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Beware of Pro Nuclear Progressives Like Third Way

In the fight to save communities from the WRONGFUL RELICENSING of failing, brittling reactors, you have to know your enemies, and apparently many in the so called area of Progressives are Pro Nuclear enemies of the people. The latest group identified is Third Wave. The list of politicians they list as participating in the group is telling, and it is Progressives that want to own Congressman John Hall as their own.

Third Way Releases Nuclear Paper
Group Says Warming, Security Require More Nuclear Power

Washington: Third Way today released a new memo urging policymakers and advocates to take a new look at nuclear power. In “Another Inconvenient Truth,” the group argues that expanding domestic nuclear power is crucial to solving the twin problems of global warming and energy security.

The Third Way paper makes three main points: Which we disagree with.

1. Expanding nuclear power will make a difference in addressing global warming.

2. Embracing nuclear power by progressive leaders would have a galvanizing impact on the public, demonstrating the severity of the climate change problem and the need for everyone to make hard choices.

3. Moving forward efficiently on nuclear power could help provide momentum to take additional steps to curb carbon emissions.

Congressman John Hall Ducks Hard Questions In Live Blog Chat The Same Week, But 30 Years After The Seabrook Demonstrations.

Congress John Hall just wrapped up a live chat over on the Fire Dog Lake blog, and not surprisingly, side stepped giving real answer to questions about his officially DEAD ISA bill for Indian Point, as well as a pointed question regarding the lack of any real security at nuclear power plants. He also did not want to discuss 15-20 million illegal aliens who are depressing our wages. I'd challenge Congressman John Hall to post and article here, so that our 20,000 plus unique visitors/readers could know just where he stands on these two very important issues.

Transcript of one of questions:

royce penstinger says:
April 28th, 2007 at 11:46 am
The joys of one finger typing…lets try this again corrected:

Why have you not admitted that your legislation to get and ISA for Indian Point is all but DEAD ON ARRIVAL, so that concerned citizens can move on and look for strategies that might work? Your bill is floundering in committee, but even if you pulled out a miracle (highly doubtful), and got a bill passed through both the House and Senate, George Bush (father of the Nuclear 2010 plan) would veto it, and you do not have the votes to over ride it. Isn’t honesty with the voters better than giving them false hope?? Further, why did you support an Energy budget that gave over $800 million to the NRC…are you now in favor of their plans to site 200 new nuclear reactors in America?

Sherwood, I’m sorry you’re so pessimistic about even the PR advantages of passing the ISA legislation through at least one house of Congress. The governor endorsed it yesterday, and both our Senators have co-sponsored it. At least it is raising consciousness, and it may actually become law if the President considers it on national security grounds. Meanwhile, I’m working on other approaches.

Not a question of being pessimistic, but realistic. Most people are BANKING on an ISA that will not work.

Meanwhile, have you looked at the GAO study on power plant security, wherein it is stated that plants instead of being able to repel a terrorist attack are only prepared to pass the force on force tests? Where to you stand on the severely weaken DBT (Defense Basis Threat Document) wherein the NRC removed EVERY WEAPON that the NEI claimed was to expensive to defend against, including shoulder launched grenades, and armor piercing bullets…both of which make almost all nuclear reactor site security measure worthless, as bullet resistant glass will not stand up against either. Are you going to hold Congressional Hearings on this?

Huge anti-nuke demo was 30 years ago this week

By David Tirrell-Wysocki, Associated Press Writer April 28, 2007

CONCORD, N.H. --Thirty years ago this week, hundreds of anti-nuclear demonstrators trekked down a dusty road and set up camp next to piles of construction material destined to become the Seabrook nuclear power plant.

Police dragged or carried away 1,414 protesters on May 1, 1977, ending the skirmish, but galvanizing a national anti-nuclear movement that moved from Seabrook's marshes to national money markets to effectively halt orders for new plants in the United States.

Fast forward to today.

With energy prices skyrocketing, global warming, and calls for cleaner energy abounding, the nuclear industry is optimistic about a resurgence. And the anti-nuclear movement, including organizers of the Seabrook protests, is gearing up to respond.

Paul Gunter, who has made opposing nuclear power his career, is one.

"To ante up for another generation of nuclear power would be a collossal mistake that would really trivialize the Seabrook debacle," he said. "Because right now we have maybe 10 to 20 years to make some very critical energy policy decisions that affect global climate."

Seabrook was proposed as a twin-reactor plant in 1972, at an estimated cost of $973 million. When it finally won a commercial license in March 1990, it was a single reactor and cost $6.5 billion.

Protests started early. The first person arrested at the future construction site was Ron Rieck, who spent 36 cold hours atop a weather observation tower in January 1976. Later that year, 18 people were arrested, then 180. Then came April 1977.

Arnie Alpert was an environmental science major at Wesleyan University in Connecticut when he learned of planned protests at Seabrook. After training in nonviolent resistance, he organized two busloads of students to travel to Seabrook.

They became part of the Clamshell Alliance, an umbrella group that organized into small "affinity groups" for training, decision-making and support. On April 30, they approached the plant property from all directions, even through the ocean swamps.

Gov. Meldrim Thomson said the demonstrations were "a front for terrorist activity" and organized a small army of National Guardsmen and police from around New England to respond.

"If I thought about it at all, it was a joke," Alpert said in a recent interview. "We knew we were not a group of terrorists. We knew we were a group of people passionately committed to nonviolence."

The group walked onto the site, unopposed, and immediately began setting up camp, digging latrines, having meetings and celebrating.

