights gained by listening directly to these voices...can hardly be overestimated"—Bron Taylor, from the preface.
"There's no way that anyone can agree with everything laid out in this collection. But there is no way, either, that we can afford to ignore these varied voices, because the one sure path to destruction is that of business as usual."—Joel Kovel, The Enemy of Nature
"As we face unprecedented ecological crises, along with growing political violence and state repression, revolutionary enivronmentalists claim that another world is possible. This book promises important insights into radical alternativesw and principled resistance"—John Sorenson
"Can extralegal means justify an end? The future of terrestrial life itself may depend on whether or not serious debate on that very point is put back on the public agenda. Igniting a Revolution threatens to do just that."—Chris Hannah, Propagandhi

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NEI's Nuclear Notes Blog Has Their Panties in a Knot

NEI's View Of World
NEI's visits to our site yesterday:

Seems that my article, "Trail of Nuclear Tears-Exposing Nuclear's Horrid Truths", posted here on this blog, and picked up by OpEd which uncovers some of the lies that are the nuclear industry has the NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) and their Nuclear Notes bloggers in and uproar. The good news, is they are once again caught in another lie, and have shown again they are incapable of discussing in a rational manner issues brought up that they would as soon never see the light of day. Such as the FACT that the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in its fifty years of operation consumed enough coal supplied electricity to meet all of the energy needs for Los Angeles county for a period of 18,250 years...that is a BOAT LOAD OF CO2!
Seems Michael Stuart is so incapable of controlling his emotions and personal bias that he instantly goes into attack mode, and trys to discredit the author of the article (me) and my blog, the Green Nuclear Butterfly by cross pollenating comments in the Nuclear Notes blog, and here. I suppose I should be honored, since he attacks Helen Caldicott in the NEI blog post with the same venom and hatred aimed at myself. Michael in his childish fit of rage accuses Ms. Caldicott of lying and manipulating data, while ignoring the very real fact that it took and act of Congress to force the DOE to provide compensation and medical help to nuclear workers dying of cancers caused by their exposure in the nuclear work place. Further, DOE's own studies now admit that at least 22 cancers have direct links to a persons exposure to radioactive contaminants.

This same VERMIN then comments on his own article, complaining that Green Nuclear Butterfly filters comments from readers, then falsely claims, that the NEI blog allows unmoderated comments. To verify this statement on the part of and NEI employee (assuming this since he writes on/for the NEI Nuclear Notes Blog) I posted a comment to said blog...when said comment was posted by the Green Nuclear Butterfly, we received the following notification from the NEI Nuclear Notes Blog posted below. Maybe Michael needs to meet up with Rod Adams and the two of them can cry in their beer.

Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.

Post a Comment On: NEI Nuclear Notes

Our message was left over on the NEI Nuclear Notes Blog...let's see if it actually gets published.

Michael's Comment Left to Self:

Michael Stuart said...

Anyone wishing to post a comment on that blog should note that all comments are filtered by the moderator. This is particularly unfortunate those of us that might have something factual to say.

Apparently, in order to get a comment posted there you must either:

1. agree with the author,
2. present a weak argument that the author can easily refute, or
3. wait until the author has had sufficient time to write a smack-down rebuttal before posting your comment.

Sadly, that is no way to foster a debate.

The author of that blog should note that even NEI's blog allows unmoderated comments.

