Monday, September 24, 2012

Post-Op CAN Rally in DC

Moral of all this I think, sadly, is that until or unless there's another major accident, in the US, within our borders, nobody is going to give a shit. Until then, we'll keep getting poisoned to death slowly by leaks and spills. I always said that the only way to shut down nuclear power is to shut down Indian Point, because that's like starting the dominoes tumbling. It's also the most vulnerable because so many affluent and influential people want to see it shut down, and they give Riverkeeper a lot of money to make it happen.

What Rock The Reactors tries to do is create links between the serious, professional, legal shut down IP community, and professionals in fashion and media in the New York area... We do what we can, but it could not reach as far as Washington DC, because in New York fashion trumps politics, and ultimately nobody in New York cares about politics, because they know that media can succeed where politics fail.

To get the media you have to give it what it wants, so without a scandal, a riot, exposing yourself like FEMEN, whatever it takes to get on the cover of the NYPost, nobody pays any attention... Interesting that those celebrities most often associated with the anti-nuclear community like Alec Baldwin or Christie Brinkley so often keep their names in the headlines by behaving like children... one would suspect it's all an act, the fame game.

Problem is finding useful idiots who will play that game in the anti-nuclear community to put and keep nuclear on the front page. It hasn't been easy, discouraging... Images of peace flags don't cut it, it pigeonholes the issue... the movement isn't growing, except online, where it remains invisible. Other than that, I'm kind of out of steam and ideas at this point... something needs to give somewhere.

(Photo: AnonMedia)