"I was surprised we got onto the site at all," Alpert said.

The next day, a Sunday, Thomson ordered the protesters to leave to avoid confrontations with construction workers due back Monday.

Those who didn't leave -- 1,414 strong -- were arrested on trespassing charges and held for more than two weeks in National Guard armories around the state. The protest attracted worldwide attention and sent ripples far beyond Seabrook.

"The Seabrook demonstration touched off a grassroots, nonviolent insurgency against nuclear power that led to the creation of similar alliances around the country," said Alpert. And he said the tactics and training spread to other causes, including peace and gay rights.

Now, some former Clamshell members find themselves focusing anew on nuclear power.

Spurred by skyrocketing energy prices, global warming, and calls for cleaner energy, the industry is making a comeback. New federal laws have streamlined permitting and construction and removed much of the financial risk, and the Washington-based Nuclear Energy Institute says construction could start on multiple plants by around 2010.

At Seabrook, spokesman Alan Griffith recalls being in high school during the first anti-Seabrook demonstrations, then covering protests as a reporter and editor.

He said streamlining licensing would have helped Seabrook, which was ready to run in 1986, but not fully licensed for four more years.

"I get paid to say this stuff, but I truly believe as a person that this country must have more nuclear power plants for reasons that have become crystal clear over time," Griffith said.

"It is the only major source of electricity that is able to generate electricity cleanly, with no greenhouse gas emissions," he said. "The anti's have a different perspective on that, but that is one of the main reasons of the resurgence."

But Gunter, director of the Reactor Watchdog Project at the anti-nuclear Nuclear Information and Resource Service, said there is no room for nuclear, period.

"Our position is that they should have never built any of these in the first place," he said. "We went to jail to stop that. People should realize that we were right -- and here we are 30 years after that demonstration and 50 years after the initiation of nuclear power and they still don't know what to do with the first cupful of nuclear waste."

With no national repository, nuclear waste is being stored at nuclear plants, as "pre-deployed weapons of mass destruction," Gunter said.

Griffith responds that whether a repository is built or not, nuclear plants "have the ability to safely and securely store their waste."

And so the debate goes. Each argument has 180-degree opposite answers, including on questions of safety.

Gunter and Alpert, state program director for the American Friends Service Committee, maintain that much more energy could be saved and created if nuclear subsidies went instead to more efficient appliances, increased conservation and renewable sources.

John H. Sununu, former governor, engineer and sometime nuclear industry consultant, couldn't disagree more. He said the long nuclear hiatus squandered an opportunity to provide clean energy much earlier, and it's time to acknowledge it was a mistake.

"I hope it lays the foundation for a much better response by the nation as the second round of opportunity of getting away from coal and oil and natural gas occurs," he said.

Friday, April 27, 2007

ACE New York Selling Soul For Their Goal?

Wind and Nuclear Should NOT BE sleeping together.
When Remy Chevalier of Rock the Reactors did his investigation of ACE NY, it was alarming enough for him to give me a ring suggesting I have a look. What I have found appears to be an industry (wind power) and a organization or two (ACE NY and AWEA) willing to sell their souls (and the industry) for the end line goal, with no regard for long term consequences.

If you visit the ACE NY website, or speak with their public relations people, the organization's goals, aspirations and agenda sound very admirable, almost as pure as the wind driven snow. Their stated purpose, found on their site states in part, "The Alliance for Clean Energy New York is a group of organizations which share the goal of bringing clean energy technologies to New York." Perhaps some of their members believe in, even embrace that concept, and should be applauded. Sadly though, if you study the component parts of this group and its board, you cannot help but question their stated goals, are left wondering...have they sold their souls to the nuclear industry, prostituted their beliefs, caring not that their means to the end is not worth the price if they are co opting their honor and values by allowing nuclear to green its image by funding a few wind projects and buying a few wind companies, the means does not justify the end if the entire wind energy industry is being absorbed into and becoming one with nuclear energy and the corrupt industry that it is? If you sleep with the devil, you become the devil's demon spawn.

It can be successfully argued, that the cause of soaring electric rates in New York falls squarely at the feet of NYISO, who has created a set of rules and regulations that favor utility industry corporate bottom lines, even encourages utilities to manipulate and mutate the bidding by sitting on their supplies. In short, NYISO basically condones price fixing/manipulation, almost if not, to the point of corruption with consumers taking the hit in a large electron ponzi scheme. No one sector of the utility industry has benefited more from this reality than nuclear energy, who under the new system sells its cheaply produced nuclear energy at the same spot price that say gas produced energy is sold. What does this have to do with ACE NY and wind energy? In two words, Carol Murphy who is the Executive Director of ACE NY, and who before that was the NYISO's chief spokesperson during the 2003 northeast blackout. In 1992 she received the Independent Energy magazine's "Industry All Star Award" for excellence in government affairs and public relations.

Being nice, Carol E. Murphy is a well know member of the Old Guard within the utility industry, and at best sees Wind Energy as nothing more than an addition to the grid, rather than a means by which to remove dangerous electric (such as nuclear from aging nuclear reactors) from the grid. If you read up on NYISO, they are anything but an organization looking out for the publics best interests, and basically support and encourage growth of the utility industry's dark underbelly in the name of driving/creating ever greater profits...Carol E. Murphy as their one time chief spokesperson is not the person to be leading a supposed GREEN CHARGE for clean safe energy, but instead seems to be leading a charge (with a carefully selected board and membership) to A) green the nuclear industry, and B) corner and own (thus control) the wind industry. Based on a conversation with NYISO, the organization only cares about its grid, and having adequate Megawatts on it, and if the electrons are produced and sold by Satan himself, that's fine by them. In fact, they stated they support on going operation of Indian Point because the plant's turbine produced electrons maintain grid stabilty in south east New York quadrant of said grid...the SAFETY or lack there of when it comes to Indian Point is of no concerned to them, only the electrons matter.

