Friday, September 5, 2008

Who Are Pro Nuclear Republicans Kidding...McCain-Palin Would be Four More Years of Bush

McCain, Sarah Palin and the PREGNANT ONE.
For shit and giggles, watched the Republican Convention last night, and got a WHOLE LOT of giggles. Who are the McCain's and Palin's trying to fool here? For starters, lets start with many know she SMOKED POT up through at least 2006? Don't get me wrong, I think marijuana should be legalized, but for someone claiming to be a BORN AGAIN, HOLIER THAN THOU CHRISTIAN, smoking pot seems just a bit hypocritical...but then, George Bush was Pro-Life dispite rumors that have him paying for his girlfriend's abortion back in his college days.

Next we have Cindy McCain, she of the wonderful video last night about ALL THE GOOD she has done with her the $300,000 outfit she was wearing up on stage? I am sure she SO RELATES to the average American! Found it rather odd that she mentioned the charity she started, but failed to mention the FBI investigation of her for STEALING drugs from her own charity and sneaking them (smuggling) back into the country. She also has failed to tell us what strings her Senate husband pulled to have those charges DROPPED. In short, she was not only using drugs, she was a drug addict committing FELONIES to feed her about FAMILY VALUES.

Then we have John McCain and his own affairs...after all, he was known as a boozer and a womanizer in the Navy, which is why he never attained the military success his father did. Funny how in the video about him they mention two of his planes crashes while leaving out the other two where he just crashed for NO APPARENT REASON...could it be he'd been flying after an all night BENDER?

Of course, the biggest laugh of the night, and of the convention is the McCain/Palin Energy policy, or the lack thereof. Drilling is not the answer. Even if we started drilling tomorrow we are looking at 5-7 years before seeing anything coming out of the ground in Alaska, and close to that time frame if doing off shore drilling. Where is the HELP right now in that? McCain and Palin are calling for the building of 40 new nuclear reactors by is a FACT...that is an unattainable goal even if you do support nuclear power (which I do not). Simply stated, McCain's energy policy is the same failed Pro Oil industry agenda that was carried out under eight years of George W. Bush. Perhaps Sarah Palin can take the turd out of her mouth long enough to explain where she intends to STORE THE WASTE from 40 new nuclear power plants, and McCain can tell us how he intends to find the qualified employees to man those 40 new plants even if he could GET THEM UP AND RUNNING.

Everywhere one looks there seems to be poor judgement, disgusting family values, and criminal activity in the McCain/Palin Republican that the best the Republican Party and their ultra conservative, rabidly religious right wing can offer up? If it is, it is no wonder why their party is in such disarray. Don't kid yourself America...when McCain calls us his friends, you need to put your hand over your wallet, and be leary of losing more civil liberties in the name of National Security.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sierra Club Annie Wilson about Indian Point on WBAI

Health Action
Monday, August 25, 2008 1:00 pm
Listen to Annie Wilson, Energy Committee Chair of the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club, discuss Indian Point.
Interview conducted by Jonathan Bennett.

Annie and myself, will be guests of the National Sierra Club at the BeEcoChic fashion event tonight in Manhattan, representing the Indian Point issue.

The industry is coming out in full force on September 4th for the Be EcoChic fashion show and launch party at the American Museum of Natural History. Designers include Chado Ralph Rucci, DKNY, Carmen Marc Valvo, Nicole Miller, Loomstate, Levi's, Del Forte, Vena Cava, Maggie Norris Couture, Deborah Lindquist, Christian Cota, FORM, Red Carter, Laura Bennett and Thread Social. Celebrity walkers include Tamara Feldman of "Gossip Girl"; Alex Meneses of "Everybody Loves Raymond"; Dominique Swain of Alpha Dog, Face Off and Lolita; Host of "Overdrive" and MTV VJ Coltrane Curtis; Wendy Abrams, Chairwoman and Founder of Cool Globes...
Hosted by Angela Lindvall with special guest Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, and performance by Jon McLaughlin.

