Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Indian Point Needlessly ALARMS Local Residents

Below is a letter I have just sent off to the Chairman of the NRC...I would suggest ALL CITIZENS send off a similiar letter demanding answers. We deserve to know the reason why we were needlessly alarmed today at just after 10 AM.

Dear Chairman:

Today, as I have now learned, I was NEEDLESSLY scared out of my wits. At just after ten the emergency sirens went off here in Peekskill, New York. I assumed they were again testing the dismal, trouble plagued sirens for Indian Point. Shortly after that though, while watching CNN the program was interrupted with a ORANGE SCREEN and a message telling us that there was a warning for Westchester County as a result of problems at Indian Point.

This lead me to begin implementing my own emergency plans here at my home. I waited for additional information, and was eventually successful in getting through to the local police's non-emergency number to find out what was going on...I was informed that there was nothing wrong, that the system was simply being tested. In my eight plus years living in Peekskill I've NEVER SEEN THE EMERGENCY screen that came up on my TV.

I would like to have an explanation of THIS FALSE WARNING being released out into the public broadcast arena, thus needlessly panicking the general public for a brief period of time.


Sherwood Martinelli

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