One board member intimately tied into the utility industry, and more specifically, the nuclear energy industry does not a scandal make. The problem is, the over whelming majority of ACE NY's board and members seem to have ties (directly and/or indirectly) to the nuclear industry and old money. Groups like ACE NY seem to be creating the perfect storm wherein Wind Energy becomes a complimentary addition to Nuclear Power, rather than an alternative to it.

The next member we investigated was Bruce Bailey, AWS Truewind, LLC-463 New Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205 phone: (518) 213-0044 BBAILEY@AWSTRUEWIND.COM He is also CEO of Glidden REC, so again, an inside player in the electric power, where does he stand on Nuclear Power, and the failing reactors at the Indian Point site. We are working on that, but can tie him to DOE which is worrisome itself. Perhaps it's overly suspicious, but find it hard to trust any one who has DOE throwing $400,000 in the direction of a report they are working on. Further, there seem to be some very large potential conflicts of interest between his role at Glidden, AWS Truewind, and now his position on the board of ACE NY.

Moving down the list of board members, we next address Patrick Doyle, who is attached to Horizon Wind Energy which was owned by Goldman Sachs before being absorbed by EDP, that has serious business dealings with environmental rapist and major nuclear player GE. More troubling, is that Horizon Wind Energy is owned by EDP Group...another BIG NUCLEAR PLAYER. This is a perfect example of how some of the giants in the utility industry rape mother earth while GREENING THEIR IMAGE THROUGH ACQUISITIONS.

Patrick Doyle started working for Horizon Wind Energy in June 2001. Prior to joining Horizon, he was gainfully employed at GE Power Systems out of Schenectady NY. Prior to coming to the states he seems to have been associated with some of the biggest nuclear players in Europe, working for ABB Power Generation in Zurich Switzerland and for Wartsila of Finland. Patrick was also General Manager of Wartsila North America's Independent Power business, responsible for growing the floating and land-based reciprocating engine power plant business in Central America and the Indian Subcontinent. Patrick graduated in mechanical engineering in 1982 from University College Dublin and received his M.B.A. from London Business School in 1992.

One could assume, that Patrick Doyle is in some fashion married to, or sleeping with the nuclear industry, since the company he was associated with before GE, ABB Power Generation is incestuously linked to the American Nuclear Industry's most corrupt and vile player, TVA:

ABB wins nuclear fuel, service and retrofit contracts valued at more than US$ 100 million Zurich, Switzerland, September 21, 1999 – ABB, the globalized technology and engineering company, has been awarded nuclear service, retrofit and fuel contracts with a total value of more than US$ 100 million from utilities in the U.S. and Germany. The U.S. orders, with a combined value of more than US$ 85 million, were placed by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to service and retrofit three of their nuclear power plants.

When one is looking at an organization whose stated goal in speaking to the grassroots movement is "3000 Megawatts of CLEAN, GREEN WIND ENERGY up onto New York's grid by 2015, you do not expect to find under the carefully crafted veneer such a pro-nuclear starting line up. When you speak to Marion Trieste of Trieste Associates the public outreach voice of ACE NY, you get the warm fuzzy feeling of a non-profit organization truly concerned with making the world a better place in which to live...however, a few carefully aimed questions brings the truth out...we only care about our goal of putting 3,000 megawatts of Wind Energy on the grid, and the nuclear industry has money and wants to spend it seems to be the real truth behind ACE NY's carefully crafted campaign. When queried about the monstrous connections to the nuclear industry, Marion quipped, "As long as we stick to our talking points, stay on message, no one is going to care." Don't misunderstand, Marion seems to be truly passionate about wind energy...problem is, maybe too passionate if where the money comes from is of no concern to her.

If you leave out Patrick Moore, formally of Greenpeace, who has sold out to the nuclear industry for 35 pieces of silver, the most worrisome trend is NRDC recent woeing of the nuclear industry which makes the next board member on the list disturbibg as well. Ashok Gupta, of the NRDC Never met a board or title with benefits he did not like. Ashok is the Natural Resources Defense Council's (NRDC) Air and Energy Program Director. He leads NRDC's advocacy in the Northeast on climate change, electric utility restructuring, clean air issues, energy efficiency, renewables, sustainable building design, reducing petroleum dependence, and low-income energy issues. Prior to joining NRDC in 1991, Ashok worked with the New York City's Department of Telecommunications and Energy. He currently serves on the board of the Hudson River Foundation, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies, U.S. Green Building Council-New York, and the Low Impact Hydropower Institute. Ashok also received Environmental Advocate's 2001 Advocate Award for leadership in support of clean air and energy. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics and math from Georgetown University and a master's degree in economics from American University.

Suppose every organization has its point person that gives them access to old big money, and so we introduce Peter Mandelstam, Arcadia Wind/Blue Water Wind To understand this board member pick, look at his SOCIAL PEDIGREE. 308 West 77th Street Suite 9P New York, NY 10024 Ph: 212/877-4621 Fax: 212/873-4917 Email:

Peter D. Mandelstam, Founder and President, and Timothy M. Ryan, Executive Vice President, will describe Arcadia Windpower’s progress in developing and financing on-land and offshore utility-scale wind electricity generation projects in the U.S. and internationally. Established in 1997, privately held Arcadia Windpower and its affiliates currently have over 1000 MW of wind power projects under development, including its selection through a competitive RFP to develop 85 MW in Montana and its selection as one of two finalists to develop a 140 MW wind park off of the South Shore of Long Island. It also has projects in Wyoming and New Jersey. Of course, with no help from Daddy or friends, and sure being on the board of the wind power association that LOBBYS Congress cannot hurt either?

