Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Remy Susan Wars, Part Two-The Stolen Concert

So, tomorrow night is the BIG Pete Seeger, Ani DiFranco Anti Indian Point Concert in Nyack NY that Susan Shapiro is TAKING ALL THE CREDIT FOR....well, as the old saying goes, hold the phone, we have LATE BREAKING NEWS on this whole STOLEN CONCERT STORY, and Susan's claim that she deserves all the credit, as well as proof that tends to support Remy Chevalier's claim that Susan Shapiro STOLE this significant fund raising event from FUSE USA when on November 7th she tenured her resignation as the organization's president. As a first hand observer of the events, I know for a fact that Friday night's concert was supposed to be, and had been planned as a FUSE USA fund raiser...further more, I know for a fact that Ani DiFranco made a commitment to do this show for FUSE USA while Susan Shapiro was president of FUSE, this raises a serious question...who is LEGALLY ENTITLED to the funds from Friday nights big Anti Indian Point concert? Some legal experts might weigh all the evidence and say FUSE USA, a still very viable organization is the rightful recipient of these thing is for sure...Ani DiFranco and Pete Seeger should sit down with all parties before ANY OF THE PROCEEDS are distributed, and make sure that all these issues are resolved before the monies are doled out:

9/25/2007 10:36:51 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (This one from Remy)

The Paramount can no longer say no to John Hall... he's their Congressman!

They're opposing the $50 billion tax loan guarantee... but don't worry, we have bridges, like Summer Rayne Oakes... again, I know Bonnie's manager... Jackson Brown is a friend of Nicole Landers, who I did a party with in LA a few months ago... they will be made to pick Indian Point as a central focus of the anti-nuclear effort, by virtue of ground work already done by Rock The Reactors and Green Nuclear Butterfly since April 2006.

This is about connections and coalition building... they may not have time to directly focus on Indian Point, but what we will do will automatically bring the public's attention to focus on IP as their number one target...

Ani would be great...

Contact Phineas and the Lonely Leaves... ask them to play... they are friends of the folks at the Bruised Apple bookstore... they are an amazing new band... grew up in Peekskill...

Another is Slambovian Circus of Dreams, big cult following in this area... grew up in Sleepy Hollow... they helped Rock The Reactors in 2006... If we have a space, and a date, we can invite a lot of performers... there's Stacy Fine who promoted the gig in Woodstock... she's married to the editor of High Times, knows the folks at Paper magazine... knows a lot of musicians... ALL the folks down at the Camp Hill Farm are professional musicians... with some very illustrious associations...

If we get Peter Shapiro on board to help, now with Peter Alexander, and Ken Hays of Gathering of the Vibes... there's going to start a buzz about what we want to do... people will come forward... we just need to stirr the pot... impress on people, a win against Indian Point, will open up the door for a flood of renewable opportunities... a tipping point...

Susan, since Monday, WE have become the anti-nuclear movement, by simple virtue of Wetlands...They will come to us for answers now, because we suddenly got the NRC on the ropes... Nobody has done this before... we're showing them how it's done...

Realize the action Sherwood and I did on the Paramount a few months ago, putting Indian Point information in the hands of all the Bob Weir fans, made a major dent... we just don't experience the results of these things until a little later, delayed reaction... because it's about viral tactics, not front page news, but slow, progressive cultural shifts... it's hard to explain, just watch it happen.

Don't count on the Paramount they get lots of funding from Entergy. We have Riverspace booked for January 19 with Pete Seeger. we need more musicans to play then.

I had a long talk with Tom CAmpbell today, who basiscally says that the regular suspects Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt ,etc are busy setting up a new anti nuke movement and probalbky won't have time for us. (unless of course we can access them directly). Apparently the national issue is there is a bill in front of congress right now to give endless taxpayer funds to nukes and that;s what they are waging a war on.

I tried to express that our battle could help shut them down, but he seemed to think they were already committed in another direction. He has been trying to get Ani DiFranco to committ but no luck yet.

At this point anyone we can get to play with Pete in Nyack in January 18 or 19 would be great for a start. I am seeing Pete this weekend and will ask him to sign a letter asking other musicans to help out.


A few years ago Debra Harry said she'd do a concert (but I think she was really only into RFKJr.) but since I haven't had time to focus on this, and find my old list ... there used to be some website that was great ... something like WHo represents who?? so you got current contact info.

Maybe you know it.

The Remy Susan Wars-Wrong On Both Parts

Even when I try to take a vacation, get away, recharge my battery, I find myself being dragged into the fray even deeper. I returned from a Bridge Tournament...yes, I play bridge, to find that all hell had broken out in our local Anti-Nuclear community, with people being asked to pick sides in the fight. It all would probably be a NON ISSUE, a private matter between two private parties if at the heart of it all were not both a young and old music legend in Ani Difranco and Pete Seeger, who are doing a music benefit this Friday night to benefit (supposedly) local efforts to shut down Indian Point.

