Thursday, January 3, 2008

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. founder of Riverkeeper, NOT!

New York Post
Page Six
Wed Jan 2, 08

Ready To Run ROBERT Kennedy Jr. has reportedly become an adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin on cleaning up the environment. Kennedy, now in Aspen with his family, is said to have offered Putin his expertise in cleaning up the terrible pollution in Russia during a trip to Moscow last year. The founder of Riverkeeper also told restaurateur Nello Balan he's interested in running for Sen. Hillary Clinton's seat when it becomes vacant. Kennedy is convinced that if Clinton doesn't win the presidency, she'll quit the Senate when her term expires and join the private sector.

This from members of RockNet and IndianPointSEC list servs:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., was NOT and is NOT the founder of Riverkeeper. The founder was and is Robert H. Boyle, author of The Hudson River, A Natural and Unnatural History. In June of 2000, Boyle and eight other directors of the organization,resigned in protest after Kennedy's puppets voted, at Kennedy's insistence, to hire William Wegner, a federally convicted environmental felon (for eight years the smuggling ringleader of protected Australian cockatoo eggs), income tax cheat and perjurer, as Riverkeeper's "chief scientist." For further information, check the Internet.

Best wishes,
Anthony Henry Smith

Anthony Henry Smith is correct in each and every point he makes about Robert F. Kennedy.
Last summer I witnessed a TV interview at a sports event with Kennedy, a young son in tow.
After noting how long the interviewer and Kennedy had known each other, she stated that Kennedy had started Riverkeeper 20 years ago. He agreed, nodded and smiled.

We know who started Riverkeeper because we know the work of Riverkeeper’s Robert Boyle. His book, the Hudson River, a natural and unnatural history (Norton) was a seminal work in the environmental movement, locally, regionally and world-wide.

Riverkeeper’s website statement on its history reads
Our History
“Since 1966, Riverkeeper and its predecessor organization have been watchdogs for the health and protection of the Hudson River.” A clarifying statement from Riverkeeper could correct the disparity in Riverkeeper’s history.

Happy New Year to all,
Peter Rostenberg


If Al Gore invented the Internet, why can't Bobby be the founder of Riverkeeper? ;o)

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