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Another Piece Of The Stealing Green Puzzle from Entergy Watch

Growing HEMP...PRISON TIME, RUNNING A FAULTY REACTOR...reason to have DOE reward you for being a green citizen.
Just in on one of Green Nuclear Butterfly's sister blogs, Entergy Watch. Yet another piece of the puzzle, further proof that Entergy, NuStart, Christine Todd Whitman and the CASEtergy folks have a deviously dangerous plot to steal the GREEN MANTLE by selling America on the false promise of GREEN NUCLEAR, as the Hydrogen Economy pops out of the birth canal of the death reactors known as Indian Point.
Over on Green Nuclear Butterfly there has been written a serious group of articles on how the DOE, George Bush, the nuclear industry (Entergy) want to give reactors a rebirth, and how they plan to steal the GREEN MANTLE from the environmental movement to accomplish this fact. Naysayers are sure to shake their heads and mumble something about another nutcase conspiracy from the far left...but is it?

Green Nuclear Butterfly suggests that readers start doing some research on their own compliments of the Google search engine. Terms such as NuStart, Entergy, DOE Nuclear 2010, and CASEnergy to name but a few. If you start connecting the dots, it paints a very disturbing picture, raises some very serious questions about our supposed Democratic Government, and the Industrial machine here in America.

For instance, one claim made by Green Nuclear Butterfly, is that our government in cahoots with the Nuclear Industry wants to position said nuclear industry as the Birth Mother of the new Hydrogen fact, if you start searching the web for the Atlanta 7, and NuStart you can even find them ADMITTING this fact. Lending credence to this accusation, and perhaps as a means of encouraging people to search for the truth being spread on Green Nuclear Butterfly, Entergy Watch shares this little gem of and article found over on the DOE site.
August 21, 2006
US$ 1.4 mil for nuclear to hydrogen research
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it intends to fund approximately US$ 1.4 million for two projects to partner with industry to study the economic feasibility of producing hydrogen at existing commercial nuclear power plants.
Teams selected by DOE for funding will be headed by Electric Transportation Applications and GE Global Research. Both teams include DOE national laboratories and nuclear utility companies as partners. "Hydrogen is important to our economy today and will be even more important in the future as a potential clean, renewable carrier of energy, particularly in the transportation area," DOE Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Dennis Spurgeon said. "Finding efficient ways to produce hydrogen by using emissions-free nuclear power has long been an important part of President Bush’s energy strategy."
Electric Transportation Applications plans to perform a study looking at the economics of producing hydrogen at existing nuclear power plants using commercially available production technology. ETA will partner with DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory and Arizona Public Service. GE Global Research proposes a feasibility study of hydrogen production using alkaline electrolysis powered by existing nuclear power plants. Their proposal is based on the low-cost alkaline electrolyzer technology developed by GE, in part under DOE’s Hydrogen Program. Partners for this project include DOE’s National Renewable Energy Lab and the Entergy Corporation.
These studies support President Bush’s Advanced Energy and Hydrogen Fuel Initiatives, as well as the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the first piece of comprehensive energy legislation in over a decade. Funding for these studies is provided by the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy’s Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative, with industry sharing a minimum of 20 percent of the cost. WOW...must be REAL HARD to look into a new business venture when the DOE is willing to put up as much as 80 percent of the we have a similar plan for say Solar? Wind Power?
Source: DOE

Will The Real A123 Genius Please Stand Up?

I'm old, I am flat out OLD, remember shows that are long ago past into the ethers of days gone by when you were fortunate to have a black and white TV? There was a show, think it was called, "What's My Line" where a panel of four would try to guess the occupation of the guest. When you start digging into the electric car industry, and the batteries that would, could or should make them go, A123 is the clear LEADER OF THE PACK, the odds on favorite to power the finally blooming electric car industry. Especially after General Motors announced an ALLIANCE between Cobasys , the nickel-metal hydride battery company owned by Chevron, and A123 Systems, the lithium-ion battery company under license by MIT, to produce power packs for a new GM plug-in hybrid Saturn.

I'm sure the electric vehicle industry, and electric car enthusiasts the world over would be, should be leaping and bounding over this news...unless those same people know the dirty little secret hidden between the lines. Back to that old television show, "What's My Line" and the guessing game...who REALLY INVENTED the A123, and is the A123 in this deal truly the best state of the art choice for GM's plug-in hybrid Saturn?

History is important, tends to tell the full story, gives us answers we would not have without it, allows us to draw different conclusions, even question the honor and motives of individuals, universities, even our own governmental agency that often times work hand in hand with universities like MIT (DOE).

Cobasys at one time was Chevron Ovonics, and before that was Texaco Ovonics, and still again before that GM Ovonics...did you follow all that? For those who have followed the epic adventure that is the electric car, you know that Cobasys successfully sued and won their lawsuit against Panasonic, referred to in the EV industry as the Cobasys Ruling...God, did you just hear a shoe drop?

Panasonic was providing Nickel-Metal Hydride power packs for Toyota hybrids, so the Cobasys Ruling in effect successfully restricted Toyota from using what had become the best Nickel-Metal Hydride power pack in the industry, the Panasonic power pack, thus forcing Toyota to obtain lesser quality power packs from China.

