Saturday, March 31, 2007

Clearwater Manna Jo Solar April 12...

Manna Jo Greene
April 12 Roundtable on Bringing Sustainable Energy Infrastructure into the Hudson Valley
We are writing to invite you, or your spokesperson, to attend an informative Roundtable discussion on Bringing Sustainable Energy Infrastructure into the Hudson Valley on Thursday afternoon, April 12 from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
The purpose of this gathering is to provide a forum for the exchange of information related to a variety of energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities and initiatives for elected officials, including Congressional representatives, and state and local elected officials, as well as energy providers and a wide range of stakeholders working on energy issues in the region.
It is our belief that a coordinated effort will improve efficiency and foster the actual implementation of increased sustainable energy infrastructure in the Hudson Valley.
Topics will include the current status of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the region, models of successful energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, regional planning for sustainable energy infrastructure andan interactive roundtable discussion with the panel of speakers and audience participation.
If your organization or an organization you are affiliated with would like to cosponsor, please let us know right away to be included in the list.
The main thing we ask of cosponsors is to participate and to help us to get the word out by forwarding this letter to your lists.
For further information or to RSVP, please contact Katy Dunlap at (845) 454-7673 ext. 116 or
Manna Jo Greene,
Environmental Director
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
112 Market St.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
(845)454-7673 x113 Fax:(845)454=7953
cc: Governor Elliot Spitzer
Elected Officials in the four EPZ counties, NYC, and Long Island

Friday, March 30, 2007

White Nuclear Snowflake's Theory On Earth's Core A Bit Whacked

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so I was pleased when Indian Point/Entergy set one of their minions to the task of countering the Green Nuclear Butterfly blog with one of their own which mimics ours, and is known as the White Nuclear Snowflake. I can always tell when my articles are striking a nerve, as the blog's author (Druther John), in some drug induced haze, starts putting up rubbish in an attempt to discredit our message and facts...even funnier, in a feeble attempt to steal our traffic flow, they even steal our blog name as one their TAGS...truly pathetic there John Boy.

Apparently, we have been stepping on some big toes this week over at Entergy's Indian Point, as they have been busy on their blog...problem is, their supposed science is a bit fuzzy, and in some ways could be used as the perfect argument against widespread use of nuclear energy. In his latest post, Truther John, painting with bold strokes makes the following argument for nuclear:
Without the uranium's warming power, life would probably not have arisen on this planet, and without the uranium, life certainly would not continue, as the oceans would freeze, and earth would be an ice ball.

Now, we all know that uranium quantities on/in the earth are limited...perfect proof of this is the ever growing price of uranium on the spot market. Further, if you study the DOE website, you can find plans to mine uranium out of our oceans with large sea going mining operations as world supplies grow ever smaller.

Following Druther John's line of argument to its natural conclusion would see a world devoid of uranium dying a slow and violent death as all life forms freeze to death. Stay off the peyote buttons there Grasshopper.

Hilary On Indian Point and Nuclear-Forked Tongued Conniving Bitch!

When I saw that Hilary Clinton had NO CO-SIGNERS for her 2006 bill calling for an ISA at Indian Point, I began having serious doubts about her, and her sincerity in helping us close down these aging and deadly reactors, and specifically Indian Point. Then, I went through the FEC records, and found she'd been taking money from Entergy, and the nuclear industry, and gave little credence to her re-introduction of the same legislation this year. Then, while over on the arch enemies web site (NEI-Nuclear Energy Institute), found the video below shot in South Carolina, and realized she's nothing more than a two faced, forked tongued lying bitch.

For all you that will write me nasty notes, don't bother...I'm not the first person to call Hillary a bitch, and will not be the last. Besides, in her case the shoe fits perfectly...Hilliary is all about herself, and will do and say anything to climb her way to the top of the garbage heap that is Washington, DC.