Status of FUSE USA contentions - Richard Barkley NRC

From: Richard Barkley NRC
To: Remy Chevalier
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Subject: RE: what is status of fuse usa contentions

(Personal correspondence edited for clarity. RemyC)


Here is what I found out

1) The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board struck (or rejected) FUSE's petition to intervene by Order of February 1, 2008. Appeals from that decision were due on February 11, 2008; however, no appeal was filed.

2) FUSE designated Sherwood to serve as its representative. After Sherwood was barred from the proceeding in December 2007, FUSE named John LeKay as its representative. Communications by the NRC concerning the adjudicatory proceeding are sent to the representative designated by the organization. Thus that is why you haven't received anything in the mail. I assume you know John LeKay and can get information from him.

License renewal applications are reviewed by the NRC Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, in Rockville, MD. The Licensing Board and NRC Staff involved in the review and adjudication are also located in Rockville, MD. I am not directly involved in license renewal matters, but rather have acted to answer public questions on this subject and facilitate public meetings.

3) The NRC website has a link to the Electronic Hearing Docket for each adjudicatory proceeding, where members of the public can find Licensing Board and Commission Orders, and documents filed by the participants in the proceeding. Documents are also readily available in the NRC's ADAMS system.
Try this link:
All of this information is available to the public.

At this point, the ASLB admitted fifteen (15) contentions into consideration, out of roughly 150 contentions submitted. New York State had the most admitted; some of their issues closely mimicked the issues that FUSE submitted. That is by far the most admitted at any nuclear station that requested license renewal. Hearings on those contentions will incur in the coming months.

Make sure you check out the Electronic Hearing Docket. It should have links to all of the hearing resources you are interested in. It's at

Once in the EHD, click on folder Indian_PT_2&3_50-247&50-286-LR
and you'll find board orders, commission and board orders, Pleadings, and Transcripts. You should be able to find any communications in the proceeding there, organized by date.

I also want to give you a link with the ALSB hearing process so you can keep up with the status of current issues.

Richard S. Barkley, PE
Technical Communications Assistant, Region I
(610) 337-5065

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pro Nuclear Demeaning Bitch Sarah Palin Mouth's Off

So we all got to listen to Sarah Palin tonight as she introduced herself to the citizens of America, and around the first reaction...what a SNARKY nasty venomous BITCH! My second dare she DEMEAN community activists and organizers! Let's be honest, if the C word fits, then the woman's a bitch, and trust me, the C word does indeed fit Sarah (potty mouth) Palin. I'm not impressed, and would suggest the people of Alaska put little Ms. Baracuda on a leash as she is an embarrassment to herself, and to the citizens of Alaska. Maybe we'll get lucky and Alaska's Eskimo's will harpoon her ambitions by voting for Obama. Putin of Russian might light her...he has a reputation for liking fiery women.

Meanwhile, lets tick off some of her numerous SHORTCOMINGS:

1. Preaches family values, yet has a knocked up teenaged daughter. Maybe she should have had the SEX TALK with her out of wedlock preggo daughter.

2. Says parents of disabled children will have a champion in the White House, yet is willing to let others deal with her own disabled child while she runs off to play politician. Perhaps if Sarah had spent more time mothering, and less time away from home her oldest daughter would not be KNOCKED UP RIGHT NOW. Let's be serious, she has basically DUMPED her mothering duties off on her husband completely in the name of self glory.

3. She wants to drill in protected wilderness preserves, and off of our oceans, while also supporting McCain's desire to build up to 50 new nuclear reactors by the year 2030. In short, she is NO FRIEND of the environment, even if she fancies herself a great hunter.

4. She failed to seriously promote ALTERNATIVE ENERGY and CONSERVATION as a means to get off of our foreign oil dependence, but instead like Bush and Cheney wants to continue lining the pockets of folks like Exxon.

5. Preaches family values, yet her husband was convicted of DUI...but then, so was George Bush! Let's not forget her own hot headed approach to her sister's former husband.