Dawn Ann Drzal, a senior editor at Viking Penguin, the book publishing imprint in New York, was married yesterday to Peter David Mandelstam, the president of Arcadia Windpower Ltd., a wind-energy development company in New York. Justice Anne G. Feldman of State Supreme Court in Brooklyn officiated at the North Salem, N.Y., house of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Mandelstam of New York.

The bride, who is 36 and is keeping her name, graduated cum laude from Williams College. She is the daughter of Joan Veneziale, an owner of the Papillon Travel Agency in Naples, Fla., and the late Walter Drzal, who was an industrial chemist at the Pennwalt Corporation (not environmentally friendly), a chemical manufacturer in Philadelphia. The bride's previous marriage ended in divorce.

The bridegroom, who is 36 and a graduate of Harvard University, is a director of the American Wind Energy Association in Washington, an industry trade group. His mother, Gloria Messinger Mandelstam, retired as the managing director of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers in New York. Mrs. Mandelstam is now an intellectual property consultant and an arbitrator in New York. His father is a senior partner in Dornbush Mensch Mandelstam & Schaeffer, a New York law firm.

The bridegroom's father and the bridegroom are owners of Cote Rotie Holding, which owns Domaine de Bonserine, a vineyard in the Cote Rotie region of southeast France. The bridegroom's father is also the president of the company and the corporate manager of the vineyard.

The more carefully one examines the make up of ACE NY's board, the more one is left with an uneasy impression of a Non-Profit whose sole purpose is to make a few carefully chosen people and companies richer, while quietly greening the nuclear industry. That is not what wind power was/is about, and sadly it just gets uglier the deeper one digs. Bill Moore is tied in with PPM, and if you hold to the belief that you are who you do business with, PPM has no problems doing some major business with some unsavory giants tied to the nuclear industry.

Bill Moore, PPM Energy PPM apparently will do business with the devil..see below:

PPM Energy, Inc. This link, read article, and you will see that Tetra Tech while doing a lot with wind companies like PPM is also the largest player in helping to RELICENSE AGING REACTORS!

PPM Energy is a real power player in the energy industry. The company, formerly PacifiCorp Power Marketing, holds the nonregulated North American operations of parent company Scottish Power. PPM Energy primarily develops and operates cogeneration power plants and wind farms; it has an operational generating capacity of approximately 1,600 MW in the Midwest and western US. PPM Energy also markets and trades wholesale energy and offers risk and asset management services. It has natural gas storage and hub operations through its ENSTOR affiliate. The company's customers include public and private utilities, large industrial companies, and other energy marketers.

Disturbing, is PPM's intimate dealings with GE, who is one of the big players in leading the Nuclear Renaissance charge.

GE Wind, PPM Energy Sign One-Year Wind Turbine Sales Agreement

GEORGIA (July 1, 2003) — GE Wind Energy has entered into a one-year turbine sales agreement with PPM Energy Inc. of Portland, Oregon, a leading U.S. developer of wind and gas generation projects. Under the agreement, PPM will purchase 1.5-megawatt wind turbines exclusively from GE Wind Energy for qualified U.S. projects through June 2004.

Even more disturbing, is a 23 year deal that PPM signed with First Energy, who has a horrid dirty nuclear past and future:

FirstEnergy's electric generation is primarily from coal and nuclear power plants. The system also includes natural gas, oil, and hydroelectric power plants. FirstEnergy operates the Beaver Valley, Davis-Besse, and Perry nuclear power plants.

FirstEnergy was one of several utilities involved in the 2003 North American blackout . The blackout was caused by the failure of FirstEnergy to trim the trees around their high voltage lines in a certain sector of Ohio; heat and extreme power needs caused the lines to sag, coming into contact with the trees and causing power failure. See 2003 North American blackout for more details.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission voted on January 16, 2004 to investigate Metropolitan Edison, Pennsylvania Electric and Pennsylvania Power, all owned by FirstEnergy, because their service reliability "may have fallen below established standards".

On Friday, January 20, 2006, FirstEnergy acknowledged a cover-up of serious safety violations by former workers at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, and accepted a plea bargain with the U.S. Department of Justice in lieu of possible federal criminal prosecution. The plea bargain relates to the March 2002 discovery of severe corrosion in the pressure vessel of the nuclear reactor, contained within the plant's containment building. In the agreement, the company agreed to pay fines of $23 million, with an additional $5 million to be contributed toward research on alternative energy sources and to Habitat for Humanity as well as to pay for costs related to the Federal investigation. In addition, two former employees and one former contractor were indicted for purposely deceiving Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) inspectors in multiple documents (including one videotape) over several years, hiding evidence that the reactor pressure vessel was being seriously corroded by boric acid. The maximum penalty for the three is 25 years in prison. The indictment also cites other employees as providing false information to inspectors, but does not name them.

If there is one bright shining hope at ACE NY, it is going to be one of two board members. First we have Anthony Pereira, altPOWER, Inc. His web site has the following message on it: altPOWER was founded to provide expertise in the field of renewable energy systems with a focus on solar energy. In consideration of the devastating effect fossil fuels and nuclear power pose on our global environment, both ecologically and socially, the need for a proven source of clean, economical energy is great. Solar Power can provide all of these things. In fact, enough solar energy falls upon the Earth in an area smaller than the size of Lake Erie every three days to provide all the energy humans have used since the beginning of time.