Now, A123 Systems obtained its Lithium-Ion chemistry from MIT, and this blogger has heard it through the Grape Vine (loved that song), that the chemistry used by A123 Systems was in fact developed by Dr. Donald Sadoway, currently the head of the MIT battery department. The whispers in the wind have it that said chemistry was removed from Dr. Donald Sadoway's lab by an assistant who then went, on his own, to form A123 Systems to produce the technology. MIT quietly and SUCCESSFULLY sued A123 Systems for licensing infringement, and the case vanished with a secret OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT.

Now, this would be a very dry old tale, and not near as interesting as it is except for the timing of another news story, and the two key players in this story. You see, Dr. Donald Sadoway, the person responsible for the chemistry behind the A123 in this huge MEGA DEAL just last week was quoted in Forbes Magazine saying that his lab has "solid-state" Lithium Ion chemistry with DOUBLE THE DENSITY. The A123 Systems chemistry remains liquid-based. This reveals one would think, that the protocol used by A123 Systems is outdated chemistry, an interim step Dr. Sadoway never intended for production. His technology was not ripe yet. Dr. Sadoway's chemistry, which was presented at Yale last year, at an event co-sponsored by the Connecticut Technology Council and Electrifying Times magazine, is much more advanced than the chemistry currently in production by A123 Systems.

The solid-state chemistry developed by Dr. Sadoway would double the range of electric cars, making the interim step of hybrids, or even plug in hybrids unnecessary. Now ask yourselves, why would Cobasys, who has over the years, done everything it could to slow down, if not prevent the penetration of hybrids into the automotive market want to partner with A123 Systems, other than to make certain that the next generation Lithium-Ion battery chemistry doesn't have a chance to see the light of mass production? Surely it would make more sense to have Dr. Sadoway's technology in GM's plug-in Hybrid Saturn?

To quote electric vehicle drag racer extraodinaire John Wayland, in a recent issue of MAKE magazine, "Hybrids are training wheels for the masses!", meaning there would be no need for continued investment in hybrids or plug-in hybrids if batteries efficient enough to provide adequate range became commercially available.

This very reality is the promise the head of the MIT battery department, Dr. Donald Sadoway is making. If Dr. Sadoway could find investors to develop his technology, and not a half step stolen from his lab by A123 Systems, we could have affordable 100% pure electric cars NOW, rather than 10, 20 or even 30 years from now. Conveniently, a time just far out enough into the future to give the nuclear industry (NuStart) a chance to position themselves as the great Birth Mother who gave us the new Hydrogen Economy, the savior who finally made the electric car a workable reality.

Let's think about this. Why else would Cobasys go into business with A123 Systems if it wasn't to keep Dr. Sadoway's completely solid-state protocol from entering the mainstream? Why invest millions, if not billions into an already antiquated chemistry? Why not find the best possible battery chemistry in the world and fund THAT TECHNOLOGY? If Global Warming is such a concern, if the automobile industry is in great part to blame for greenhouse gases, then wouldn't it make commercial and environmental sense for both civilian and military industries to seek the state-of-the-art in battery chemistry and rush THAT chemistry into production, rather than continuing to invest in companies that provide old, even antiquated technology?

This question should be put to the folks at the MIT licensing office, perhaps in time that the details of that secret out of court settlement be known to the EV World. Why isn't Dr. Sadoway's best work being put into mass production, rather than his partial battery chemistry technology that was stolen from his lab before he'd had the time to fine tune his invention, to complete the process? A second tier A123 battery will only perpetuate the hold that the Utilities, the oil companies and the automobile industry have on us. Perhaps in this sad reality is a part of the answer, government, MIT and big business dictating the release of technology not for societal good, but based on bottom line business decisions based on profit driven formulas.

Imagine a Tesla Motors automobile with a range of 600 miles, and swap out batteries...such a system would make the need for the internal combustion engine obsolete, a has been relegated to the trash heap of history. Anyone seriously concerned about Global Warming should be asking the right questions, demanding answers from MIT. It is time to free up Dr. Sadoway's complete technology from the clutches of MIT's licensing's the right thing to do, and it is the GREEN THING TO DO.

Additional References:
ET List Message 5935

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A National Call To Action...Host Communities for Failing Reactors Need To UNITE AS ONE

The Constitution of The United States of America combined with the Bill of Rights guarantee Americans certain rights, regardless of what George Bush would have us believe.
One of those rights, is to seek REDRESS via the United States House of Representatives. For far too long, the citizens forced to play host to Nuclear Reactors, such as Entergy's Indian Point or Vermont Yankee have been isolated, forced if you will to act locally while the Nuclear Industry and the NRC rape our communities, spoil our environment, and force us to accept wrong sighted and potentially catastrophic rubber stamping of re licensing applications.

It has long been said and alleged, that the NRC is in the pockets of the Nuclear Industry, that they put their licensees financial interests ahead of the health and safety of citizens in the host communities...never has this fact been more obvious than in the Dog and Pony shows being held to re license almost every aging and decrepit Nuclear Reactor in America...but, this time we have proof, the trail of a deliberate and devious plan to force Nuclear onto the people of America, to rubber stamp the entire re licensing process at these Nuclear Facilities.