6. She touted the same old George Bush, Republican Party line of helping Americans by telling them they can help themselves.

By the way, were she and her husband SMOKING POT when they named their children? Can only imagine the thought process used in deciding on those names, and it scares me to think what kind of a thought process she would bring to Washington when she was not off on some TIRADE, foaming at the mouth at those who do not embrace her rabid religious beliefs...seriously, the woman wants to teach creationism and abstinance in our schools. You would think a woman who loves sex enough to have had five kids would know teaching children about SAFE SEX has a much better chance of success...her own pregnant teenage daughter makes my point. I'll close with this thought...if Sarah (potty mouth) Palin and the Republican Party feel her children should be OFF LIMITS, then she and they need to stop using them at every chance for photo ops! By the the father of the child OVER 18? If he is, isn't that STATUTORY RAPE?

In Case You Need Them...NRC Scanner Frequencies

Just in case some of you folks want to track NRC on your scanners:

Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 165.6625
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 167.275
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 167.875
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 169.1
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 411.025
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 411.075
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 411.15
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 416.25
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 416.3
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 416.4
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 417.975
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 27.575
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 27.585
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 172.75
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 168.45
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 164.275

For more government frequencies visit the web site.

Should We Be Told Truth...NRC Wants To Know

Below is an article I JUST HAD TO SHARE...seems that our friends (cough, cough) at the NRC are holding a meeting tomorrow in Rockland Maryland on (of all things) the topic of what horrid accidents and near misses at Nuclear Plants THEY SHOULD SHARE WITH THE PUBLIC! Now that news should make everyone so VERY HAPPY here in the area surrounding Indian Point. If everyone wants to have some fun, call up and JOIN THE CONFERENCE, voice your opinions.
Nuclear Radiating Committee (NRC) Asks For Your Two Cents!
By Cathy Garger
Sep 1, 2008, 19:07

A modern day twist on the Oliver Twist story: Oliver Twist to the NRC: “Please sir, [although you’ve already dosed me] I want some more…”

After studying for years about the lies told to the American people in order to manufacture two radiological wars, I have to admit that it takes a whole lot these days to surprise me. Still, I find the gall of those tasked with radioactively assaulting us (in the name of providing energy, national security, and defense) to be almost beyond belief. In fact, I’m having trouble closing my jaw after reading this piece in the Lynchburg News titled, “Nuclear Regulatory Commission seeks input on whether to open up.”

It is nearly unfathomable to me that the NRC would have the audacity to ask for our two cents on whether or not they should candidly release to the public the dangerous mishaps, disasters, and near-disasters committed at nuke facilities around this irradiated nation. Ostensibly, they pretend to be in a quandary over their perceived “transparency” and whether or not we want them to communicate the truth about their aging, decrepit 103 nuclear reactors (or 157, if McCain gets the job) and other radioactive facilities over which it reportedly oversees.

Oh how charming that the US Nuclear Radiating Committee takes us all for utter morons! This week, a stone’s throw away from the national district of crime, the NRC will be making out as if they’re just not so sure how important it is to reveal the truth about nuclear accidents and “leaks” – or, would we just prefer to skip all the dirty little details and be kept (glowingly) in the dark?

Thanks to the Departments of [Nukuler] Energy and War, our citizens are being “dosed” with steady doses of invisible, daily emissions of life-destroying, disease-causing, radioactive gasses. And now, in the midst of the job, they’re basically asking us how much we want to know about the whole stinkin’ dirty deal? I mean, they’ve been nuking this nation ever since the nuclear bombing of the US first began in New Mexico sixty-three (63) years ago, but we’re just now being asked whether or not the federal nuking agency is transparent enough for our druthers?

These hazardous aerosols, which contaminate our air, water, and soil, are routinely released by these aging dinosaurs of nuclear power plants and by Uranium weapons national “research” laboratories and radioactive materials “test” sites where radioactive materials (e.g., Depleted Uranium and Tritium) are blasted regularly into our air.