Medical Update on Royce

Just returned from my doctor, and the news on my broken arm was not what I was hoping for. Tired of one finger typing with my left hand, so was really looking forward to being done with the whole cast routine, but it's just not to be.
The bone was/is not healing properly. Tomorrow morning I have to go for and MRI at the Hudson Valley Hospital. It's looking like surgery and a metal plate, and then into a cast for 6-8 weeks before I can even begin my physical therapy. NOT GREAT NEWS.
No biking, no getting behind the wheel of my sports car, and ever slow typing for another two months...can't even get my pool up and running with one hand. Giving our readers this update, as surgery may see me unable to post anything for a few days to a week...sure that will be welcome news to Entergy, and the folks at Indian Point.
Anyway, keep the faith and keep moving forward.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reactors, Indian Point...Uranium The Devil's Death Stone

Uranium, the devil's death stone, and the road to hell is paved with good intentions as scientists set aside the age of the Peaceful Atom, and attempt instead to sell us their concept of nuclear as the safe, vital, secure Green Energy that will save us from Global Warming, erectile dysfunction, and anal warts. Everyone wants to be part of a dream (even a bad one) and nuclear energy shills and baton twirlers like Patrick Moore or advertising giant Burson-Marsteller knowing if you repeat a lie long enough people will begin to believe, have been beating their storm drums in repetition. The NEI, DOE, NRC and such nuclear industry giants as Entergy and Exelon have woven the words of their lies into our collective societal soul, seeking a way to steal away our hearts for the nuclear beast, all too aware of the fact we are needed if the demon spawn of a Nuclear Renaissance is to be given life, given the chance to spread its wing and bring total darkness to our world.

Fortunately, like the magician's assistant in Walt Disney's "Fantasia" or Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz", some of us have pulled away the dark velvet curtain, have seen the truth behind the lies that are the nuclear industry. Peeking over the cliff into the black abyss of hell a few of us have spied Luther's Army out on the practice fields as they march in goose step to the false chant of, "No CO 2's, Nuclear Is our Birth Mother, bring us the Hydrogen Economy." George Bush, the Commander in Chief of the Nuclear 2010 Initiative and his field generals, such as the Shaw Group's Jim Bernhard observe from a black alabaster parade stand, occasionally whispering among themselves, or perhaps fine tuning their GNEP global plan for a One World Nuclear Order, with them at its helm. All praise to the AP1000.

Creeping stealthily backwards away from the edge, careful not to dislodge a pebble, sending it cascading down into their midst we wipe our tears away knowing the alarm must be rung, hoping that some will hear our voices in the wilderness against overwhelming odds. As if thrown into an epic fantasy adventure (think Robert Jordan, and "The Dragon Reborn"), we are being pushed into a fight with the Dark Lord (Neil Sheehan) and the Dark Forces of the NRC as they play the part of the Guardians out to protect the aging, brittling reactors at all costs, keep them operating long enough to bring the Nuclear Industry back from the world of the dead. They are the Guardians of Hell's Inferno as GE, Westinghouse, DOE, Entergy-Shaw and other worshippers of the Death Stone struggle with their task of birthing the new devil child, working tirelessly to bring the Nuclear Renaissance to life.

Ours, like most great epics starts out with a seemingly simple task that is far more difficult than it would at first appear to be. We must first go to the Ancients, convincing host communities (Briarcliff, Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow, even Brattleboro up in Vermont) to join our cause along the way. Old armies of the cause (such as IPSEC, Clearwater, Riverkeeper, Greenpeace and CAN) need to accept a difficult truth, that their plowshares again must be hammered into swords, their silken garbs tucked away in a chest, exchanged for the body armor of war. Couriers and carrier eagles need to be sent out far and wide to warn the people in exotic places such as the Palisades in far off Michigan and Diablo Canyon which sits along this land's Western shores. However, even this will not be enough without the power of the ancients, our quest doomed to fail without Pete Seeger's wishsong, and Bonnie Raitt's heart cleansing words reaching out to touch the souls of the masses. We need a Chevalier sent in search of John Hall, it is whispered he still speaks with the ancients, could convince them once again to come out of hiding, and lend us their weapon of song.

