Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bob Weir's Publicist Dances Around Indian Point Issue

Seems yesterday was a BIG DAY where Indian Point was concerned, and the Green Nuclear Butterfly was out making waves in front of the Paramount Center as Bob Weir's publicist did the two step boogie trying to dance around the Entergy/Indian Point issue. Green Nuclear Butterfly had tracted the band down early in the day by getting to the theatre and speaking with members of the road crew who were STUNNED that the theatre is incestously tied to the Entergy corporation that is polluting the Hudson River with 10 Million gallons of irradiated water each and every year...THOSE BASTARDS.
Dennis McNally, publicist for Bob Weir and his band RatDog, came out of Bob's tan colored tour bus long enough to speak with us in the sub artic temperatures for about three minutes. He said that both he and Bob Weir are anti nuclear, and continued on to say that the band was not aware of Entergy's financial ties to the theatre, and thus RatDog's appearance there. He further stated that the band had a long talk on the issue, and would probably not play said venue in the future as long as Entergy was funding the theatre...Green Nuclear Butterfly will be handing out boycott fliers at numerous events at the Paramount to bring attention to this situation...the Paramount needs to tell Entergy Goodbye to be more in line with the public who supports it...we want Indian Point GONE, and that means Entergy.
Green Nuclear Butterfly was interviewed at the Peekskill Coffee House across from theatre by Channel 12, but the spot was not aired due to other important Indian Point news:
1. The NRC released their grade for the was/is to be expected, the NRC gave Indian Point a passing grade, mitigating horrid issues of non compliance (leaking fuel pools) with the comment that Entergy is working on them.
2. Reactor 3 is closing down for one month to REFUEL the short, another perilous and dangerous time for the community as the bungling staff of Indian Point plays with their fuel rods while thinking of Betcee.
3. Unless they postpone it, Indian Point today (March 7th) is supposed to file their application for license renew with the NRC...chances, just like with the new siren installation, the application will be LATE in being filed.
Green Nuclear Butterfly in conjunction with Rock The Reactors were successful yesterday in interacting with over 1200 people, and we distributed over 500 fliers and CD Roms. Total financial costs for this community out reach was $150.00, so if any one wants to contribute to the cause, your donations would be appreciated.


Alan Hess said...

What exactly was the publicist dancing around on?

LauraBZ said...

hey now~
the band is named Ratdog (not the Ratdogs)

and I really don't see how this is "dancing around the issue". Seems they didn't know about the Entergy ties and now likely won't play there in the future if the Paramount remains tied to Entergy. No dance there...not sure you'd find many other bands so willing to talk to you and so willing to act. I think it would be better to put a positive spin on the situation you encountered; these dudes are on board with your agenda. Good news!