Yet suddenly now, the quite off-balanced and undeniably twisted Uncle Sam, on his augmented, hell-bent drive for even greater enviro-destruction and wasting of public health, has the Chutzpah to ask our opinion? Isn’t it a bit odd that the feds now want to appear like they give a darn whether or not we want to know all the gritty details when things go a bit (or a lot) awry at these federal poison factories? Isn’t that like asking us if we would like to be informed that our kids’ chewing gum is being laced with rat poison (Aspartame) – or would we simply rather not know?

This is a blatant admission that yes, radiological “accidents” [sic] can and do happen, and those in charge are positioning themselves as being candid about “nuking” us with these radiological releases. Yet curiously, we are expected to believe that, as if a naughty pre-adolescent prankster-with-a-guilty conscience, the federal nukers now, for some inexplicable reason, somehow feel compelled to solicit our preference for becoming either informed-and-irradiated citizens – or, for having the “privilege” of just not knowing?

This just doesn’t make any sense at all. Those in power have been promiscuously bombarding us from coast to coast with radioactive materials for into the seventh decade. And we’d be utter fools to believe they have even a bit of desire to be transparent about any of it at this (late) stage of the game.

Appearances count, I suppose, when you are talking about nuking your population. And good will – or rather, the charade of appearing to possess it-matters. This is the psychological justification for asking Americans just how transparent we want our nuclear irradiators to be. It’s all about public perception and people getting the (mistaken) notion that those who blast our atmosphere and environment with radiation actually care to hear our viewpoints on how open they should be about their nuclear sins and transgressions.

Politically, as part of the game plan to continuously try to make Americans believe that something resembling democracy actually exists, this pro-nuke push has all been spelled out for us by the two puppets positioned for symbolic leadership at the helm. And while I do not generally commend members of the GOP, one has to give credit where credit is rightfully due. At least McCain has been transparent with his nukuler stance, making it crystal clear, in no uncertain terms, that he loves the heck out of nuclear power.

Obama has been almost as openly supportive of new nukes, telling us he is going to find ways to safely harness nuclear power.” Yet, Obama, the supposedly more “progressive” of the two lame non-choices - who provide a public presence merely for our political distraction and bemusement- must have some secret, magical trick up his sleeve regarding how he plans on keeping us “safe,” given the predictable break-downs of old, worn-down parts and leaky fixtures… casualties of decades of use in these creaky old nuke power plants. Well, either that or Obama’s certifiably delusional. Take your pick.

In other words, it would be ludicrous to believe that Obama has any intent of putting his behind on the line to stop the hugely expanding nukuler “biz” anytime soon. Nope, our other political figurehead is merely just another business-as-usual, nuke-industry lover, hiding behind the more historically eco-friendly political party for disguise!

Rest assured of one thing, America. Like it or not, unless we take action –in an unprecedented, magnificently huge way – and fast? We are only going to continue to be nuked – and increasingly “dosed” at that - over time. And we can be fully confident in the absolute certainty our federal nukers are only upping our health-destroying “dose” as we speak.

The agenda is quite clearly stated by the US Government as it stands today, as they busily scramble to approve the construction of nearly three dozen more nuclear reactors around the nation. And if you’re still not convinced this is a concerted effort for a nukuler “resurgence” (that is, nukes, nukes, and more nukes in fast ‘n’ furious pace)? Please don’t take my word for it, but just take a gander at the US Department of [Nukuler] Energy’s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership website.

This international wealth-building endeavor pairs up governments and corporations for all kinds of lusciously lucrative financial deals together. We’ve cozied up first with the French government, becoming entangled in French AREVA’s nuclear tentacles into the Chesapeake Bay at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant and other US nuclear sites.

And the rampant build-up of nuclear power and re-processing plants has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with citizen safety - nor about providing clean sources of energy either, for that matter. As stated on the best anti-nuclear blog around, the Green Nuclear Butterfly, “Nuclear energy is neither safe, nor green, and the time to seek a different pathway to energy independence without nuclear is upon us.”