The mock public hearings, the song and dance of the process are FALSE, the decisions already made before the paperwork was/is filed. Fire up your GOOGLE search engines, and start piecing together the story. CASEnergy, World Nuclear Association (WNA), DOE-Nuclear 2010, Atlanta 7 and NuStart, Entergy, are just some of the searches that will start telling you the story of turning Nuclear Green, and forcing nuclear upon the unsuspecting masses for at least another century, unless we die before then from a nuclear incident...don't you love that soft sound descriptor of nuclear holocaust? As it is, 50 percent of the population lives within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor...well, for the NIMBY crowd, the time has come for you to join those of us in the No Nuke's fight, as a nuclear reactor is coming to your back yard sooner rather than later, as DOE, NEI, NRC and the money changers in the Nuclear Industry have already decided to re license almost every reactor in America to buy them the time they need to build and deploy a whole new fleet of as many as FOUR HUNDRED MORE of these death traps!

Divide and conquer has been the rule of the day...each reactor site carefully sequestered into a separate LLC so that most of us DO NOT HAVE STANDING, our comments given nothing more than a cursory glance by egomaniacs like the self absorbed and arrogant Neil Sheehan, the turkey gobbler swallower of NRC Region One who far prefers spending his time sequestered away in secret with company hacks than listening to the litany of real concerns from members of the General Public. Divide and conquer so that the cumulative effects of wide spread mismanagement and intimidation on the part of the Entergy management staff is mitigated by keeping the records separate, singular to each separate reactor. Follow the game plan, if the licensee cannot meet the criteria, change the criteria, or exclude the problem areas, such as the NRC deciding to eliminate from inclusion in the re licensing decisions spent fuel, impacts to aquatic life, and topped off by stating ALL DESIGN FLAWS at reactors such as Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim would be GRAND FATHERED IN, so as not to be an issue of contention in the re licensing process.

Access to documents denied us on such issues as security would PROVE that the NRC, DOE, George Bush and the Nuclear Industry have conspired to RUBBER STAMP the wide spread re licensing of aging and failing reactors in the name of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, regardless of the risk to OUR human health, and the environment...IE, look at the recent extension of the Price Waterhouse Act. WE in the eyes of the Nuclear Industry, in the eyes of the NRC, in the eyes of the DOE, in the eyes of NEI are EXPENDABLE.

We the people are being laughed at, the three card Monty street scam is on, and every host community in America is A MARK...well, it is time that we change the game, turn the tables on the NRC and on the Nuclear Industry.

First, we as host communities of these flawed and dangerous reactors need to join forces, team together to fight the beast. If we put together a petition for redress as a cohesive group representing the peoples of every town and city being forced to live within the shadow of death of these reactors, Congress CANNOT IGNORE US...there is an election in two years, and they will have no choice but to act on our petition, or know they will be voted out of office in 2008. New York's 19th district Congressman John Hall got elected partially because of his stand on Indian Point, his promise to SHUT IT DOWN. Maurice Hinchey has said he opposes re licensing as well, as has our new Governor, Eliot Spitzer, yet in the past six years almost EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS has been tossed into the laps of the Nuclear Industry...we want IMMEDIATE investigations open, and we want all RE LICENSING PETITIONS put on hold until after said investigations are complete. Until this conspiracy to deceive the public of the host communities, and corrupt the re licensing process is exposed, and those involved prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We do not stop there...we file a class action lawsuit not just for one community, but for all 104 communities being forced to accept a risk they did not bargain for, should not have to accept....THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS. No longer would the Entergy's of the world be allowed to mitigate their mistakes, as such a lawsuit would have all their mistakes WEIGHED AS A WHOLE, instead of individual parts separated by a conveniently paper thin LLC separating the mother company from it's Rosemary's babies.

Citizens living in the shadow of Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Indian Point and other reactor communities all joining as one... if Neil Sheehan wants to piously suggest we take our complaints to the NRC's Office of the Inspector General, lets do it, and not just one complaint, but thousands, even tens of thousands as we hold meetings to help individual citizens drown the agency, Entergy and the Nuclear Industry under a barrage of our indignation and frustration. Hearings...lets demand them, not just on the re licensing, but on the ENTIRE SHAM that is the re licensing process. It's easy for the NRC to put off and ignore a small group of citizens in each community when they stand alone, but when you put those 20,30 or 40 citizens together with the same number of citizens from the other 103 communities being forced to play host to these death machines, we become a force that can no longer be ignored by the NRC, and by our elected officials. Think about it folks...we can hold the futures of 104 Congressman or Women in our collective hands, perhaps even more...that is a grassroots movement that could not be ignored when we file a petition for redress.

As Arlo Guthrie would say, we are talking a movement, the ANTI RE LICENSING MOVEMENT, and all you have to do to join is sing along...join the force, become part of a NATIONWIDE TEAM that can shut down these reactors, can hold the NRC accountable for their crimes.

To start this movement, the Green Nuclear Butterfly will open up it's blog space to any ANTI NUCLEAR person wanting to get a message out to the world about their own reactor problems...our time of living in the shadows, isolated from those like ourselves has got to come to end. As a team, we can win this fight, but as individual singular communities, we will be mowed down by the Nuclear Industry, and their protectorate, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The time has come for us to NETWORK NATIONWIDE to shut down failing reactors, network to hold the NRC accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Some FACTS That Entergy and The Nuclear Industry Don't Want You To Know

Could this be Ossining, Briarcliff, or Peekskill after an INCIDENT at the Indian Point Plant?
Nuclear Power is a Health, Safety, and Environmental Threat:
Cancers, Birth them the daughters of the decay chain of radioactive isotopes.

