Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Support of Virginia Tech Hokies-Our Prayers Are With You

Today has been spent in quiet solitude, at times my eyes and ears glued to CNN as the stories filtered in from the campus of Virginia Tech. Memories of 9/11, and the shocked disbelief we felt here in New York and around the world as we, and our nation grieved as one, and wondered why. Watching the candle light vigil, and hearing the chant, "Let's Go Hokies", I could not help but smile, knowing that Virginia Tech students, faculty and staff would make it through this horrible tragedy to better days, knew their combined spirits would work miracles in the days, weeks and months to come as together they find their way through their own darkest hour, mourning those who have gone to join the angels up above in the evening sky. As you grieve, the nation grieves with you, and as you search for answers to the why our prayers are with you.

Let the world remember all that is beautiful and special about Virginia Tech, for it was, is, and should always be far more than one tragic event on one fateful day. Here in New York, 9/11 happened and that day, the tragic loss of life, the thunderous horrible crash of the twin towers happened, is etched forever into the history of the city, but New York, like Virginia Tech is about so much more than that one sad foot note.

Remember your heroes, both those who have fallen, and those who survived to share the truth as seen from eyes that were there. Pay honor to their memories by setting examples in the way you live your lives, in the helping hand you offer to those in need. From out of the ashes of great pain and misery heroes are born, and as tragic as Monday April 16th, 2007 is for Virginia Tech, the seeds of heroism have been planted in the hearts and souls of every student, faculty and staff member. The great Hokie spirit, as was witnessed by the thousands of flickering flames tonight, was wounded, but far from broken. May the voice of the entire nation join all of yours in the chant, "Let's Go Hokies!"

In Loving Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives
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