Friday, March 20, 2009

Has Hull of US Nuclear Submarine USS Hartford BEEN COMPROMISED?

HOLD THE PHONES! Someone get President Obama on the phone...oh never mind, he is dealing with Special Olympics fallout from his appearance on Jay Leno! Fox News is putting out more news on the Nuclear Submarine accident. Bullet Points!

1. Against REGULATIONS, the two naval vessels were NOT IN COMMUNICATION with each other before the USS Hartfort RIPPED OPEN THE HULL of the USS New Orleans, dumping 25,000 gallons of diesel fuel into the STright of Hormuz, thus doing UNTOLD DAMAGE to the environment...Navy does not seem overly concerned.

2. Uss Hartford was FULLY SUBMERGED when it SMASHED into the USS New Orleans.

3. Nuclear Submarine USS Hartfort has taken on Hull Damage...which begs the question...has the USS Hartfort's HULL SUFFERED CRITICAL DAMAGE?

FOX News Confirms Nuclear Sub DAMAGED...Has Hull of USS Hartford BEEN COMPROMISED?


FOX News has confirmed that the nuclear submarine USS Hartford has taken damage in its mualing of the USS New Orleans that itself spilled over 25,000 gallons of diesel into the Straight of more disturbing news, it turns out that the Nuclear Submarine was FULLY SUBMERGED, which begs the question, has the Nuclear Submarine's hull BEEN COMPROMISED? Read various news sources on this disturbing breaking news...links are below.

  • Nuclear Submarine Damaged in Collision Near Iran

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    A nuclear submarine was damaged in a collision with another U.S. Navy vessel off the coast of Iran early Friday, leaving 15 U.S. sailors injured and 25,000 gallons of fuel spilling into the Strait of Hormuz.

    The USS Hartford, a nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine, was fully submerged Friday when it collided with the transport ship the USS New Orleans, according to a Navy official in the 5th Fleet. Seas were calm but visibility was low as the incident occurred around 1:00 a.m. local time.

    No official reason has been given for the accident but a Defense Department official told FOX News that "it appears the two vessels were not in communication before they collided."

    Fifteen sailors aboard the Hartford were slightly injured but able to return to duty. No injuries were reported aboard the New Orleans, according to the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet. It was the Los Angeles-class submarine's first deployment.

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  • NAVY TAMPING DOWN NEWS...USS Hartford Nuclear Submarine RAMS Another US Navy Ship....15 Sailors on Submarine have been hurt.

    THE SAFE NUCLEAR NAVY? In breaking news from both FOX and CNN....the USS HArford Nuclear submarine deployed in the Straight of Hormuz between Iran and the IAE has crashed into another naval vehicle....details sketchy, but we do know that 15 sailors have been injured

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    USS Hartford In Near Nuclear Tragedy! 15 CREW HAVE BEEN INJURED

    BREAKING NEWS...FOX, CNN...Nuclear Submarine USS HARTFORD RAMS another American Naval Ship...FIFTEEN NAVY SAILORS ARE INJURED. From Washington Scandal!

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    USS Hartford Nuclear Submarine Narrowing Escapes TRAGIC CONSEQUENCES in Straight Of Hormuz....UPDATE

    Just in...BREAKING NEWS....CNN Makes it Official....The USS HARTFORD has been involved in a MAJOR COLLISION with another naval vessel in the Straight of Hormuz injuring 15 sailors on board! US MILITARY narrowing DODGES disaster on the high seas, nuclear catastrophes of the most horrific kind. More details as they become known. As is too be expected, the NAVY is mitigating the available news on this SIGNIFICANT NUCLEAR INCIDENT to protect the military/commercial nuclear industry push towards a Nuclear should be noted, that there is a certain REVOLVING DOOR where former sailors in the Nuclear Navy are moved into positions with NEI, NRC, or at one of America's 104 pathetically maintained Commercial Reactors.


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    USS HARTFORD (SSN-768) - submarine HARTFORD Homepage; Buddies, Reunions, Messages, Histories; you have to do the email/password thing, what else is new?
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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Hey Richard Barkley....Still Waiting For that DBT Meeting

    Some time ago I brought some serious concerns about the DBT to the attention of the NRC. After much delay and excuses, after being told at a public meeting on the record that my concerns would be addressed in a PRIVATE MEETING, I am still waiting. So am curious there Mr. Chairman of the NRC...when do I get to look at the DBT and have my concerns addressed? Meanwhile, from Green Nuclear Underground, a citizens imagination of what could be on the DBT that the NRC is not letting us see...just what RISKS are we facing from terrorists if they Relicense Indian Point. I think we have a right to know, have a right to see the DBT.

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    Hey NRC...What is in the DBT?