How refreshing to find one lone board member with a real clue about the dangers of nuclear power, and it is hoped that Anthony does not find his vales corrupted with his new found association with ACE NY's troublesome cast of characters. The other hopeful member of the board is Gordian Raacke,

Not sure what to think of Gordian and RELI, since they feature A) Alex Baldwin of the abusive letter to daughter fame, and B) Al Gore, supporter of Nuclear Energy on their website.

At least he has shown some interest (maybe) in closing down Indian Point.

Toss in Fred Zalcman from PACE, and you have the complete picture. Now, ACE NY wants to put 3,000 megawatts up on the grid. Governor Spitzer says he wants Indian Point shut down, but first wants their 2,000 megawatts contribution to the grid replaced...seems ACE NY's goal would solve that problem? When that question was posed to ACE NY, the first answer was, we need more power on the grid, not less, and Wind Power can help in creating that additional supply? It was then pointed out, that 3,000 megawatts of wind power could replace Indian Points 2000 megawatts, and still leave a surplus of 1000 megawatts for the grid. to which I was told, we NEED THEM BOTH, and we are going to stick to our talking points, and avoid discussing and or taking a stand on nuclear power and Indian Point. So, has the wind power industry been bought off and corrupted, or only the board of ACE NY?

Some of the members:
AES-Acciona-NA Has connections to nuclear.

Airtricity Seems GREEN at first blush

Albany Engineering Corporation Primary business is hydro.altPower, Inc. Seem green, but do toss a link to Con Edison.

Arcadia Wind/Blue Water Wind Discussed above. Smell a skunk here, seems like to much of a chance for collusion and back room deals exists.

AWEA See board member Peter D. Mandelstam, and Arcadia just above this entry.

AWS Truewind, LLC They are hiring.

Azure Mt. Power They are not friends with Niagara Mohawk Power.

Babcock & Brown They are just sniffing for is what they do.

BQ Energy Seems green at first blush.

BP Alternative Energy NA, Inc. BP's feeble attempts to give their planet raping a green image.

BrookfieldCitizens Campaign for the Environment They are hiring Their main page link is

Clipper Windpower 805-899-9199

Community Energy, Inc. They seem GREEN Community Energy is committed to supplying the demand for clean, fuel-free energy. Aligned with IBERDROLA - the world's largest wind energy developer - our customers are making a difference by advancing the development of new wind energy generation in the United States.

Constellation New Energy As dirty as they come...Can we say Nine Mile Nuclear Plant.

Delaney Construction Corporation P.O. Box J, Mayfield, NY 12117 Physical Address: 2736 St. Hwy. 30, Gloversville, NY 12078 Telephone: 518-661-5304 Bought out by Tetra Tech, who has their nose so far up the arse of the nuclear industry it's not even funny.

Direct Energy Sleeze ball comes to mind!
In 2003, Direct Energy was fined $157,501 after investigators discovered 21 forged contracts trapping customers into long-term energy deals. According to Paul Massara, then the president of the company, the forgeries took place between June 2001 and April 2002. Both Direct Energy and its U.S. affiliate Energy America have been charged with employing unethical business practices, with Energy America being fined over $500,000 in penalties for enrolling customers without permission and using deceptive sales pitches. The companies have been caught using such unethical business practices in Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Ontario and Manitoba.

DUCE Construction Corporation

Ecogen Wind, LLC Seems associated with DUCE on a windmill project, and not very savvy when it comes to public relations and out reach in rural New York.



EHN-USA EHN USA LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of EHN Northamerica, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporacion Energia Hidroelectrica de Navarra, S.A. (EHN), one of the world,s largest corporations devoted exclusively to the development and operation of renewable energy projects. EHN has installed 2,662 megawatts in renewable energy generation, of which 1,474 megawatts is owned and operated by the group.

Enel North America, Inc. Enel North America is a leading owner and operator of renewable energy plants in North America, with plants in 16 U.S. States and 2 Canadian Provinces. Enel North America's roots are in the U.S. company "CHI Energy, Inc," founded in 1985 and focused on development, ownership, and operation of environmentally friendly small hydroelectric projects. In December 2000, CHI was acquired by Enel, the world's largest publicly traded electric utility. In 2003, the company was renamed Enel North America, Inc.

Environmental Advocates of New York They seem GREEN, but want to see their stand on relicensing Indian Point. Thirty seven years ago, New York environmentalists launched a plan that led to ground-breaking progress in environmental protection. As one of the nation's first state environmental councils, these environmentalists established a prototype for environmental advocacy that has been replicated in state capitals across the nation.

Everpower Renewables is an established green field developer of utility grade wind farms in the Northeastern United States. This market encompasses the New York and New England Independent System Operators (NYISO and NEEPOOL) and the Pennsylvania-Jersey-Maryland (PJM) RTO. Collectively, these ISO’s represent an installed capacity of more than 233,000 megawatts and have among the highest power rates in the United States. The Company also has expanded its development activities to other select markets in which Everpower’s strategic relationships with large landowners or geographic considerations make it feasible to achieve rational growth.

First American Title Insurance Company of New York Just shaking the tree for apples painted dollar green.

GE Energy A nuclear VIPER! just look up GNEP, NuStart and the AP1000 Makes you wonder where this groups real loyalty is.

