Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congressman John Hall Re-Elected!

MUSE co-founder Congressman John Hall has been re-elected, which means Rock The Reactors lives on!!!
I received 18% of the votes in the State House District 135 of Connecticut
3 of 4 precincts reporting (75%)
against John Stripp, GOP (i) 5,237 81%
Remy Chevalier, Green 1,215 19%
as a "placeholder" candidate without doing any campaigning at all... (?)

Instead I assisted in Green Congressional Candidate Richard Duffee's campaign by designing his website. Sadly Richard (with 60% of the votes in) received less than 1% of the votes in the 4th District of Connecticut (Fairfield County) which saw Congressman Chris Shays, who supports an Independent Safety Assessment at Indian Point, lose to Democrat Jim Himes in a landslide.
In the past, Jim has supported Nancy Burton of the Mother's Milk Project in efforts against the Millstone nuclear power plant, but has never gone on record about his position towards Indian Point.

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Royce Penstinger said...

Congressman John Hall is a worthless turd on a maggots ass. Talk about a world class liar, a sell out of the worst kind...I hope and pray he gets caught doing something ILLEGAL so that we can laugh as he is booted to the curb.

Hey John you lying piece of camel shit, can I have the money back I dontated to your campaign back in 2006?