    One of the big complaints that host communities have in being forced to host dangerous, failing reactors for another 20 years (besides the fact that they are American Chernoby's waiting to happen) is the fact we are not allow to have any real say in the DBT, nor any idea of what is or is not included in the DBT. Simply stated, we are left to our imaginations. Since the NRC will not honestly let us as Stakeholders know what SECURITY RISKS we face in the event of a terrorist attack, since we do not know what the SLEEPING GUARDS can actually protect against, thought I'd share a few weapons that MIGHT be on the DBT...maybe the NRC will realize truth and open honesty with HOST COMMUNITIES is far less dangerous than our run away imaginations...or not.
    See Caption.
    U.S. Air Force Capt. Drew F. Goettler, of the Air Force Research Laboratory' Directed Energy Directorate, demonstrates the Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response, or PHaSR, a non-lethal illumination technology developed by the laboratory's ScorpWorks team. Air Force courtesy photo...what do you think folks? In the DBT? Or maybe they have these at Indian Point. (No, Entergy is TO CHEAP!)

    KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE, N.M., Nov. 1, 2005 – A laser technology being developed by Air Force Research Laboratory employees at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., will be the first man-portable, non-lethal deterrrent weapon intended for protecting troops and controlling hostile crowds...Can see Neil Sheehan ordering a couple of dozen!

    The weapon, developed by the laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate, employs a two-wavelength laser system and is the first of its kind as a hand-held, single-operator system for troop and perimeter defense.

    The laser light used in the weapon temporarily impairs aggressors by illuminating or "dazzling" individuals, removing their ability to see the laser source.

    Special Operations Forces Demolition Kit


    The SOFDK contains a variety of inert items that, when field loaded, provide Special Operations Forces with the capability to tailor charges to the target by using SDK components and C4 or other moldable explosives. The kit provides several methods of attaching charges/munitions to targets. The overall intent is to allow the operator to construct the smallest, lightest charge feasible with the greatest standoff distance attainable and maximum precision. I have a can this type of stuff be put up on EASILY ACCESSIBLE PUBLIC WEB SITES, but we cannot see the DBT? Could it be the NRC does not want Host Communities to know just how PATHETIC Reactor Site Security is?


    Rapid Wall Breaching Kit (RWBK)


    RBWK addresses an immediate need to give Soldiers wall breaching capability in urban and complex terrain. It supports performance demolition missions across the full range of operations. The RWBK is man-portable, rapidly deployable and creates a man-size hole to gain forced entry into buildings. Each kit will contain explosive, ignition material, attachment devices and a rebar cutter. Hey Richard Barkley, how much of a chance does a CINDER BLOCK SPENT FUEL POOL HAVE AGAINST A RBWK? Is such a kit included in the DBT?

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    The Military/Commercial/Nuclear Trilaterial Convention

    At some point, you have to pull back the curtain and expose the Wizard of Oz for who he is, or more appropriately is not. Green Nuclear Butterfly is Wizard of Oz...the Green Nuclear Underground is pulling back the is another article from the GNU.

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    The Helen Keller Brain Salad Directed Energy Sandwich Nuclear Comparison

    America's Nuclear Reactors are perhaps some of the most critical infrastructure in America, and also some of the most poorly example, the NEI was successful in convincing the NRC that Bullet Resistence Glass was fine when weighed with what it would cost the Licensees to upgrade their guard towers! (About $10 million per reactor site on a one time investment basis.)

    That might sound like a lot of money, the industry position reasonable until you take a look at the DOD and their Directed Energy Directorate located at the Phillips Research Site, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. The Directorate has a workforce of more than 600 people, an annual budget exceeding $130 million, and 670,000 square feet of working space. What do they do? Look for ways to blind large groups of protesters with pulse weapons while they turn your brains into egg salad. (Right now, they are looking to control the lazer pulses enough that they do not do permanent eye damage. Take Microwave oven doors to your next Anti Nuclear sit in to make a group shield with.)

    The Advanced Optics & Imaging Division develops techniques and technologies to improve optical systems, and then transition those systems to war-fighting commands. The Division also is working on systems that will accurately place a beam of laser light on a target such as an attacking missile. Much of this research is in support of the Air Force's Airborne Laser program.

    The High-Power Microwave Division is the Air Force's center of excellence for high-power microwave technologies, managing all research and development in that area. This includes high-power microwave hardware and systems, as well as protection against an aggressor's microwave systems.

    The Laser Division is the Department of Defense's center of expertise for the development of lasers and for getting those technologies to U.S. military forces. Included are semiconductor, gas, chemical, and solid-state lasers.

    The Optical Surveillance Division provides research and development for leading-edge space capabilities to enhance the United States' space mission.

    The Starfire Optical Range Division operates a facility that includes a 3.5-meter telescope, one of the largest in the world able to image satellites passing quickly overhead. The facility also uses lasers and adaptive optics as part of its research for obtaining high-resolution images of objects in space.

    The Program Integration Division assesses potential applications and effects of systems incorporating directed energy technologies. The Division also manages the strategic development of the Directed Energy Directorate.