Green & Seifter, Attorneys, PLLC One of their clients is Reliant Energy...need we say more?

Reliant has been under investigation for its alleged role in the California electricity crisis of 2000 and 2001. Reliant is suspected of gaming the market by decreasing energy production at its large plants, which caused the spot price for electricity to surge. Hourly contracts are based on the average spot market price for that hour, so by doing this, they increased their profits. After the price went up, they would ramp up production so that they would be at the appropriate level when the California Independent System Operator checked their output.

Hiscock & Barclay They love eminent domain, and trust me, not on the side of the average joe either. In 1990, President Bush appointed Barclay to the board of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a federal agency that helped U.S. companies set up joint ventures in developing countries. Do you trust ANYONE with ties to the Bush family?

Horizon Wind Energy All you have to know, is the parent company for this little wind bird is Nuclear ugly.

Hudson Valley Clean Energy, Inc. Clean and GreenInvenergy, LLC GNB would not give this company a GREEN rating.

Law Offices of David M. Wise, PA you know what they say about attorneys.

Malkin & Ross incest rules supreme they say...they represent AWEA of board member Peter Mandelstam convenient. They also represent NRDC, of which board member Ashok Gupta is a important cog. KEEP IT ALL IN THE FAMILY FOLKS...THE RICH GET RICHER, AND WE CAN EAT CAKE.

McKenna, Long & Aldridge, LLP McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (MLA) is "an international law firm comprised of 375 lawyers and public policy advisors with offices in Atlanta, Brussels, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, DC. ... clients are a mix of numerous Fortune 500 firms, mid-size companies, major government contractors, real estate developers and non-profit organizations of all types," according to the firm's web site. WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEIR LIST OF ENERGY INDUSTRY CLIENTS. Raymond B. Biagini, Co-Vice Chairman 2002-2003: "... has risen to national prominence in a number of high profile tort cases, defending companies in the Exxon Valdez litigation; the Cell Phone Radiation Hazards lawsuits; the 'Fen-Phen' litigation; the nationwide Repetitive Stress Injury suits; claims arising out of 'friendly fire' accidents during Operation Desert Storm; and 'war crimes' allegations filed against manufacturers of military weapons systems sold to Israel." In case you are wondering, they support super NuKE, Duke Energy.

Mercer Asset Management Corp. hydro electric

New York Interfaith Power & Light They mean well, but saving earth takes more than changing light bulbs.

Nixon Peabody- Clients include emerging and middle-market businesses, national and multinational corporations, financial institutions, public entities, educational and not-for-profit institutions, and individuals. The firm represents clients such as JetBlue, Constellation Brands, Corning Incorporated, and Gannett Co., Inc, among others. Additionally, the firm has represented parties in the financing of new stadiums for the Mets and Yankees.

NRDC has been suggesting a lean towards being VERY NUCLEAR FRIENDLY.

NRG Systems If they are in favor of closing Vermont Yankee owned by Entergy, will give them a green rating.

Noble Environmental Power is a leading wind energy developer with projects in several locations in northern and western New York State and in Michigan. Noble is majority-owned by J.P. Morgan Partners and was founded in 2004 by leaders in the independent power industry in response to public policy initiatives designed to foster the increased use of renewable energy sources. What leaders in the power industry are they working with...that is the BIG QUESTION?

PACEPartnership for NYC, Inc. First thing you see on their web page is Bloomberg...this is another toy for the rich, so they can control everything.

Plug Power, Inc. Not willing to give them any rating.


PV Now this group is in flux.

Read & Laniado, LLP This link says it all. Double dirty in our mind.

Renewable Energy Long Island-organization run by one of ACE NY's board members.

Reunion Power Seem to be snared in a NIMBY battle. There business model seems to be, if you cannot win the fight, join forces with a bigger nastier bully so you can.

Rudy Stegemoeller-seems to be trying to draw to and inside straight.

Stewart Title Insurance Company-fishing for clients.

Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc. If you are looking for investments, they might be worth a look, but would not call them green.

Tamarack Energy, Inc. The picture of thoundands of felled trees proudly displayed on their website tells you EVERYTHING.

Tetra Tech EC, Inc. If you want to find THE DRIVING FORCE behind the wrongful rrelicensing of failing, aged American nuclear reactors, look no further.

Public Involvement Throttled At Annual Assessment Meeting Again!

That often over used statement, "The good, the bad, and the ugly" in many respects fits yesterday's Indian Point Assessment Meeting. The facility worked well, though I was afraid there would be some parking issues, and there would have been if more members of the general public had bothered to attend. Over all, the event went well, but was not without its problems.

Set up went very well, and Richard Barkley with the NRC was friendly, cordial and helpful. He should sit down with Neil Sheehan and give him some points on working with citizen stakeholders. On a personal note, a special thanks to Richard for helping the Green Nuclear Butterfly get our stuff into the building, as I was a bit helpless with my broken arm.
The best part of the entire day was the afternoon portion (2:30-4:30) of Open House, which was not well attended...this reality gave the various stakeholders who were there a real chance at dialog, though Entergy's staff did not mingle, preferring to stick to themselves with scowls permanently etched into their cold, devoid faces. Thankfully, the folks in the regulatory crowd were far more friendly, and willingly ready to listen and discuss issues. So, to Sam, Karl, Larry, Richard and the others from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and the NRC for all you did.

This event kicked off at 2:30, found it very unprofessional that none of the other close Indian Point groups were there and ready on time. IPSEC, Riverkeeper and Clearwater all showed up very late, as if they were either A) above the rules (like Entergy), or B) felt they had no real interest in being there for the slow part of the day. Once they arrived, Clearwater and Riverkeeper did put up impressive tables for the event...IPSEC's presentation on the other hand was pathetic.