Susan Shapiro, former President of FUSE USA it seems has marched into a local court (using her families political contacts, and daddies money?) seeking an order of protection against eccentric local green guru Remy Chevalier that would require him to stay at least 500 feet away from Susan Shapiro at all times. Despite her protestations, from my own perspective, Susan Shapiro is over reaching, and I have heard her privately say far more demeaning things about Remy Chevalier than he has said about her, including his Christmas Season email greeting (which I have not seen).

Let's face it, when we are pissed off, we tend to say some things, use some words that we might later regret...or not. For instance, I did in fact and deed call the three judge panel in the Indian Point License Renewal case a bunch of pro-nuclear industry pricks, and stand by my ascertion. I know in his email diatribe, that Remy used the b word...curious here, when and if this whole matter goes to court, will Mr. Chevalier get a chance to submit evidence to support his contention, and if so what is the level of proof required to have someone legally deemed a bitch? Further, has Ms. Shapiro given any consideration to this, given due diligence to the repercussions of having a jury agree with Remy Chevalier that she is a bitch? Not saying he could meet the burden of proof for such a declaration, but WHAT IF HE CAN? Would he then be legally entitled to advertise the fact that a court of law, a jury of his peers agrees with his published ascertion that Susan Shapiro is a bitch? Does any one really care?

I wonder if the judge is going to bother looking into all the under lying issues...for that matter, has Pete Seeger or Ani DiFranco or their handlers bothered to look into the issues surrounding this latest court case or Remy's claim that Susan Shapiro stole a benefit that rightfully belongs to FUSE USA? I know they have not bothered to speak with all sides to understand the truth, as none of Ani DiFranco's people have reached out to me on the matter. What exactly has Remy Chevalier so upset with Susan Shapiro? Is there some substance to his claim that Susan Shapiro STOLE THE Ani DiFranco/Pete Seeger Event away from FUSE USA, and thus by proxy away from Remy Chevalier.

Perhaps the judge should ask Susan Shapiro to produce into evidence a late September/early October email that was sent to both I, and Ulrich Witte wherein Susan Shapiro makes it official that we (we being FUSE USA) have Ani DiFranco committed to a concert to benefit FUSE USA, but that she does not want us making the information public until all the contracts are signed. WHOOPS, is that an inconvenient truth I just let slip out of the bag? Maybe I am expecting to much here, but where are Pete Seeger and Ani DiFranco in resolving this dispute, and setting the parties down, and doing what is right, upholding their promises as originally made? Remy is absolutely correct when he states that the Ani DiFranco concert was a FUSE USA event! I do have the email to prove that contention.

Perhaps the judge should take a close look at how Susan is more than likely justifying now owning that event, and the supposedly legal board votes that were taken on November 7th, 2007 wherein Michele Lee, Susan Shapiro and Maureen Ritter gave themselves full right and ownership of ALL FUSE USA property, then immediately resigned from the board after wiping out all the funds in the FUSE USA checking account. Again I am curious to know if Pete Seeger or Ani DiFranco have bothered to look into THESE FACTS? Why haven't they asked the very obvious question...where is FUSE USA, or is that something that was also disposed of behind closed doors? If it was disposed of behind closed doors, are these two music legends awared of all the fingerprints left behind to prove the facts I am alleging here?

Susan Shapiro is an attorney...she represented FUSE USA on its board, but also as its attorney of record before the NRC, and in other legal matters. Is the judge going to look at the fact that some two months later, Susan Shapiro has NOT returned to FUSE USA the entire NRC legal file and all under lying documents?

Seems to me, that if Remy Chevalier is going to be dragged before a court for losing his temper and saying some stupid, ill advised things in an email, then so too should the judge take a serious look at Susan Shapiro, and all the events that led up to that email...after all, it should be important to serving justice to put that email in its proper perspective.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Green Nuclear Butterfly On Leave, Or Permanent Vacation

Greetings Readers:

Sure many of you are wondering what is going on here at the Green Nuclear Butterfly, or maybe a better question has been, "Why isn't anything going on?"

The easy answer would be to honestly state, that it does not matter. A year of sacrifice, a year of hitting our heads up against a brick wall, and reality is what reality is. Big business, and a corrupt Nuclear Regulatory Commission are going to do what they want to do, and until that next BIG ACCIDENT occurs somewhere in the world (and it well), people like myself are seen as the proverbial Chicken Little's screaming about the sky falling down. Everyone knows that
Global Warming is real, but for right now, selfish people who are unwilling to make personal sacrifices see nuclear as the GREAT PLACEBO, our savior. We can still listen to our IPod's, text message, and keep our cell phones glued to our ears while microwaving hot pockets, as nuclear reactors will give us all the energy we want while causing NO HARM to the environment.