Chill Out at the Indian Point Corral

I don't often break promises... In fact hardly ever... Some people resent me for it, because no matter what, if I have promised something, I will keep trying to deliver on that promise till my dying day, I never go back on a promise... I keep coming like the Terminator, with elephant memory... a nightmare to some who have moved on, can't understand why I have to take my word is my bond to such extremes!!!
But in this case I will make an exception. I made a promise to these United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America members, that I wouldn't publish their photo rejoicing in our Radioactive Energy drink, proudly holding these glow-in-the-dark cans, because after I snapped the picture, the head of their local chapter, and members of the NRC, approached them and explained that we were an anti-nuclear table, that the owners of the company making the drink were Rock The Reactors and Green Nuclear Butterfly sponsors, that they could lose their jobs if this picture was published.
So the men in the photograph, came back to me and asked, gently, however hinting, that they would rather we not meet again, that if I were to put this photo online, we would indeed find each other again. Now, first, I liked these guys, think they liked me... or they wouldn't have allowed I snap the photo in the first place. You know, despite what people think, I have more in common with them than 90% of the wealthy folks on the board of directors at IPSEC, Riverkeeper or Clearwater! This environmental mission has been my life. I've never gathered moss, worked in clubs selling drinks rather than don suit and tie, play their silly parlor games. To me it's not a case of Not In My Back Yard... it's a case of Not On My Planet!!! And given half a chance, we can make our case, just sit down with John Schaeffer at Real Goods for five minutes, or Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd... They'll tell you the score, how you're being manipulated by your Union... party to a scheme threatening millions of lives on the Hudson!
But I also don't take kindly to being threatened, however gently... the ruckus these Union guys caused on the steps outside that day, intimidating our supporters, when in fact less than 10% of these Union men ever set foot inside the Indian Point nuclear power plant, never questioned the operations there... came for the t-shirt, the cap, the over time pay, and yes the free can of Radioactive Energy drink... then the harassing phone calls started, the anonymous attack blogs intensified. Yesterday, Sherwood gets a death threat. That's how the nuclear power industry operates... Sherwood and I knew this going in, that if this is to heat up, if we are going to successfully attract attention to the issue, we are going to face the consequences tugging the tiger's tail! Sadly that's how the media reacts today, unless Paris Hilton screams or cries "Indian Point" ~ nobody is going to pay this any heed.
Let me quote the Clearwater program (page 6) this weekend: "...following conditions be met prior to accepting Entergy's application to relicense Indian Point for another 20 years." We don't want the following conditions be met... The folks we represent and work with want Indian Point closed! Period! No quarter... like in Goldfinger... "We don't want you to talk Mr. Bond, we want you to die!" Unlike Clearwater, we are not telling our volunteers to not voice their own opinion, to water down the message, round off the corners, dilute the solution, to tell the public this is a petition to make Indian Point safer, not shut it down, that we tried that and it didn't work, like that young woman I interviewed in my Vlog on Sunday!
Unlike Clearwater, we don't have contributors with cushy jobs or connections to Entergy, who want to play good neighbor... Like that man walking around the festival with a Paramount Theater t-shirt expressing what a good citizen Entergy is for contributing so much money to the community, to local arts... When will Peekskill and its neighboring towns come to realize, that you can't have Indian Point stay open while at the same time greet Entergy as a good neighbor. Did you know not even 10% of those who work at the plant live within a 20 mile radius of Indian Point? What do Entergy workers know that we don't I wonder?
So don't threaten me, my family, my friends, my colleagues, don't call me in the middle of the night calling me a loser, you will never live half my life... Don't send me threatening emails or weird packages... get in my face at public meetings, muscling me around... I might be a stringy 54 year old... tired and beat and weatherworn... but I have more intel and commando training experience than you will ever earn, I can put you down with a kill in three moves, you won't even know what hit you... I could do that to an adult by age 12... and a sharp shooter too... my dad was nuts, OK? I became so fearful of this power, this training, I swore never to raise my hand or my fist in anger again... so don't push me... because in this fight, probably the last environmental fight in my life... you will never know how many battles I've won running the show from behind the scenes.