1. In testimony before Congress on April 17, 1985, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission testified that the probability of a substantial nuclear accident in this country over the next 20 years involving large releases of radioactive materials was roughly 45%. Well, there was Chernobyl...could Indian Point be the bullet we fail to dodge? Maybe Vermont Yankee?

2. In February, 1997, a reactor operator error at ComEd's Zion nuclear reactor prompted the Regional head of the NRC to state, "It doesn't get any worse than this." Well, not quite true...seems there is a reactor that came close to having a hole clear through it, but I'll save that story for another post.

3. In March of 1997, in a test that NRC said "requires thinking," 25 of 31 reactor operators at ComEd's La Salle reactors flunked a test of their ability to handle "abnormal" reactor problems.

This is not unusual...many of us that have been following the saga that is Indian Point are familiar with this kind of dismal testing failure on the part of reactor employees.

4. As of April, 1997, Commonwealth Edison has been fined $6.2 million for 85 safety-related incidents at its nuclear power plants. Don't suppose Energy would be willing to openly and honestly tell us how much they have paid out in fines at their 10 reactors?

6. Illinois Power has been fined $502,000 for seven major violations at its single nuclear reactor.
Did you hear the one about the Entergy Reactor Control Room operator asleep at the button? much was that fine? $60,000? How much was the fine was shipping a contaminated part off to Barnwell improperly shielded?

7. According to a study done by Sandia National Laboratories, a severe (but not necessarily "worst-case") nuclear power accident in Illinois would result in deaths in the tens-of-thousands, casualties and latent cancers in the hundreds-of-thousands, and property loss in the tens-to hundreds-of-billions of dollars. Not to worry folks...Thanks to your United States Congress, and George W. Bush, the Price Waterhouse Act limits the liability of the reactor owner to NINE BILLION!

Nuclear Power is NOT Economical:

1. Since its beginning, nuclear power has cost this country over $492,000,000,000 (THAT IS BILLIONS FOLKS)--nearly twice the cost of the Viet Nam War and the Apollo Moon Missions combined. It even makes the Iraq War, and Bush's failed policies there seem like a bargain.

2. In return for this investment, we have an energy source that, until the mid-1980's, gave us less energy in this country than did the burning of firewood! Not to mentions the MILLIONS of tons of CO2 pumped into the environment to make the fuel rods! Oh, but wait a minute, the DOE, NRC and the Nuclear Industry don't want you to know about that...ruins their GREEN IMAGE.

3. In the U.S., nuclear power contributes only 20-22% of our electricity, and only 8-10% of our total energy consumption. At it's peak in December of 1999, the nuclear industry accounted for 23 percent of the energy on the grid...however, as the aging fleet of reactors begin breaking down, contaminating our environment, and having problems, the percentages have been dropping, even when Entergy is pushing their ten reactors to the breaking point. In April of 2006 for instance, the percentage was down to 19.5...this figure will continue to decrease as some of the decrepit reactors are denied relicensing...Further, Nuclear Reactors are not the GREAT SAVIOR NuStart would have us believe...ten-fifteen years it will take to start getting new reactors online, and they would not be able to provide the quick help the world needs to REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING...did I mention the waste streams?

4. Since 1950, nuclear power has received over $97,000,000,000 in direct and indirect subsidies from the federal government, such as deferred taxes, artificially low limits on liability in case of nuclear accidents, and fuel fabrication write-offs. No other industry has enjoyed such privilege.

5. Many costs for nuclear power have been deliberately underestimated by government and industry such as costs for the permanent disposal of nuclear wastes, the "decommissioning" (shutting-down and cleaning-up) of retired nuclear power plants, and nuclear accident consequences.

