Thursday, September 6, 2007

The PRO-nuclear agenda of PowerShift2007?

Yesterday I put this question to PowerShift2007 via their MySpace page:

"What's your group's position on nuclear power?"

This is the answer I got:

"Our group is actually a coalition of about 40+ of the nation's leading environmentalist organizations. So we actually do not take a position on nuclear power because the position differs depending on the coalition member. Our main purpose is that global warming needs to be addressed by our government and we need legislation to reduce our carbon emissions."

To which I replied:

PowerShift2007 is affiliated with 2020 Vision which is funded by:
The Energy Foundation
The Ford Foundation
The Rockefeller Brothers Fund
The Rockefeller Family Fund
Rockefeller Financial Services

Who all serve a pro-nuclear agenda.

David Rockefeller owns and operates a 100 acres organic farm in Tarrytown, NY, just a couple of miles from Indian Point. He's been more than a little silent on the issue.

Nuclear is the key defining issue central to the global warming debate. Which is ALL about centralization of energy generation, gross corporate profiteering, has been for over 30 years, ever since the first Earth Day! Everybody is going to have to take a side, sooner or later.

Because we're not going to let anyone sit on the fence. You're either pro-nuclear, or anti-nuclear. You can't be a little pregnant!

To which THEY replied!!!

The 2020 Vision webpage is

Our webpage is

I'm sorry but 2020 Vision is a separate organization that does hold conferences called powershift which are about energy security.

However, our organization is the Energy Action Coalition, and our conference is called Power Shift 2007 and is about global warming. You can read more about the coalition at:

(Well, at least I put the issue on the table! rc)


Sharing this with a colleague I received this interesting comment:
"In general, there does seem to be a very strong anti-coal statement amongst various activist groups and individuals, but no similar anti-nuclear one which I find disturbing. I think the task for us concerned about resurgent nuclear is to look hard at the alleged green groups who are legitimizing this agenda and discredit them. I think the matter of resurgent nuclear would find sympathetic concern amongst the IFG climate conference attendees and for the most part most of the speakers."
INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON GLOBALIZATION meeting re climate in DC Sept 14-16

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Katherine said...

Seeing as how you are interested in the environmental agenda, check out this press release that speaks about members breaking rank with their own automobile industry, Adam Lee, president of Lee Auto Malls in Maine, Gary Muenzhuber, representing Autoworkers of Minnesota, Inc, Chicago-based Chuck Frank, owner of one of the nation’s largest Chevy dealerships and Kentucky-based Karen Bowen, a former Ford executive, are part of an industry based sign-on campaign to urge passage of a 35 mile-per-gallon (mpg) fuel economy standard by 2020.

Would love to hear to see you give an opinion to your readers. Check out if anyone is not aware of the current bill in Congress debating fuel and energy standards.