So you three guys in the picture, I respect you, I honor you, I understand the position this is putting you in, I empathize, but we have a battle to fight, a war to win... tell your bosses to leave you the f*** alone, and to leave us the f*** alone, or this is going to escalate into a drag out, kicking and screaming mess... I don't think either side wants this, least of all Clearwater and Riverkeeper, who have been so desperately trying to keep this oh so amicable, I'm throwing up from the overdose of estrogen!
Instead why don't you ask us about all the amazing opportunities the wind and solar industry can bring you... how a friend of mine, a colleague of yours, who worked as an underwater welder at Indian Point, is now making a killing drilling wells for the geothermal industry! Instead of coming looking for me to break my legs, burn my house down, ask yourselves, are these nuclear jobs really worth all they're cracked up to be? Or are they just harping an old tired and worn technology, nobody wants, nobody wanted in the first place... everyone knows the truth except those who still buy into the messages of deception pumped out by DoE and DoD! The French, in the 60's, allowed then president Pompidou to sell out their country to Westinghouse! Look at them now, faced with horrendous nuclear waste problem... no solution, no end in site... the health and well being of their entire nation at risk.
I don't want to witness the Clearwater festival downward spiral into a green Wal-Mart... this year I noticed a sad turn... blue backstage wrist bands... creating a divide between audience and performers... it didn't used to be that way... the Blue Meanies are creeping into Clearwater's organization... is Pete Seeger aware of this? Does he know who the people are in his midst? Does he see the devil infiltrating, corrupting, as he sings NoNukes songs with his Raging Grannies friends... does he know the wolf is not only at the door, it's already in the herd?
Bring it on guys, we're taking Indian Point down... Nobody wants a revolution, but you're going to get one anyway... just for the hell of it... because we need a good summer of get even. Frankly, if this upsets a few cocktail party goers, spills drinks as they gasp at the news a couple of agent provocateurs have snuck in through the back door, like Gary Cooper in Vera Cruz, look at me, do I look like I care? Clearwater was created to clean and protect the Hudson river... Entergy and Indian Point are killing it... killing us, producing energy we don't need, at horrendous risk and cost, no matter what they tell you, they lie... through their teeth... because their corporate culture of death doesn't know any different, it's what they do for a living, they cash the check, they feed their spawn.
The solar energy and the wind industry know that if Indian Point shuts down, it will be a boom to their business... it will be a boom to tourism in Peekskill... which is such a lovely, beautiful town, crippled by this plant nobody in their right mind would want to live next door to if they really had a choice in the matter, why the community is so depressed, half the stores boarded up... You can't pay people to live there.
Since we started using MySpace to reconnect the anti-nuclear community, revive the anti-nuclear movement, the nuclear industry is now blanketing it with ads to recruit nuclear workers... The industry can't find enough qualified young people, yet we need a new generation who loves Toxic Waste Zombies, who grew up with Garbage Pail Kids, to clean up this radioactive mess... If the focus of the industry was to close down the old plants, stop the madness, sit down with anti-nuclear scientists, work out the kinks... maybe the industry would have a future, cause right now, with the upheaval that's building up, against the tyranny of this one world nuclear order... we're not going to have a moment of peace. You want love, you gotta earn it, you gotta give a little... give us Indian Point as a token of your good will. The plant's done. Like an old dog, it had its day... nobody is going to support anything the nuclear power industry tries to do if ~ again ~ you give America martyrs like Karen Silkwood!
Peace... join the party, the party is about closing Indian Point, now, not by 2015... now, this year, as soon as possible, put this country back on the right track. Until that happens, you'll need a runaway train to stop me from organizing a revival of the anti-nuclear spirit in this country. And there's one thing I'm really good at, that's organizing. We are going to win this one, so just to save us all the long drawn out process, the waste of time, energy and resources, already 8 times more than any other nuke in the country, or so we've been told... why not just let it go... call it quits... let's create roundtables, reassess the whole of the nuclear industry... leave the good folks of the Hudson Valley out of this, give them back their river... so the state doesn't have to bring in the National Guards, soften the edges, cushion the blow, try to play nice... This is not touch football... this is rugby... it's going to escalate into a calamity if you don't use this opportunity to do the right thing, give the people of New York what they elected both Eliot Spitzer and John Hall into office for!