Life, love and death all tangled up in blue, a nuclear mistress trying to seduce me and you as we remember our heroes and wish for a new World Dylan riding into the story, singing songs about the Hudson River as he speaks truth to you and me, belting out the words, " Decommissioning is the only way to go, our salvation from the Indian Point beasts. Where have the Byrd's gone, and please Mister Tambourine Man, play a song for me, in the jingle jangle morning. I'll come followin' you as I dodge the Radioactive Fallout with no place to go, my flesh stripped to the bone, and my toes too numb to feel...please Mister Tambourine Man cast your spell on me before I drift off into a forever radioactive nightmare disguised as my dream.

Like funeral pyres burning in a starless night, 103 aging reactors, drawing their fuel from the great uranium stone, belching their poisons into our atmosphere as cartoon circus barkers shout out the nuclear industry's lies to any ear they can reach. "Nuclear is vital, safe and secure, the birth mother of the coming Hydrogen Economy...can I have a Praise Jesus, and will someone pass the Congressional Collection plate of love, as we need your money to build our beasts of burden that will further enslave the world, see all of you owned by your blind love of our machines of convenience."

A lone voice from the gathered throng speaks out, " What about the leaking spent fuel pools, and the strontium 90, the tritium, all finding their way into the Hudson, killing the fish, bringing cancer to our land and into our homes?"

"A heretic, a lunatic from the No Nuke fringe" shouts the barker, "He knows not what he speaks, cannot be trusted. Ignore him I say, come into the nuclear circle and we'll protect you from Global Warming, we are life, we are the way."

Another day, another town with another hooded stranger in the crowd, "What about the susceptibility of the spent fuel pools to a terrorist attack, and what should happen if a plane flies in close to the ground, plowing into the reactor, spreading a fire in its wake as buildings come crashing down around us, what then I ask you? 9/11 was real, the Towers never had a chance, and now you want us to ignore that truth?

"IGNORE HIM, HE'S A FOOL AND A CLOWN, nuclear is your friend. Step into the circle, we will protect you from Global Warming, and give you the Hydrogen Economy too."

Try as one might, it is impossible to serve two masters, two Gods, one cannot be a world saving, environmentally friendly Green Folk and at the same time buy into the lie of vital, safe, secure Green Nuclear energy. Heroes are not born, but instead have greatness and duty thrust upon them, and the way forward into a better tomorrow always requires great sacrifices from the masses, and finding the solutions to Global Warming will occur in this same tried and true fashion. A Nuclear Renaissance, nuclear energy as the savior from our sins is the devil's placebo for the masses born in the pits of a nuclear fusion hell. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, so let us not forget Hiroshima which brought on the era of the peaceful atom. Hold close the memory of those who died at Chernobyl, and those who are dying slow painful deaths now from the cancers brought on by Three Mile Island. It is no accident that GNEP (Global Nuclear Energy Program) is being brought to us compliments of the DOE, which can also stand for Death On Earth.

Great moments of social awareness and societal change were not brought about by the money changers, nor the power brokers in government. Proclaimations and laws look pretty on paper, and sound self important when read aloud, but down through the annuals of time it has been the people, you and me and the neighbor down the street who have breathed life into movements, and effected great social changes. Florence Nightingale walked away from a life of leisure and gave birth to modern day nursing. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony drove the Sufferage Movement, and saw women win the right to vote. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and the civil rights movement was on its way. Martin Luther King had a dream, and a few college students started an anti war movement that ended the Vietnam War.

We all know that Global Warming is real, the polar ice caps melting away, and a few selfish men selling snake oil are trying to convince us that Nuclear Energy is the solution, the easy way to fix the wrongs and make everything right again. We can buy into the lie and catch the next train out of town. Or, we can take a stand here and now, draw the proverbial line in the sand. Host communities all over America agreed almost 40 years ago to accept reactors for a time period of 40 years. We have done our duty to God and Country, yet now we are being told its not enough, that we have no choice but to play host for another 20 years, 40 if the indutry gets its way. The license renewal process is not about evaluation and negotiation, but dictatorship by committee with a gun being held to our collective heads. Our politicians will not save us, they were bought and sold long before we foolishly gave them our vote...we have ourselves and nothing more if we are to win this fight and shut Indian Point's aging reactors down.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As You Look To The Future, Remember The Past

March 28th, 1979...the day hell visited the earth and proved that America's Nuclear Reactors are not safe, vital or secure. Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Three Mile Island Alert

4100 Hillsdale Rd
Harrisburg, PA 17112

The account of the accident presented here is taken from the "Report of the President's Commission on The Accident at Three Mile Island"

Wednesday March 28, 1979
Thursday March 29, 1979
Friday March 30, 1979
Saturday March 31, 1979

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pete Seeger Nobel Peace Prize Campaign

From Ron Miles, Brainerd, MN.