John Wheeler, Shill For Nuclear Industry At It Again

Chernobyl was SAFE, SECURE and VITAL.
John Wheeler, the Nuclear Industry's self appointed shill is at it again over on his "This Week in Nuclear link included. Seems he's jumped into the fray with other nuclear industry hacks bent on blowing me and my blog OUT OF THE WATER, using fear and hidden threats to silence the voice of reason where the failing Indian Point Nuclear plant is concerned. Funny how no one in the world cared what I wrote about until I started writing about Indian Point, NuStart, Entergy and the DOE Nuclear 2010 plan created by the same man who brought us the Iraq War, George W. Bush. Now I have invisible people putting up attack pages here on blogspot, and instead of attacking what I have to say, the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY and those who support it have stooped to outing my wife, outing not only her real name, but where she wife has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY OPINIONS, but that does not matter...using her is a convenient threat...a quiet way of saying, we can HURT YOU, and WE WILL. What's next, bricks through my front window?
Now Wheeler attacked me on his weekly podcast several weeks ago...episode #38 if my memory serves me correctly. Sure he would swear he is not tracking/stalking me, yet he suddenly is blogging about what is going on, adding fuel to an ever growing fire. Problem is, he speaks half truths, speaks with a forked tongue, and uses subterfuge to SCARE PEOPLE into believing Nuclear Energy, Indian Point are safe, secure, vital, and the only REAL CHOICE as we move forward. Plain and simple, in my opinion, WHEELER IS WRONG, fooled, coerced, perhaps bought off by the industry that has supported his comfortable way of life for decades now, clothed his children, paid for their education, probably purchased his house.
He claims that Nuclear Energy is CO2 free...the gaseous diffusion plant in Portsmouth Ohio where much of the enriched uranium created in the past 50 years came from, required NINE utility companies (who burned coal) to supply and meet their electrical needs...the Portsmouth plant at full operational speed required daily enough electricity to power Los Angeles County for one year. Suppose that Mr. Wheeler does not want to count that in Nuclear Industry Waste streams? Curious...Indian Point pumps 2.5 BILLION gallons of water out of the Hudson River daily, returns it to said river WARMER than when it went in. Has Mr. Wheeler done any statistical investigations on the CULMALATIVE EFFECTS on global warming from over 400 reactors world wide dumping that much HEATED WATER back into our rivers, that in turn carry their now warmed waters to the oceans? about the BILLIONS of pounds of depleted uranium? I've driven around the Gaseous Diffusion plant in Ohio. What about all the contaminated plant parts sent to Barnwell? You know John, like the one that Entergy sent off that was improperly WRAPPED...want to talk about the worker exposed to the dangerous exposures from that incident? How about the problem with the part they sent to another facility...want to discuss that? Or, how about the near accident in Texas where DOD workers tired and overworked almost detonated a nuclear bomb 100 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima.
He puts forward RED HERRING arguments to support his cause, his pay DADDIES cause, such as when he talks about an oil pipeline explosion/fire that killed hundreds of people...we all remember that news story. What Mr. Wheeler fails to tell us, is that explosion occurred because people were trying to TAP INTO THE SYSTEM TO STEAL FUEL. Try some truthiness there Mr. Wheeler. By the way, how much waste does a single reactor create on a yearly basis Mr. Wheeler? Think I recall it averages about 4 metric tons. So, 104 reactors here in America, that's 416 Metric tons of WASTE (that the DOE cannot for the life of itself figure out what to do with...Yucca is not going to happen, you and I both know that) times say only 50 years. That starts adding up. Of course, that does not include ANY DECOMMISSIONING WASTE, does not include any of the parts that have to be sent to Barnwell, which has some serious SPACE PROBLEMS Mr. Wheeler. much waste from the Nuclear Industry is already stored at Envirocare, or at nuclear sites all around the country?
By the way...speculation on the limited world wide supply of Uranium has pushed the price up to over $100 a pound...has any one done any charts and analysis to figure out how long our world supply would last at current usage rates, let alone PROJECTED USAGE RATES? Sure, lets make the same mistake we made with fossil fuels of putting ALL OUR EGGS in a FINITE BASKET...makes perfect sense....NOT. Renewable energy...that leaves NUCLEAR OUT. Let me guess, you are going to tell us scientists are working on some "Lost in Space" plan to mine additional product from some asteroid yet to be found? Maybe start mining the moon once George Bush gets his permanent base built up there? OH! maybe when he gets that base up there, the Nuclear Industry has plans to SHIP OUR WASTE THERE, since no one would be there to object?
By the to share with our readers how much of the cost of subsidizing the planned Nuclear Rebirth is being paid for with our taxes compliments of DOE matching funds? Care to share with our readers how we are screwed if a major incident does happen, since the Price Waterhouse Act protects the nuclear industry from the costs incurred in the aftermath of said MAJOR INCIDENT...that coupled with that nice little exclusion on our insurance policies for nuclear attacks and or accidents pretty well screws EVERY PROPERTY OWNER in a host area if they live through said incident. Sure, you and other shills like you just keep beating those drums and telling people Indian Point and the nuclear industry is safe, secure and vital. Meanwhile, as I know those attacking me are reading my blog, show some don't like my views, I can live with that...leave my wife out of the fight. Attack my version of events, prove me wrong...prove to me that Indian Point is safe, secure and vital, prove to me you can figure out what to do with the waste streams they create. Prove to me that the Nuclear Industry, the NRC and our government would MAKE US WHOLE after a major incident...they sure have failed that task in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina! I am not interested in being another New Orleans, where we are told like sheep we are safe, that Indian Point is safe until the worst case scenario DOES HAPPEN....we already lived through 9/11, that was enough for me...especially considering the NRC's dismal record of protecting Human Health and the Environment. Some of you want to complain that your comments don't get posted...then start IDENTIFYING YOURSELVES, instead of hiding like stinking fetid rats on a sinking ship. You know who I am, I want the world to know who you are...if you love NUCLEAR SO MUCH, then identify yourselves.
By the way Riverkeeper, IPSEC, Green Peace and the grassroots movement...Entergy sponsors almost every MAJOR EVENT at the Paramount Center in the City of Peekskill...why not start holding mini protests at those events to bring attention to this issue? There's one coming up at the end of a good place to start the process of SHUTTING DOWN INDIAN POINT.
Nuke-rod recycling proposed
Idea scares some, who were surprised by site’s nomination
Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Randy Ludlow
For nearly 50 years, southern Ohioans labored at a government uranium-enrichment plant, churning out the stuff of nuclear warheads and powerplant fuel rods.