We told the NRC about the cracks in the Dry Cask Storage Pad over at Indian Point, but our warnings fell on DEAF EARS, as is witnessed by the first casks being filled with spent fuel rods being moved onto it in this past week. Those casks are only good for 20 years, but not to worry, as the NRC will relicense them for another 20 more, and then your childrens grand children can figure out the mess after we are all long dead and's the AMERICAN WAY, and the three bias blind stupid fucking pricks on the Hearing Board are not going to hear the voice of the average stakeholders, because they are doing everything they can to simply get rid of us and our filings on technicalities, or because they don't like the way we percieve them.

It's odd...this past year if nothing else been a great learning experience for me, I have found a whole new insight into why desparate peoples grow frustrated with a beaucracy so run amuck that they resort to desparate acts to be heard. Our fouled and sour democracy, a set of archaic rules that have stolen our voices, and made it impossible for us to have a seat at the table, leave us little choice but to either A) walk away, or B) take bold steps to be heard at all costs, and even if you take those steps, be honest...your voice will not be heard, but your actions will buy you about 15 seconds of fame on the CNN/FOX 24 hour news cycle if your lucky.

For now, Green Nuclear Butterfly shall sit stagnant as options and life are explored. Keep checking back over the next few weeks, as we will either dismantle the entire blog, as if it were never here, or will give it a new life, a new look, and a new direction. We will always be anti-nuclear, that will not change. What will, or perhaps has changed, is is sad, but you cannot change certain things in life, cannot stop a society from making a horrendous error....all you can do is shake your head in sadness, and hope you've left the world long before the "I told you so's" begin.

Don't despair...we'll still find ways to be a serious thorn in Entergy's side. Our voice will still be heard, our articles popping up just when the industry thinks we are dead and gone. Who knows, we might even surprise everyone, and find a way yet to bring people together in some great march, find a way to stage a huge sit in or concert on the grounds of Indian Point. For now though, we wish everyone happy travels, and for everyone's sake, we pray that our predictions of a TRAGIC accident at Indian Point within the next ten years is wrong.

A few thoughts before we turn out the lights.........

1. CNN, you did a disservice to America in not telling the FULL TRUTH when you aired the Sleeping Guards video this past week. Any rookie assed high school newspapaper reporter could have easily found out that it was NOT AN ISOLATED CASE at one reactor facility. But you found a way to paint it out that folks should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.

2. All the locals praying for a miracle while keeping their noses buried up the ass of Hilary Clinton, Chuck Shumer, Maurice Hinchey, Nita Lowey and your dearly beloved John Hall. WAKE UP FOLKS, they have all SOLD YOU DOWN THE RIVER, are mouthing one message while sucking on the teat of nuclear generosity behind closed your homework, and you'll find we are right....FOLLOW THE MONEY as the old saying goes.

3. For all the spouses of Entergy your spouse really working? We have reason to believe that certain members of the Indian Point Security Staff are letting certain employees sneak their girlfriends/lovers onto the facility. After all, what a GREAT EXCUSE when you want to have an affair...sweetie, I am needed over at the reactor. Maybe you should pay closer attention to that supposed overtime.

4. To the citizens...Living close to a reactor does expose you to some serious health risks, but if you choose to ignore them, that is your choice. Before you walk away, before you decide a MASS PROTEST is beneath you, ask yourself if you have a loved one, friend, relative who has cancer, or do you know a child that was born with a birth defect. Yeah, CHEAP what cost? Maybe it is time you took the time as people to pull your heads out of your collective asses, and got involved....Indian Point will be close when one of two things happen. A) a tragic accident, and it will occur. B) the citizens wake up, get organized, and march to shut the facility down....don't kid yourself, it would not take very many weekends with tens of thousands of citizens converging on Indian Point to see it shut down. The next time one of your friends or relatives, maybe your wife, mother or daughter is diagnosed with breast cancer you'll wish you had stood up, wished you had made your voice heard.

5. For the NRC. Indian Point/Entergy CHEATED on their reactor leak test. Also, they have BORIC ACID ISSUES...can we say David Besse? You've been told about this, but are too fucking cocky to do your homework, and at this point in time, I am sick and tired of doing it for you. There are other things you should know about, maybe even you do know about them, but choose to ignore them....quite frankly (as Scarlett would say), " I Don't give a damn." You as a regulatory agency have been derelect in your duties for far too long, and your day of reckoning is fast approaching, as it is only a matter of time till there is a MAJOR ACCIDENT at one of America's aging reactors, or a international terrorist group figures out a way to do what your agency says cannot be done.