All nuclear power plants emit lethal radionuclides into our environment, toxically and radioactively contaminating our air, water, and soil. Some of these hazardous materials remain in our environment for millions – even billions of years.

By now you might be asking yourself just what’s a concerned citizen who doesn’t quite appreciate being nuked - either transparently or not - to do? Why not consider taking a road trip or hopping on a plane to suburban Maryland right outside the nation’s capital if you’re able to get here on Thursday, September 4? If you can’t come to the capital area that day (or can’t stomach the stench emanating out of this corrupt city) you can instead make plans to participate via Teleconference.

It is high time all of us who object to the growing radiological poisoning of the United States environment and people stand together and protest this escalating domestic-nuking madness. It is clearly obvious the Nuclear Radiation Committee needs now to feel some mighty tremendous “heat”…that is, the “heat” of our malcontent citizens… a fever borne of justified, outraged indignation concerning the “heat” from man-made radiation, which the federal nukers’ cell-damaging, destroying, and mutating nukuler life-obliterating equipment and Uranium weapons “toys” emit.

And in making your decision about coming to the place where all nukuler dreams are borne, incubated, and grown, please consider the implications of *not* acting upon the augmented, purposeful, slow-cooking-by-nukes… of our nation – our land, nature, wildlife, and people.

Unlike Oliver Twist, we simply must not accept the garbage – in this case deadly radioactive hazards - we are inhaling, drinking, and being fed. We must never forget that our government operates only through our funding… and our good graces.

Isn’t it time, therefore, that we stand shoulder to shoulder and tell our public nukers, in no uncertain terms: No, Sir, I do not want some more of your nuclear pollution and contamination! That’s right, Sir, we do not want some more of your radioactive poisons! In fact, Sir, we’ve already had quite more than Enough!

See the NRC website for details on the Thursday, September 4 “transparency” meeting in Rockville, MD from 9:30 a.m. to noon described as “Solicit comments on openness and transparency of NRC security inspection findings and NRC assessment” and the opportunity to participate in a Teleconference for those unable to be physically present. It is high time, after all, that we insist that our federal government not just clear the air about what they are doing – but rather, demand they stop contaminating the air (and water and soil), as well.

Cathy Garger is a regular guest contributor to Axis of Logic. She is a freelance writer, public speaker, activist, and a certified personal coach whose writing is specialized in Uranium weapons. Living in the shadow of the national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by the stench emanating from the nation's capital during the Washington, DC, federal work week. Cathy may be contacted at

Meeting Contact Info:

Meeting notice and agenda
Solicit comments on openness and transparency of NRC security inspection findings and NRC assessment of licensee security performance.

Meeting Date(s) & Time(s)
09:30AM -

Meeting Location
NRC One White Flint North
11555 Rockville Pike
Room: Commissioners' Conference Room
Rockville MD

Paul Harris
Phone: (301) 415 - 1169

Participation Level
Category 3

NRC Participant(s)
Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response
Region II

External Participant(s)

Adams Accession Number(s)
ML082280775 Meeting notice and agenda

Interested members of the public can participate in this meeting via a toll-free teleconference. For details, please call the NRC meeting contact.

Curious Here Why IPSEC Is Not Filing 2.206 Petitions?

Hello all...been sitting here on the sidelines all these months dealing with my wife's Indian Point caused breast cancer, and watching Entergy (so far) successfully swatting at the Anti Nuclear flies buzzing around the hearings on their License Renewal Application. (Think Riverkeeper, Clearwater, even the state Attorney General) Meanwhile, the turn coat Congressman John Hall not surprisingly has been all but SILENT in the fight, far more concerned with getting elected two more times too secure his pension than taking on the issues and keeping his campaign promise to do everything in his power to shut down Indian Point(but then Hilliary is no better)...curious here how many people see taking money from a Pro Nuclear Industry union as doing everything one can to shut down Indian Point? Maybe I'll put my house on the market and Entergy can buy it so that I can move out of the area...NOW THERE WOULD BE A STORY! Hey Steets, give me a call!