NRC Smacks Entergy's License Renewal Application

Great news folks...Indian Point just hit a MAJOR snag in the process to relicense their aging, failing reactors. Seems that the NRC has found some crucial OMMISSIONS in the application...OH GEE, like that is a big surprise. More importantly, these are issues we now know to make contentions me, they left those items out for a reason, not because it was a clerical oversight.

June 18, 2007

Mr. Michael Kansler
Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc.
440 Hamilton Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601


Dear Mr. Kansler:

By letter dated April 23, 2007, as supplemented by letter dated May 3, 2007, Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. (Entergy) submitted an application for renewal of Operating Licenses Nos. DPR-26 and DPR-64 for the Indian Point Nuclear Generating Unit Nos. 2 and 3, respectively.

By teleconference on June 6, 2007, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff informed representatives from Entergy that certain information is needed for the staff to complete the acceptance review of the license renewal application (LRA) for the Indian Point Nuclear Generating Unit Nos. 2 and 3. Specifically, the NRC staff informed Entergy that the current licensing basis for Unit 2 was not fully represented in accordance with Part 54.4(a)(3) of Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR 54.4(a)(3)).

During its acceptance review, the NRC staff determined that the applicant has not included within the scope of license renewal those systems, structures, and components relied on in the safety analyses or plant evaluations to perform a function that demonstrates compliance with the requirements for station blackout (SBO) per 10 CFR 50.63, and safe shutdown per 10 CFR 50.48. In this regard, the LRA did not include information on the gas turbines currently credited as an alternate power supply for the Appendix R and SBO events.

Please respond within 14 days of the receipt of this letter to inform the staff of your plans to resolve the acceptance issue identified above. If you have any questions on this matter, please contact Bo Pham by telephone at 301-415-8450 or via e-mail at


Pao-Tsin Kuo, Director
Division of License Renewal
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Docket Nos. 50-247 and 50-286
cc: See next page

Positive Anger from Down Under!

Peter Garrett MP
Member for Kingsford Smith
Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage
18 June 2007
Government Enrichment Plans Exposed
The Prime Minister must today rule out signing any contracts for nuclear enrichment plants or high-level nuclear waste dumps anywhere in Australia.
Not only has the Government been busted on its ongoing discussions with the nuclear industry about proposals to build a uranium enrichment plant, but now a senior Government nuclear official has also let the cat out of the bag about the Government’s secret enrichment “principles”.
Mr John Carlson, the Director General of the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office, told Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency on 5 June 2007 that “I think our principle is to have enrichment in Australia in the future".
It is clear that if the Howard Government is re-elected it will impose its dangerous nuclear plan on Australians lock, stock and barrel.
Mr Carlson’s comments confirm the Howard Government is continuing to develop plans for uranium enrichment, and it would appear is having talks with foreign governments, including the Russian Government.
The Government has been trying to keep this quiet before the federal election, but it has been busted.
The Government has a proven track record of secret meetings with companies wanting to bring the dangerous and costly nuclear industry to Australia.
The Industry Minister must come clean and reveal what discussions the Government has had with other governments, as well as Australian and overseas companies; and the Prime Minister must rule out having a nuclear enrichment plant anywhere in this country.
It would appear that Caboolture – just north of Brisbane – is a key part of the plans, having been targeted for a nuclear enrichment plant. Enrichment plants produce long-lived, highly toxic radioactive waste.

For more information:
contact Kate Pasterfield
0439 852 118

House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6277 2037
Fax: (02) 6277 8402

(Peter Garrett was vocalist, co-lyricist and dynamic frontman for Midnight Oil.)

IGNITION ~ Spark a Movement

What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement
Author/Editor: Jonathan Isham, Sissel Waage

Paperback 296 Pages
1718 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20009-1148

The evidence is irrefutable: global warming is real. While the debate continues about just how much damage spiking temperatures will wreak, we know the threat to our homes, health, and even way of life is dire. So why isn't America doing anything? Where is the national campaign to stop this catastrophe?