Pete Seeger Nobel Peace Prize campaign

We have mounted a campaign for a grassroots movement to persuade the American Friends Service Committee to nominate Pete for the Nobel Peace Prize. We have posted a petition on a site named The aim is to show grassroots support to the American Friends Service Committee to nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize.

We know there are many people interested in adding support. We're asking everyone to circulate the petition information to at least 5 other people asking them to notify 5-10 other people. To read about and sign the petition go to:

If that doesn't work just go to ... the petition is on the home page. We hope that you can help circulate this petition.

~ Eleanor Walden

Pete Seeger is a crusader for Peace and Social Justice and has been over the course of his 87 year lifetime. As a prominent musician his songs and performance style have worked to engage other people, particularly the youth, in causes to end the Vietnam war, ban nuclear weapons, work for international solidarity, and ecological responsibility. It is time that cultural work receives the recognition that the arts have great influence and global reach, that it is not only a medium of entertainment but of education, compassion and fraternity. There is no more quintessential cultural worker than Pete Seeger.

Of course Pete has never been alone in this work. He is the first to affirm that. But his unique sense of purpose, decency, and ability, and the support of, his wife Toshi, and his family gave him the opportunity to be all that he could be. He is a role model and a guiding spirit; we can be influential in getting him nominated for the honor he deserves.

Pete has supported almost every peace organization in the United States, indeed internationally, through fundraising concerts, endorsement of activities, and personal participation. The justification for this acknowledgment is in the very fabric of progressive culture. Every one of us can think of myriad reasons why our consciousness of the issues of world peace, social justice and cultural sensitivity, plus the performance skills to involve other people, had something to do with Pete. The extended circle of singers, folk and folksy, topical, political, and sentimental songwriters, in someway owes a debt to Pete Seeger.

As cultural workers we know the power of the arts, we also know how difficult it is to gain recognition for cultural creation. Pete Seeger has gained recognition without compromise! Carl Sandburg called Seeger "the living embodiment of America's traditions...." When Pete was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 they said, “Pete Seeger’s contribution to folk music, both in terms of its revival and survival, cannot be overstated.”
Pete was also honored by the Kennedy Center with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994. In 2001 they again paid tribute to Pete Seeger with a cross generational presentation. The program featured friends and family including Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, grandson of Pete Seeger, and Sarah Lee Guthrie, granddaughter of Woody Guthrie." They described Pete as being, "Instrumental in popularizing the indigenous American song, his own compositions - among them 'If I Had a Hammer,' 'We Shall Overcome,' and 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone' (and 'The Big Muddy’) have served as anthems for an entire generation.

It is important to honor our forbears; we all stand on Pete Seeger's shoulders in a manner of speaking. We have an opportunity to acknowledge him a "father" of a cultural, social, and political movement, which enriched us all and in which we all share, as much as we share our paternal DNA.

Entergy Business Expo Demo Cancelled, on account of burn out!

Well, it looks like Entergy dodged a bullet this morning... Sherwood and I decided to bow out of our commitment to attend the Entergy sponsored 2007 Business Expo tomorrow.

There are a few reasons for this... The main one being Sherwood is in great pain from his broken arm... he explained something about pinched nerve endings hurting real bad... I empathize.

The other is I live in Weston, CT as many of you know, and the trek back and forth from Peekskill has taken its toll on my resource. Since there hasn't been any real visible interest from anti-nuclear residents in Peekskill to come out in support of Sherwood and I for this action, I felt we did what we could. It's now up to the people of surrounding communities to take matters in their own hands. Time to realize you're brow beaten and pick up your pitch forks guys! Honestly!