Anyway, back to 2.206 petitions...I long ago told many of the powers that be in the Anti Nuclear Movement that the most successful way of shutting down Indian Point(or any other facility) was to swamp NRC's office staff with an avalanche of paperwork...that strategy would and could still work. Or has everyone missed the articles on the HUGE MAN POWER SHORTAGE in the industry, including at the NRC? As example, the latest news on Earthquake faults coupled with the DEC's findings on fish kills opens up a whole new avenue for additional filings against Entergy and their crumbling Indian Point reactors over in Buchanan, NY. Has anyone contacted Underwater Welding in Connecticut to find out about the huge gash made in the spent fuel pool? (For that matter, has the NRC bothered to contact Sam Vale to find out what he knows about it?)

As for Indian Point's security against a terrorist's an idea for Entergy to contemplate. How about letting the citizens put together a DBT exercise in real time with a hand picked group of citizens armed with paintball guns? The citizens successfully infiltrate the plant, and land accurate shots on sensitive equipment, and Entergy forfeits their license? Say and attack team equivalent to that which attacked us on 9/11. Meanwhile, can anyone at the NRC explain why a high powered 50 cal rifle was taken off the list of weapons that Entergy and all other nuclear reactors have to defend against was taken off the list? After all, just about anyone so inclined could get their hands on one...rumor has it that said rifle is a favorite of LA Gangs. Could it have anything to do with the fact that a 50 cal. rifle with the right ammo makes Indian Points bullet resistent glass in their guard towers obsolete? Enquiring minds want to know. I am sure the CLOSED DOOR meetings with the NEI had nothing to do with it.

By the way...I said it before, and based on the adjudiction board's decisions so far in the Indian Point License Renewal, the three judge panel is a bunch of Pro Industry Pricks and stupid ones at that. Maybe they should look into security guards at the plant turning their backs while employees sneak their girlfriends into the facility for a little bump and grind away from the prying eyes of their spouses...whoops, shouldn't repeat what we hear in the local bars now should we? Even if what we heard came out of the lips of Indian Point staff. Face it folks...the board wants to get Indian Point relicensed before a serious accident happens at the plant...I base that on a letter I foundd on the White House web site from NEI, but then some would go so far as to call me a conspiracy nut even if they themselves don't trust George Bush and Dick Cheney.

In unrelated news...perhaps if Sarah Palin had taught her daughter about safe sex instead of preaching to her about abstinance, we would not have John McCain's vice presidential pick's daughter getting ready to give birth to a bastard child. Talk about a ticket...let's see, she is accused of trying to get her sister's former husband fired, her own husband is convicted of a DUI, and John McCain is an adulter by self about FAMILY VALUES! Should be a fun fall for the Democrats, even if John Hall did LIE TO US.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sherwood resurfaces for air!

I just spent an hour on the phone with Sherwood this evening... he's been camping upstate New York, hosted a great tiki party for a hundred people... been riding around in a golf car with Shut Down Indian Point stickers all over it... he promised to post a picture to the blog. But that's not what I logged back on to write about.
Remember when the NRC wouldn't allow Sherwood to file his own contentions for FUSE USA because he'd gone and called the judges a bunch of pro-nuclear pricks? Well, the NRC allowed Sherwood to refile everything, doubling our labor and our cost of printing and shipping, under different names.

So guess whose signature sits at the bottom of the 500 pages of contentions Sherwood filed under the name of FUSE USA? Three people.

~ John LeKay who interviewed Sherwood, myself, Summer Rayne Oakes and May Lindstrom (aka Betcee, our Rock The Reactors girl) for his magazine Heyoka magazine.

~ Heather Burns-DeMelo, founder of CT Greenscene and co-founder of Fairfield County Greendrinks, ex-editorial director of AllGreen magazine.

and mine!