It may lie between the covers of this book. Ignition brings together some of the world's finest thinkers and advocates to jump start the ultimate green revolution. Including celebrated writers like Bill McKibben and renowned scholars like Gus Speth, as well as young activists, the authors draw on direct experience in grassroots organization, education, law, and social leadership. Their approaches are various, from building coalitions to win political battles to rallying shareholders to change corporate behavior. But they share a belief that private fears about deadly heat waves and disastrous hurricanes can translate into powerful public action.
For anyone who feels compelled to do more than change their light bulbs or occasionally carpool, Ignition is an essential guide. Combining incisive essays with success stories and web resources, the book helps readers answer the most important question we all face: "What can I do?"

Jonathan Isham is Luce Professor of International Environmental Economics in the Department of Economics and Program in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, Vermont.
Sissel Waage
is an independent consultant who works on environmental and social aspects of sustainability issues in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Green Nuclear Butterfly's Attendance at Clearwater Festival Elicits Anonymous Death Threat on Blog This Morning

The same person, or groups of persons who have lobbed up onto the internet various and assorted meanspirited hate filled blogs against Green Nuclear Butterfly and its publisher seem to have esculated their campaign of intimidation against us. As many of our readers know, Sherwood Martinelli (that would be me) of Green Nuclear Butterfly was at the Clearwater Festival this past weekend collecting signatures on a very crucial Petition for Rulemaking that will be sent out to the NRC this week.

This morning, checking my email I was at first pleased to see someone had left a comment on our blog...I was far from pleased to open said comment, and find therein a death threat. If Entergy, Indian Point their employees and supporters do not like our anti nuclear positions, they should step forward from out of the shadows and debate us on the issue. Stooping to threats, intimidation, outing of personal information, and now death threats is not positive discourse.

I write about this, as I see a troubling escalation in these threats and intimidation that I recognize from my previous activists activities regarding another NRC licensee and their unionized work force. I've been run off the road returning home from a meeting, and trust me it is not an experince any one should have to endure. I share this incident with our readers for one reason...even though we have good reason to believe that these threats are coming from a nuclear insider, the NRC could care less. Even though they are charged with protecting human health and safety in a stakeholder community, they have no mechanisms to investigate when the Pro-Nuclear side (possibly even licensee employees) decides to use threats of bodily harm and intimidation against stakeholders who oppose the continued operation of a failing nuclear facility.

At the Annual Assessment meeting in April, when union workers associated with Indian Point were brought in by the droves to all but block the entrance to the meeting, intimidate members of the public by the shear force of their numbers, the NRC did nothing to clear them away from the entrance to the building. You can bet, that if 1000 anti nuclear stakeholders all showed up in similiar numbers something would have been done to disperse us. Even more disturbing...these people who showed up, who voiced quiet threats, who deliberately took up positions on the steps leading into the building were ordered to be there, were paid for their presense at the meeting.

These same Union Members had no problems in wanting/demanding cans of the free Energy Drink (Radioactive Energy) that Green Nuclear Butterfly was handing out at the meeting, but when they realized one of our members had snapped pictures of them for publication in our blog, they not so subtly let us know we had not best publish them, as they would find us. Unfortunately, their threats and intimidation worked, as the person who snapped the pictures, worried about personal safety decided not to put them up on our blog, or anywhere else. Oh well, lesson learned, next time I'll bring my own camera.

Speaking of cameras...anyone from the Anti Nuclear movement want to volunteer to film next Week's NRC meeting on relicensing? As we know, the NRC deliberately does not record or document these meetings, so that anything they say or admit cannot be used against them...IE, in the last public meeting, Sam Collins of the NRC stated very clearly that in the case of a fast moving incident at Indian Point, evacuation will not work...we should have had video footage of that comment upon on YouTube hours after the meeting.

Clearwater 07, The Summer of Get Even!

Anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott, once disrobed with 50 others and marched through San Francisco chanting "Nudes, not nukes!" She was delighted to hear about a 2002 naked version of the peace sign, a sign based on an inverted life rune, and first used as an anti-nuclear emblem in 1958, at a demonstration outside Aldermaston, a British research center for nuclear weapon development.