The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant left a Cold War legacy of nearly 3,000 workers sick or dead from radiationrelated cancers and other illnesses.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

To Our Readers-Attacking Comments

NUKLEAR...yeah, we have our fingers in that pie...let's FUND IT.
Green Nuclear Butterfly
is getting what can only be described as HATE MAIL in the form of comments waiting for moderation...those comments WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED to this blog. Further, the content of those comments show that someone is tracking down intimate details of the PRIVATE LIVES of our writing staff, creating comments that identify with very specific detail that our blog staff have come under surveillance from someone(s) that want to SHUT US DOWN. Those posts will not be posted, and if they continue, will be turned over to law enforcement.
Comments ON TARGET to the post, even if expressing alternative views will be welcome and posted. To help our staff in identifying those using force and intimidation against us, the comments section is going to be closed to all that refuse to provide a viable email address if these attacks from Pro Nuclear Industry hacks continue.
To the one HATE POSTER...yes, your comment has been REJECTED. To your subject of the LOST JOBS...decommissioning a Nuclear Reactor is a decades long process that brings with it jobs. Further, the alternative energies that could be employed to replace Indian Point would bring jobs to the area. Discussion of alternative energy sources...such as wind and solar? Perhaps if George Bush were not throwing Billions of dollars at the Nuclear Industry with his Nuclear 2010 program, many of those alternative energies options could be much further down the road to reality. It's time that our taxes STOP SUBSIDIZING the fatally flawed Nuclear Industry, and instead those monies should be funneled into other alternative energy research that does not KILL.

Unfund Nuclear Energy...Switch Funding to Alternatives

Just found this, and thought it worthy of mention...

Dear Friend:
In just five days—including Christmas Day!—more than 100 organizations signed the letter urging the new Congress to shift energy funding from nuclear power and fossil fuels to renewable energy and efficiency programs.
This is really a historic coalition, composed of most of the major renewable energy trade associations, safe energy groups, businesses and more. We intend to build on this first effort throughout 2007. With your help, we can make this needed shift in energy priorities a reality.
Many thanks for your sign-ons, comments and help. The press release is below—please share with your local media. The full text of the letter, along with signers, is at

The Butterfly Princess and the Lazy Old Dragon

The argument is often made, by friends and foe alike, that solar and wind are great, but that when the sun isn't shining or when the wind isn't blowing, you need to kick in back up power, coal, oil or nuclear. The Utilities contend, especially the nuclear power driven Utilities, that for every windmill, for every solar array, you must still provide emergency back up power to handle the peak loads, in effect spend twice as much money erecting additional electrical production facilities than is necessary if we could just build all the nuclear power plants we wanted.
The hole in this argument would be the existence of unlimited cheap storage of electricity, making it possible for solar and wind generated electricity to be stored when the weather isn't cooperating fully. Now many will tell you that no such thing yet exists, that it's still in the realm of science fiction fantasy, that batteries are expensive, heavy, impractical and a silly proposition. Now, if only that were true. So I beg to differ, for I know this first hand, that things are not as they seem in this great land.

For you see, back in 1995, a bright professor at MIT developed a new protocol (that's way of doing things) to make cheap, affordable super-efficient batteries. But he was but a lowly professor, working in a grand institution, and did not end up owning his own invention. The patent fell in the hands of the evil MIT licensing office, a side arm of the military-industrial complex, with little intention of bringing this wonder to the world. Instead, the little invention was silently, quietly, exclusively licensed to a dummy front company out in California, who for ten years, never produced a single cell.

Now, our good professor, in his deep despair, isolated and frustrated by the citadel of science's lack of vision and flair, heard from a little magazine, dedicated to electric cars. Its webmaster, an unemployed ex-waiter living with his aging mother, befriended the great man, and proposed a subterfuge, a way to turn MIT around, turn it inside out, sway MIT to release the patent so the people of earth could save their planet.

Our ferret scout sought out the CT Technology Council, and suggested inviting the professor to Yale, where he would present his dilemma, to a body of dumbfounded environmental scholars, who at least in theory, would understand his plight. The ex-waiter then sought the help of Native Americans because they are making money head over heels with their casino earnings, and we all know, Native Americans, at least some of them, respect mother earth and Gaia.

Back at the California ranch, a bodybuilder runs for governor. He's a big fan of Hummers... yet in 1997, when Hummer made a hybrid prototype Humvee, which the ex-waiter enjoyed a thrill ride in... being at the right place at the right time I guess... GM swooped in to buy the company, making sure the hybrid Hummer would never to be heard from again, at least not until now. Our bodybuilder got a hydrogen powered monstrosity instead...

The little electric car magazine published an open letter to the bodybuilder online... written by the ex-waiter, which laid out a crafty master plan to mass produce a super powered electric car, modeled after a lonely prototype, called the tZero... a nothing... a spec of dust on the automotive horizon... nobody was paying attention to this ugly yellow shoe box going from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds... nobody. GM, in its great wisdom, boasting at the seams, crushed 1000 EV1s, spending a billion dollars to prove to the world that electric cars didn't work, that nobody wanted them.

Then a few from the Bioneers for billionaires club, all Internet kings, king of Google, king of eBay and Paypal and Yahoo... got together with someone named Ted, and conspired to transform the little ugly yellow thing, into a car so amazing, so fast, so thrilling, every Hollywood star would want to own one... So the prototype cocoon quietly transformed into a wonderful butterfly. Somehow, nobody is quite sure, a little voice rose up and said, why don't you call it the Tesla? And they said why? And the little voice said, because there is a cult of Tesla, tales of conspiracy, of inventors silenced, threatened, some even killed, because they discovered ways to produce electricity that didn't cost anything.