Entergy tried to STACK THE EVENT, bringing in well over 100 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America union members, all in matching shirts and hats for the event. Entergy got really IRKED, because many of their paid henchmen spent a WHOLE LOT OF TIME in front of our table oggling the Radioactive Energy drink we were giving away. Sure Entergy was not pleased seeing many of their crew drinking our Radioactive Energy drink.

The Assessment Meeting was a GRAVE INJUSTICE to those of us that sat through it waiting for our opportunity to add our voice to the mix. Just as I had predicted, citizen stakeholders were short changed, and the process/format of the meeting is fatally flawed and has to be repaired. The regulators and licensee go first, and as usual ate up far to much of the evening's allotted time. Then, unfairly from our perspective, politicians and representatives from the three main close Indian Point Environmental Groups got to go to the front of the line, give long rambling statements, and recieve detailed answers to their questions. By that time, the hour had grown late, and the NRC meeting moderator announced that not every one who had questions would get to voice them, and that our time to comment would be curtailed to one minute...this repetitive problem could be one of the reasons for dwindling public participation.
If I were giving out grades:


Set Up and Open House B+ There is room for improvement, but they really tried.

Evening Meeting D Sorry, but they have to find a better way to include the public, so our voice is heard, our questions answered.

NYDEC A- They still place to much faith in compromising with Entergy.

Entergy D- They had impressive set ups, but no personality, and no heart.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Indian Point Assessment Meeting Today... April 26th

Coming This Weekend...How Nuclear Is Being Allowed to Steal the Wind Industry

Just a quick note to let everyone know our blog will be slow tomorrow, as both Remy and I will be manning a table at the NRC's Public Open House and Annual Assessment Meeting at the Colonial Terrace, Cortlandt Manor, NY. I'll be the one in the blue cast with the anti nuke message written on it.

Stop by and introduce yourselves, as we have a few interesting handouts to share while supplies last...all FREE for members of the general Public who are not associated with Indian Point, their contractors, NRC, other regulatory or governmental agencies, as well as any associated with and/or supportive of Entergy, or the nuclear industry.

Also, in celebration of our four month anniversary, we'll be giving out cans of a brand new and exciting Radioactive Energy Drink that is sure to cause a buzz. Supplies are limited, so please one can per family...again, drinks are not available to those associated with Indian Point, their contractors, NRC, other regulatory or governmental agencies, as well as any associated with and/or supportive of Entergy, or the nuclear industry. Entergy steals enough money from rate payers to pay for their own drinks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

From Bad to Worse... Humanity Goes Insane!!!

Russia building 1st floating nuke plant
From Yahoo

Sun Apr 15, 2007

Russia began construction of its first floating nuclear power plant Sunday, and plans to build at least six more despite long-standing environmental concerns that they are vulnerable to accidents at sea, Russian news agencies reported.

Russia justifies the program as a way of bringing power to some of the country's most remote areas, also saying some of the plants could be sold to other nations.

The head of Russia's atomic energy agency, Sergei Kiriyenko, said the plants will be safe.

"This plant is much safer than atomic energy stations on the ground," the RIA-Novosti news agency quoted him as saying at a formal ceremony at the Sevmash fabricating plant in Severodvinsk on the White Sea coast.

He cited the 2000 sinking of the nuclear submarine Kursk as evidence of the reliability of the plants, which will use reactors similar to those on the submarine.

"After the boat was raised, specialists proved that the reactor could be put into service that very moment," he said, according to RIA-Novosti.

The atomic energy agency and Sevmash on Sunday signed a document on their intent to build six more floating power plants, the ITAR-Tass news agency said.

It cited the atomic energy agency as saying that talks were under way on selling the plants to unspecified Asian and African countries as well as to Russian regions.

Low Dose Radioactivity Kills Bees

Sidney Goodman

Honeybees are dying out
Editor, The Record
Largest newspaper in Bergen County, NJ

Dying honeybees not surprising.
The front-page headline of the Record on April 21, read “Honeybees dying off”. Lost hives pose a threat to farmers. The loss of bees is not surprising.

Right after the partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear plant, newspapers local to that area publicized a concern to farmers. All the insects disappeared. The cloud of low dose radioactivity that was released killed them. Bees are insects.
All nuclear plants routinely release so-called safe emissions. There is no such thing as a safe dose.
We have been blanketed with low-dose radioactivity. Bush/Cheney are intensifying this blanket in too many ways to count. Not to worry, the nuclear industry and our government assure. To worry threatens trillions in subsidies.
When the earth was formed, its surface was highly radioactive. Life was able to begin on this planet when surface radioactivity dissipated. The nuclear cult is bringing radioactivity back to the surface, to the air, to the water, and in our food. Bush and Cheney are making their evil and stupid schemes of radioactivity and war forever a threatening reality.