For all intent and purposes, until I find out any differently, these contentions are in good order, have been accepted by the NRC, giving John LeKay, Heather Burns-DeMelo and myself legal standing in the contentions process.
Ah... but would it only be that simple. When three board members of FUSE USA walked away with Sherwood's PDF files, then refiled them as their own for Clearwater, IPSEC and a couple other organizations, Sherwood was never compensated for the work he did, the computer he bought, the hours he put in.
Many of the contentions filed by these ex-FUSE USA board members were all thrown out by the NRC because of legal technicalities. (Don't quote me, I got no idea about any of this stuff... ask Sherwood!) Exactly which ones are still standing and which ones are dead is unknown to me, since these ex-members have not shared this information with either myself or the general public.
Sherwood suggested I call the NRC and find out, since I have legal standing as a filer in the proceedings. I have always tried as best I could to avoid talking to anyone from the NRC, because I just give myself away when I do, except maybe for Richard S. Barkley, who I happen to like as a person, who has been acting as moderator between the general public and the NRC at all the meetings held at Colonial Terrace in Cortlandt Manor, NY.
Why can't Sherwood call the NRC himself you ask, since this isn't my forte, I'm just the PR viral marketing guy in this operation? Sherwood tells me he's got a stack of NRC letters piling up in his house which he hasn't opened, and threatened to throw them all in the garbage, unless someone comes up with the resources to continue his fight, our fight!
I got into this to WIN! I started working with Sherwood because I beleived he was the best man for the job, because he knew his stuff. I didn't ask these other ex-FUSE USA board members to come and spoil all the work we'd spent months building. And now, I find out, we're still in the running, but Sherwood won't put anymore time or money into this effort unless someone comes up with some money.
Just so you know, I'm the one who originally talked to Gail Merrill and convinced her that investing into the creation of FUSE USA was a good tactical move. She wrote a check for $10.000 to Joe Mangano's organization, under the stipulation that the matching funds be turned over to FUSE USA, which used that money to secure the services of its nuclear expert.
Other monies necessary to pursue the process, the printing of the contentions, each time the NRC had us do it over and over again, costing over $700 for each set, the travel, the research, etc... ad nauseum, were going to come from a concert FUSE USA had been planning at Riverspace in Nyack, a concert I came up with the bill for, the idea to bring Ani DiFranco and Pete Seeger together for a duet!
But it wasn't to be. When these ex-FUSE USA members left the organization, they took the concert with them, which had been one of them's responsibility to book through the Guacamole Fund. The only thanks I got, was being dragged into court for telling her to go to ELLE, having to borrow $1500 from my family so I could afford a lawyer to defend myself.
Bottom line, FUSE USA ended up with none of the proceeds from Ani's concert, costing me a fortune, while all these other organizations, whose contentions have since been thrown out by the NRC, profited from all the earnings, only to pay the salary of a man who did little else than sit around while Sherwood did the bulk of the work.
My desperate attempts to reach Ani DiFranco, who often played a nightclub called Wetlands in New York I helped create, fell on deaf ears... I wasn't able to get through, everyone on her staff played interference, while three witches labeled me a crazy man. Ani needs to know she ended up raising all that money for all the wrong people!
Other things transpired off course, this isn't all there is to it... But I think it's necessary to get all this out in the open, once and for all, wash our dirty laundry in public, save the lawyers to fight against the NRC, not each other, otherwise we're just going to lose... Indian Point will get its new license, and we will walk away beaten!
Sherwood, because he's always talked me into going out and getting money for him, which I am not happy doing... is still right in the sense that he holds a winning hand, and is therefor playing it. If we want to shut down Indian Point, we need Sherwood Martinelli, his expertise, and all the contentions he filed under the name FUSE USA.
What Riverkeeper, Clearwater, IPSEC and other groups have filed is not enough to deliver a killer blow to Entergy, but with the additional backing of FUSE USA's contentions, and the supporting research of someone like Sherwood Martinelli who has been investigating the NRC for over ten years, we stand a chance to get the job done, to win... not simply force Entergy to spend 1.7 billion on cooling towers, which Sherwood says will pay for themselves in just over a year in profits, but to shelter the plant forever... give the people of the Hudson Valley, its farmers, and the residents of Fairfield County, a sigh of relief... and a dramatic drop in cancer rates!
So wake up people, give Sherwood what he wants so FUSE USA can get back in business, (we've already lost our website!) and finish the job it set out to do... Don't let me be the only advocate of this strategy. I'm exhausted dealing with all the egos, the temper tantrums, the theft of property, the bad faith, the lies, it's NOT what I got into this fight to do, to baby sit a bunch of whinners! We got work to do, and it's all about to come together thanks to the support of the fashion industry, people like Christie Brinkley, who even though she has her own problems at home, still comes out swinging with a beautiful smile when she's required.
I hope this didn't bore you, because we're all guilty of massive BS behavior here... and in the end, the NRC, Entergy wins! The new space I created in Norwalk Connecticut, The Aquarium, is hosting an Indian Point general strategy meeting on Wednesday evening with members of the Connecticut Green Party. Join us if you can, make the drive... lets pick this back up. Lets finish what we started. Let's finish the job. Lets raise some money for FUSE USA, since that's the name the last standing contentions are filed under!
But don't count on Sherwood... He won't help unless he's paid... because he's seen how much money Ulrich Witte has made at his expense! There's a viable organization there in FUSE USA for who has the talent to bring it back into focus. I'm not a lawyer, I don't know how to do these things. It's basically sitting in a pile of broken Lego bricks... that have been kicked to the ground by evil ways, jealousy and puerile imbeciles! Myself included I guess.
In the meantime, the Indian Point time bomb ticks on, and nothing much is happening... when we could get it all going again... and kill the dragon on the hill. This time, send ME the money... I'll make sure it's spent the way it should. I don't trust anybody anymore. Because even though we may still be able to take down a bunch of old nuclear reactors, human nature on both side of this issue stinks in equal measure.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