If you are not able to do this, if the good people of Rockland and Westchester county, do not see the necessity to attend a Business Expo sponsored by Entergy to voice their opposition to the unwanted business Entergy brings to their community, I am at a loss as to what more I can do. Entergy wins by default, you are letting them win... no Independent Safety Assessment will shut down this plant... it's just a shell game to them.

So, my schedule has suddenly gotten extremely busy, with three separate PR events I have committed helping around the country, which stand to do more long term to benefit our fight to shut down Indian Point than protesting this little business expo could if nobody shows up for it.

Since everybody seems to be too busy to come out for this, well so am I.

There are other things Sherwood and I are planning that will have much more impact and consequence. Loose lips sink ships. We're not giving up, just taking a breather, recharging our batteries. We've been at this none stop for nearly three months, with little or no support from the peanut gallery, criticism from all sides for our tactics... while behind the scenes, off the record, people come up to say keep up the good work. It's wonderful, but where's the $$$ you know? Sherwood and I are not made of cash.

There comes a time when you either put up or shut up. So if all the anti-nuclear funds goes to organizations who clock in 9 to 5 rather than see this as a call to arms... you do the math... where would your money be better spent? With us constantly doing research, raising hell, driving nails in... or the same old organizations playing it safe, doing business as usual? Organizations who at the flip of a hat, if they really wanted to, could put a hundred people or more at any one place to protest the Entergy NorthEast LLC.

Bottom line, Robert Kennedy Jr. is just a big fat pussy!

Anyone who had intended to attend, please don't let this sudden running out of steam by your two unpaid hired guns discourage you from doing something on your own... We in fact would very much like to get a report from the Expo. We'll post it here.


Never has the funding discrepancy been more noticeable than right now, as the Nuclear Industries to force a Nuclear Renaissance down the world's collective throat. First, we had to deal with the traitors Christine Todd Whitman, and Patrick Moore of Greenpeace shame as they used their 501 3C non-profit attack boat to go after anti-nuke groups, especially in the Northeast, and specifically, Vermont where Entergy's failing Vermont Yankee is being wrongfully rubber stamped through the relicensing process.

Meet the new bastard child of the NEI attack fleet of 501 3C's:

Here is a taste of their ribald lies:

The Future of Nuclear is NOW!

Nuclear powers 1 in 5 homes and businesses in the U.S. 74% of the clean electricity produced in the U.S. comes from nuclear power plants. U.S. nuclear plants prevent the discharge of 697 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year--nearly as much carbon dioxide as is released from all U.S. passenger cars combined. Operating costs for nuclear power are the lowest of any generating source except hydropower.

Have you heard all this good news? If you’ve navigated to this site, chances are that you have. But do your friends and neighbors know? Have you told your elected representatives? While 70% of Americans support the use of nuclear power only 31% believe that the majority of the people in their community agree with them! So we need to get out there and tell our stories. At the local, state, and federal levels there is a flurry of activity related to used fuel management, relicensing existing plants, and building new ones. And while there is more enthusiasm than we have seen in years, there is still work to be done. Rampant misconceptions about nuclear power continue to abound and our friends, neighbors, regulators, and elected officials need to hear from us. Nuclear’s opponents won’t be sitting idly by and neither should we. Let’s put our energy in action!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Flashback 1984...UFOs Over Indian Point!!!

Billy Booth of About writes:
On March 26, 1983, an article about the sightings appeared on the front page of the Westchester-Rockland Daily Item. They received over 300 calls from individuals who had seen the strange V-shaped lights on the night of March 24, 1983 alone.
Some of the witnesses got a close enough look to say that the craft was large enough to be a "flying city."All in all, about 5,000 reports were made during a period of five years, from 1982 through 1986.