So the great men, of great wealth, who want to save the world, to leave behind a legacy of good, after wiring the whole globe into one huge electronic brain, said OK... Tesla it is... we'll call it that, and boy did Detroit and the good oil boys now take notice... but they still scoff, because 250 miles on one charge? You can't even drive to Las Vegas and back with that, so what good can it be, right?

But the poor ex-waiter was still hard at work... orchestrating a meeting of the minds... convincing the engineers building the Tesla to meet with the MIT professor prisoner of his ivory tower... The Tesla men came out of the meeting, knowing, realizing, that the old institution of scientific learning had done wrong, suppressed a solution to everything; the chemistry for a polymer (that's plastic to you) solid-state lithium-ion battery that would take the Tesla 600 miles on one charge, so light they would make swap-out batteries possible, and be so easy and cheap to mass produce, it would be like making sheets of mylar (the mirror plastic stuff you use at Christmas) coming out of great big machines full of rollers, same way they print newspapers.

MIT, in its great concern, still says nothing, does nothing, after all the engineering wing of Yale... The Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology published at the MIT press... all our future leaders rising from the Yale Skull & Bones ranks... still no news of whether or not, these batteries, which would give cheap electric cars to the world, could make huge battery farms possible and safe, to store wind and solar electricity by the MegaWatts... to power our homes, our industries, our cars... no news... even though great journalists like Thomas Friedman at the New York Times, and Juliet Eilperin, environmental editor at the Washington Post, were given entire case files, revealing the truth of the whole sordid affair.
So the butterfly princess still waits for her knight to slay the lazy old dragon, this will be for another day children... for it's getting late now, and you must go back to sleep.
ALL lithium-ion batteries currently in production and on the market are liquid chemistry based, gels... this is why they have grave scaling up and mass production problems. Solid-State changes "everything"... the A123 chemistry, by far the best and most stable li-ion pack out there, is from the same inventor... they used one of his outdated protocols to gear up the company.

Conclusion by Royce Penstinger:

This is the world we live in... where the titans of the oil, coal, and nuclear economy will stifle technology, silence all voices until they themselves can control and own the processes that fuel a new economy. We have the vehicles, the technology and the production capabilities in the wings to end our dependence on oil, coal and nuclear...the ability to save our planet, to create a green economy. Problem is, that would mean a paradigm shift, a changing of the guard in the proverbial towers of power...the old guard titans cannot, will not let that occur unless they are not only at the helm, but OWN THE SHIP that drives this new green world.

They realize a new age is trying to be born, that with batteries capable of driving vehicles 600 miles at a clip, with batteries that can store energy in vast amounts, with global warming destroying huge swaths of the earth while changing global climatic patterns, that the time for change is upon us...but they want to own it all, so they still stifle workable alternatives, and instead hatch George Bush's 2010 Nuclear run by the DOE, and Entergy with the creation of NuStart is trying to make Nuclear the driving force of this change that now has to happen, as it is the only way the old guard money can continue their oppression of the masses, continue to own the Golden Goose that lets them control the wealth of the entire planet.

Nuclear is not, and never will be green, and bright minds, Green Thinkers the world over such as Tesla, such as that silenced professor at MIT need to stand up and speak as one...the masses are ready to listen, ready to follow those who can lead the way.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Indian Point, Entergy, NuStart, DOE, NRC, Electric Cars, Green Models OH MY!

