Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Robert Van Winkle Jr.'s Lighting Every Dimension!

Robert Van Winkle Jr. stopped by the Aquarium, home base for Rock The Reactors, to demonstrate LED replacement tubes for T8 fluorescent fixtures. By law, in Connecticut, for buildings to stay up to code, all T8 bulbs must now be replaced by more efficient T5. But there's another way, a better way.

By switching from fluorescent to LEDs, you save half the amount of energy to run your entire lights. Instead of replacing the old ballast, you simply disconnect it and rewire the fixture to run current directly to the LED tubes.

LEDs will last much longer than fluorescents, for the same amount of lumens, guaranteed up to 50.000 hours, and three years free replacement in case one burns out, which is rare but sometimes happens when they are new.

You also have the option to choose the color temperature you like for the room; cool white, warm white, anything in between. The company will tune the tubes to shine the shade you want them to be.

Replacement tubes are still pricey, but they pay for themselves in energy savings, in quality of lighting, maintance costs, and bragging rights.

At the Aquarium, we plan to retrofit all the old fluorescent tubes with LED replacements. We are working with our landlord to make it happen.

No state provides rebates for LED lights yet, which is a crying shame, because there is no better, quicker way to reduce electrical consumption, conserve energy and go green!

Instead there are private loan companies like GREENandSAVE and their spokesperson Project Green Search finalist and NASCAR driver Leilani Munter, who will help home and business owners cushion the cost of LED retrofits.

You can reach Robert of Lighting Every Dimension Ltd. for all the details at 845-476-0260 or lghtevrydmnsn@aol.com