Better worry.
Sidney Goodman

Addressing Indian Points Rat Pack of Propaganda

Was over on Indian Points Safe, Vital and Secure Propaganda Page today, and thought I would post their diatribe here with a few of my own comments and additions. We need to change their sign out front of the site...just a small addition to the existing sign. It should read, "Entergy Center, Cancer and Abortion Clinic. So tied of their lies, and the same old party line of no immediate danger. My remarks and/or additions have been bolded.
Indian Point Update or, "Excuses and Lies of The Week"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First, Entergy would like to thank you for your patience during the testing of the new siren system. (As if we have any real choice in the matter?) There has been a great deal of news lately noting that we have twice missed our deadline to bring the new alert system online, and we apologize for that. (Notice they fail to address what the NRC labeled as great failure at the TOP TIERS OF ENTERGY MANAGEMENT?) As we have told the NRC, Entergy takes full responsibility for missing the siren deadline. We are working to get them fully operational as soon as possible. (Please define soon. As is, giving Entergy one full month to come up with a plan is far to generous. No working siren system that attains a 94 percent function rating, close the plants down and see how fast Entergy moves to address the issue.) However, we will not bring them online before we can be sure the new system meets the federal regulations, performs reliably and addresses the concerns of the emergency planning personnel from the four counties around Indian Point. Ensuring the safety of Indian Point and the larger community is always our top priority. ( If public safety, not profits were Entergy's first priority, they would not keep these failing reactors operational.)

Second, Entergy also announced yesterday that a small leak was identified in a pipe that brings steam from Indian Point 2 to Indian Point 3 for heating purposes. (The leak was discovered on April 7th, so why the two week delay in letting the public know?) It is a non-radioactive system that expectedly has small amounts of tritium in it, about one-seventh of the EPA drinking water standard. (No, finding the tritium there WAS NOT EXPECTED, which is why it is labeled a leak.) The pipe is infrequently used to supply steam to IP3 for heating while the plant is not operating. We would like to re-emphasize that there is no threat to employees or the public. The NRC has noted this event as "insignificant." (The NRC's new grading system finds almost every violation insignificant, and non-citable.)

Finally, our work to replace the damaged electric transformer at IP3 is progressing nicely, and we should be returning the plant to service by the end of the week. (Don't rush on or account, as we never want the reactor started up again.)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to submit them through the "contact us" section of our website at

Entergy's Indian Point-What Would Jesus Do?

Good, bad or ugly, one thing is certain...when America's Churches, and the religious right swing into action, they are a force to be reckoned with, as is witnessed by George Bush being elected President not once, but TWICE. Looking at the two aging Entergy Reactors known as Indian Point as they pollute the Hudson River, and push cancers rates ever higher in Westchester and Rockland counties, it dawned on me...where is the CHURCH (pick your denomination) in this fight, and what would Jesus do?
It seemed logical to first decide, or answer the second question. What would Jesus do? Setting aside all the killing of fish in the Hudson, ignoring the strontium 90 and tritium leaking into our ground water from leaking fuel pools, and busted, rusting pipes and fixtures, rushing right by the elevated cancers rates for those of us living in reactor communities, I went to one startling fact to decide that Jesus would not approve of the NRC's rubber stamping of the license renewal applications for America's 103 aging reactors.
An article in the October 23, 1999 Lancet showed an additional 100 mSv exposure to external ionizing radiation before conception added a 25% risk of a child being stillborn. One should conclude that Indian Point is an ABORTION MACHINE. If you look at the allowed ionizing radiation release rates for America's 103 aging, brittling reactors, you quickly realize that the NRC, NEI and America's nuclear reactor owners (Exelon, Entergy, First Energy, Duke Power) have decided some still births are an acceptable cost of CLEAN, SAFE, VITAL, SECURE, GREEN NUCLEAR ENERGY. The American Nuclear industry in effect is in the business of ending life, are indiscrinate Angels of Death practicing radiation induced abortions in potentially large numbers. That would not please God, that would offend Jesus.
So, Jesus would want his congregations working on grassroots efforts to see these dangerous sites shut down. He would want his ministers and preachers speaking up from their pulpits, encouraging God's sheep to plug into the anti re-licensing movement. Our local churches have the power to put thousands of people at public meetings held by the NRC, could easily put hundreds of thousands out in the streets in front of Indian Point to march in protest.
So, where is the church in this fight. it's bad enough when they seem to ignore the increased breast cancer rates in Westchester and Rockland counties. It's baffling that they seem unaware of the increased cases of thyroid cancer in these two counties. However when a facility is contributing to the number of still births, snuffing out young lives before they are ever born, one would think the church and its congregations would be outraged, and up in arms. So again we ask, where is the church in the fight to close down these aging and dangerous reactors, where is the church in demanding the closure of Indian Point.

Monday, April 23, 2007

$130,000 Fine Inadequate At Indian Point

So, the word is out, that NRC has fined Entergy $130,000 for failing to get the siren system up and running in time to meet the deadline, siting serious problems with top tier management at the plant. Not exacly, if you READ THE FINE PRINT...NRC recommends said fine. Further, the plan to take care of said problem falls far short of being good enough, as the company has 30 days from tomorrow to submit a plan for fixing the non-working system while our communities are unprotected. We need an attorney to file for federal injunctive relief shutting both reactors down till the sirens pass the 94 percent benchmark established by the NRC.

In other Indian Point news, another tritium leak has beeb identified...more on that later.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission fined the owners of the Indian Point nuclear power plant $130-thousand dollars today for failing to meet last week's deadline for a new emergency siren plan.

In a letter to Michael Kansler, president of Entergy Nuclear Operations, the N-R-C said the failure "reflects insufficient management attention at senior levels."

It also said Entergy's action merited twice the usual $65-thousand-dollar fine for such a violation. Entergy said it takes full responsibility for the delays.

The commission today gave Entergy 30 days to come up with a plan to get the new sirens up and working. Entergy said it would meet that demand.

The 150 sirens are meant to alert residents within 10 miles to any emergency at the plant, which has two reactors in Buchanan on the Hudson River, 35 miles north of New York City.