If my readers ears have been ringing, it is not surprising...seems that my article on Summer Rayne's connection to ETS Energy Store, then ETS Energy Store's connections to BGA Engineering, coupled with BGA's ties to Indian Point have sounded those NON WORKING SIRENS over at Indian Point. If you are shaking your head wishing you had a program, don't feel alone, as this story gets more confusing with each passing radioactive contaminate escaping the failing Indian Point facility. It is time for us within the Green Movement to demand that our heroes, those we look up to, live up to the GREEN MANTLE they have chosen to wear. Summer Rayne must make a choice, as do others within the Green business community, and the larger community as a whole, including politicians like Congressman John Hall. You cannot claim to be GREEN, and embrace the dangerous and environmentally destructive Nuclear Industry.
Grist has gone so far as to proclaim Summer Rayne the Hottest eco-model on the horizon, some have even gone so far as to proclaim her the FIRST LADY of the environment, so finding her even indirectly associated with Indian Point is BIG NEWS in the Green Fashion Industry, or at least should be. This young (supposedly) social entrepreneur is in high demand, even showing up at the Vanity Fair "Green Issue" Party in an outfit that hinted of cream sickles melting on a globally warm day. Eco Models like Summer Rayne Oakes and Betcee, as well as other eco/social entrepreneurs such as Seth Leitman of ETS Energy Store have to realize that there is a responsibility that comes with the money and fame they seek in cloaking themselves and their business enterprises in the GREEN MANTLE of the grassroots environmental movement. To be GREEN, you have to ACT GREEN in all you say and do, or be labeled for what you are, which is a hypocrite.
In a nutshell, you cannot use the Green Movement and what it represents when it is convenient, cannot put on the Green Mantle like some costume or fashion accessory worn on SPECIAL OCCASIONS. If you are green, you make GREEN DECISIONS, and NUCLEAR IS NOT GREEN in any way, shape or fashion. CASEnergy, DOE, NRC, Entergy, NuStart and a host of other power players would like to use the GREEN MANTLE and people like Summer Rayne to remake the nuclear industry, but it cannot and will not be allowed, the nuclear industry must not be allowed to steal that which is not theirs to own. NuStart and the DOE would like to use the GREEN Industry (willingly or through stealth) to help them remake Nuclear into the Green ENERGY of the future, to replace NO NUKES with NO CO2's in getting the American Public to give said nuclear industry a second chance THEY DO NOT DESERVE. The game is afoot, and the alarm bells must be rung, those who have been tired and worn must come out of retirement as we push back this attempt to build a whole new generation of FAILED REACTORS. The elders of the GREEN MOVEMENT must come forward, act as mentors to this new young GREEN MOVEMENT before they are corrupted by the money changers in the halls of the Nuclear Industry, and governmental agencies willing to sell out human health and the environment for their own sick and sadistic machinations.
Don't think that the Green Nuclear Butterfly is singling out just a few Eco-Models as examples, as it is not just them, or certain players in the GREEN FASHION INDUSTRY who need to take a VERY PUBLIC STAND against Nuclear Power, NuStart, Entergy and the failing Indian Point Reactors. New York's new governor Eliot Spitzer has all but guaranteed the closure of Indian Point, promised to stand with fellow Indian Point oppenent, and newly elected Freshman Congressman John Hall (of Orleans Fame). Older members of Congress like Congressman Maurice Hinchey need to stand up in a very public way, must act as crusaders to not only SHUT DOWN INDIAN POINT, but to UNFUND George Bush's Nuclear 2010 plan for a whole new generation of reactors. More local politicians such as Westchester County Commissioner Andy Spano need to stop speaking with forked tongues, need to stand up on a stage before national news cameras and state that Indian Point WILL BE CLOSED, even if local law enforcement have to chain shut the gates to do it. Promising SWIFT ACTION to CLOSE INDIAN POINT can no longer be an empty campaign promise used to win over the GRASSROOTS, but must be followed by serious actions, including public outcry in front of the cameras on the six o'clock news.
How many famous musicians were on the Campaign Trail with Congressman John Hall singing out about the ills of Nuclear Energy, and bringing our troops home. They awakened our spirit in the grassroots again, gave us hope of better days ahead. The election is over, but those musicians have to realize they CANNOT, MUST NOT walk away and abandon the issues, abandon the people they energized. Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, The Mammals, and even John Hall himself have a civic duty to LEAD THE FIGHT to CLOSE INDIAN POINT. Why aren't these musicians working with a group like Rock The Reactors to hold a MAJOR CONCERT to focus attention on this failing nuclear industry, and their 104 aging reactors, with Indian Point perched on top of the list as one of, if not the worst nuclear site in the entire world besides Chernobyl?
Imagine the INTERNATIONAL PRESS ATTENTION that could be focused on Entergy's failing reactors at Indian Point if New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Congressmen Hall and Hinchey were flanked by super models Betcee and Summer Rayne, with the entire group backed up by the likes of Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt...THAT IS FRONT PAGE NEWS, that is prime time 6:00 PM on ABC, CBS, NBC, BCC, CNN and even die hard Bush Channel FOX. In short, that group of people standing together in a unified voice could ROCK THE REACTORS, could shut down Indian Point...but, that requires them to be leaders, requires them to be socially conscious beings, requires them to stand on the side of right and justice against all odds, and if they do that, groups like Green Peace, Riverkeeper, Sierra Club and others will be right there beside them as we do what must be done, which is close Indian Point, and pull the plug on a failed industry. It's the right thing to do.

Sign Our Petition To Close Entergy's Indian Point

We here at the Green Nuclear Butterfly just started a Petition to give to Congressman John Hall and Congressman Maurice Hinchey aimed at securing their pledge and help in closing down the failing reactors at Indian Point. Our goal in this is simple...collect supporting signatures of 50,000 people who support the CLOSING OF INDIAN POINT. Watch our video, then scroll down to the bottom of this blog to sign our petition. We thank you in advance for your help in this important matter to the at risk citizens of the Hudson Valley, and New York City.

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Green Nuclear Butterfly Discussion Groups

Green Nuclear Butterfly is racing to catch up, as Entergy and the Pro-Nuclear scums have a huge jump on us...IE, George Bush has given the Nuclear Industry some 8 BILLION plus dollars in subsidies since he took office, and is pushing a DOE initiative called Nuclear 2010 which would eventually site over ONE HUNDRED NEW REACTORS in America, the lion's share of the costs paid for WITH OUR TAXES, though the Utility companies would keep 100 percent of the profits.

Citizens opposed to this Nuclear Proliferation, opposed to the RAPING OF OUR ENVIRONMENT, opposed to subsidizing a FAILING INDUSTRY need a place to post their own issues, to write their own concerns. Further, with the failing and decaying reactors at Entergy's Indian Point up for relicensing, we need space to ORGANIZE the fight to SHUT THEM DOWN.

To that end, Green Nuclear Butterfly is proud to announce the creation of two new discussion spaces on the web...our first is posted here, with a permanent link on the bottom of our blog. This group shall be open to ALL MEMBERS of the general public who are NOT EMPLOYED or in any way fiancially supported directly and/or indirectly by the Nuclear Industry, or our government, including but not limited to the DOE, NRC, and DOD, as all three of these Federal Agencies have a deplorable safety record, and a vested interest in perpetuating the crime that is the Nuclear Industry.