A report made from guards at the Indian Point Nuclear Plant would be one of the most dramatic. The gigantic UFO was seen hovering over the plant for periods of time, and moved as close as 30 feet from the reactor.
Security supervisors even once considered ordering in planes to have it shot down. The object over Indian Point was described by some of the guards as 1,000 feet long.
Philip J. Imbrogno in Incident At Indian Point wrote:
In-depth report on the very dramatic sighting of a UFO by New York State Power Authority Police officers stationed at the Indian Point Nuclear reactor in Buchanan, New York. The guards at the Indian point complex had a close encounter with a UFO that has been appearing in the Hudson Valley area of New York for the past six years.
The interview took place on September 12, 1984 in Peekskill, New York at a local restaurant, at about 10:00pm. With me during the interview was UFO researcher Fred Dennis, Fairfield Connecticut police Lt. George Lesnick and Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) attorney Peter Gersten. Six of the guards showed up and because of the lateness of the hour, we were only able to talk in depth with three at that time.
The interview can be read in its entirety on the EndSecrecy list.

Pricing Keeps Anti Nukes On Outside of Information Loop

Thought I would share with our readers one PERFECT EXAMPLE of how we are kept one step (or more) behind the nuclear industry........PRICING!

"The Slants and Trends feature in Nuclear Waste News gives me a heads up on projects I didn't even know about. Invaluable." - Washington, D.C.


25 Bi-Weekly Hardcopy or Electronic Issues
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Get a Free Special Report, The Yucca Mountain Project: Who's Winning, Who's Losing?

Look at some of these articles!
Nevada Study: At-Reactor Storage Less Costly Than Building Yucca Dump

Nevada state officials have released a report concluding that the cost of building the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository “vastly exceeds” the cost of leaving radioactive waste at reactor sites. The report, commissioned by Nevada officials who oppose the Yucca project being built in their state, challenges the federal government’s cost estimate for the high-level radioactive waste dump and concludes that the repository would actually cost billions of dollars more than dry-cask storage at existing reactors.

Politics plays pivitol role in nuclear energy

Politics will play a pivotoal role in nuclear energy in coming months, with federal lawmakers sparring over new U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission appointments, Republicans seeking to strip the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of its powers and presidential candidates weighing in on the merits of the proposed Yucca Mountain repository. The maneuvering comes as the federal government anticipates a rash of applications for reactor construction, as operators begin taking advantage of lucrative federal subsidies. And it comes as the federal government begins major investments in President Bush’s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP).

Bush Budget Would Hike GNEP, Offers Less for Yucca Mountain

Undaunted by the first Democrat-controlled Congress of his tenure, President Bush this month unveiled a 2008 budget proposal rife with ambitious goals for the nation’s nuclear power industry. Promoting energy sources that might wean the nation from its reliance on fossil fuels proves to be a key component of the president’s spending blueprint for fiscal 2008, which begins Oct. 1. Bush is asking Congress to approve a $24.3 billion budget for the U.S. Energy Department, including significant investments in new energy sources, scientific research, radioactive-waste cleanup and strengthening the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile while promoting global non-proliferation.

GNEP Technologies: The Future or Pure Folly?

An audioconference hosted last week by Capitol Press LLC spotlighted key proponents and detractors of President Bush’s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), with supporters arguing that now is the time to begin developing technology for the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, and foes countering that it will be too costly and time-consuming to attract private investors.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Green Nuclear Butterfly Activists Message Board-Official Launch

Greetings All:
Green Nuclear Butterflt is pleased to launch its Activists Message Boards. There is not a lot there yet, but with your help and participation, we hope to see it grow into a rich and vibrant board for the ANTI-NUCLEAR ACTIVISTS here in the United States, and around the world.

1. If you would like to see a specific category and/or discussion board added to the mix, email and we will add it to the board as quickly as possible.

2. Any nuclear site can have it's own board, but categories will be considered on a request by request basis.

3. We will be happy to add boards and categories for any/all environmental issues if the participation level warrants.

4. If you would like to act as a moderator of a particular board or category, please contact the adminsrator once signed into our board.

5. This board is being launched for vibrant discussion of important environmental issues, and heated discussions are allowed. That being said, personal attacks will not be tolerated.

6. If your organization needs a private discussion area, we will be pleased to create a password protected board for you. These private boards will have to be moderated by someone from your group or organization.

Please join us in building this important board.

Royce Penstinger