An update from the co-founder of this place!

Well, looks like Green Nuclear Butterfly is in the news again, with its owner Sherwood Martinelli mentioned in a post on the Hearst Daily Green blog, side by side with Rock The Reactors. We're going up in the world! Who knew that social climbing was a prerequisite to shutting down a nuke!

Where is Sherwood by the way... has he gone missing... it's like finding Waldo! Few days ago he allowed the FUSE USA website (RIP) to vanish from cyberspace, and with it, now countless dead links to anti-nuke history!
It's official, the headless horse woman of Sleepy Hollow killed it dead! Cause she was terrified of losing the good graces, falling out of favor with the sleek politico-jet-setters, afraid of an old dead head and a head banger!
But we did get the Intervener Petition and Contention process off the ground, that we did, that's ours, even though Riverkeeper, IPSEC and Clearwater kept telling us it's too late, it's hopeless, nobody has the time... forget about it! Fooee! Look at it now, Indian Point is the talk of town!!! The rallying point, the call to arms, the beacon on the Hudson!
And yet, to the headless horse woman's credit, Chris Walken having nothing on this horror, she did grasp the logic, fished our sad crew from the murky waters of the counter culture, and brought in a so-called expert, who we now hear is finally working pro-bono, after fleecing the anti-nuke movement for a Mercedes and fat steak!

Hope springs eternal, the anti-nuclear universe, and the world of high fashion are about to seamlessly come together... form the alliance of the Century. I won't spill the beans here, you'll have to follow the bouncing ball and the trail of bread crumbs. But anyone who has been paying attention knows where all the major players and trigger points are.

I for one started posting on the Paranoids Online blog the other night. It's the entire Paranoia magazine crew. They invited me, so I said yes. Few weeks ago I also started writing for the Greenloop blog, doing a series of interviews with green fashion royalty. And mark my words, I use these opportunities to spread my little seeds of "Nukuler" dissention everywhere I go.
So hang on to your hats, cause here we go again! Our Rock The Reactors girl is going to Greece, Spain, Italy, traveling the world spreading the anti-nuclear gospel... just cause she is, just cause she is.