Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Demo Tomorrow Morning at League of Women Voters in Manhattan!

From Marilyn Elie & Lorna Salzman

Green Brigade Press Conference @ 8:30 AM

An organization called Green Brigade has contacted IPSEC about a NYC event on December 11 and asked for our help. The League of Conservation Voters is planning a forum on sustainable energy and they are including nuclear energy in their description of what is sustainable and green house gas free. I plan on attending the forum and hope to have an opportunity to make the point that nuclear power at Indian Point is neither safe nor sustainable.

It would be great to have some company. I understand that it is difficult for most people to make a NYC event at 9AM on a Thursday morning. However, if you can, please do! If the League endorses nuclear energy you can bet that Entergy will seize on it as an endorsement for relicensing Indian Point. Green Brigade is planning a press conference at 8:30AM. If there are any early birds out there who work in NYC and can come by before going to the office, please do so!

The web site with more info about the forum is listed below. It is still possible to sign up to attend the forum and there is no fee.

Powering the Future: Nuclear The third in a series of policy forums "Greening the Empire State". Together with NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and its Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems, NYLCVEF will be hosting three events that lay out the facts about solar, wind and nuclear energy in the context of New York State. We'll hear from policymakers, regulators, industry insiders and financial experts who will discuss the pros and cons of each technology.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

9 AM - 12 PM
NYU's Kimmel Center
60 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012

Lorna Salzman

PROTEST: NY League of Conservation Voters forum

On Dec. 11th, from 9 am to 11 am, the NY LCV will be sponsoring a forum on "green" nuclear energy in NYS. It will be at the NYU Kimmel Center at NYU on Washington Square Park. (near W.4th St. subway stop).The NYLCV is and has been corrupt to the core for decades. It operates as a shill for corporate interests while pretending to be an impartial endorser of pro-environment candidates. This endorsement process lends it a veneer - a very thin transparent one - of impartiality and credibility that it in no way deserves.

NYLCV has become in recent years more blatant in its pro-corporate activities. Its name is deceitful inasmuch as a few handfuls of chosen establishment, corporate and business representatives, and a passel of high-placed, high-priced lawyers, are the ones who "screen" candidates by distributing questionnaires and conducting interviews.

NYLCV is Greenwashing Writ Large. It needs to be confronted and exposed.Anyone wishing to attend and protest its Dec. 11th forum promoting nuclear energy should contact me so we can co-ordinate our actions. My phone starting Nov. 5th is 718-522-0253.

If anyone has good press contacts, you would be well advised to try and interest them in exposing this fraudulent organization.

Lorna Salzman
Green Brigade


Dear friend:

We have initiated a NYC group, Green Brigade, to address global warming. Our first priority will be to work with Appalachian groups fighting mountaintop removal of coal, and to support the movement to stop the construction of new coal power plants (two are proposed in NYS), and support the phase-out of existing coal plants.

If you agree with our positions below, would you consider being an Endorser of this statement? It will be posted to our web site once the site is established. (please include any affiliation or ID with your name).

Please feel free to phone me if you have any questions or suggestions: 631-653-3387.


Lorna Salzman for Green Brigade

Credible scientists and climate studies are urging a reduction in CO2 emissions by 80% over the coming decade (as proposed by Lester Brown) and a reduction of CO2 atmospheric concentrations to 350 ppm (as proposed by James Hansen) in order to prevent the "tipping point" -- a 2 degree Celsius increase in average global temperature which could throw the planet into a new climate regime, with catastrophic consequences for humans and global ecosystems. Unless we stabilize energy use immediately and reduce it by at least 80% by 2020 we face dire social and economic chaos.

Therefore, we undersigned citizens urge our government to embark on a massive "Manhattan Project" to curb energy use and achieve a carbon-free/nuclear-free economy by 2050 through various means:

- ending tax breaks and subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear power, including food-based biofuels;*- taxing all fossil fuels and rebating revenues to citizens;- accelerating renewable energy technologies and incentives;*- rejecting carbon trading;- imposing a national gasoline tax so price equals that of western Europe;- mandatory energy efficiency standards for vehicles, buildings, appliances, and industry;*- banning construction of new coal-fired power plants;* phase out existing ones;- ending direct and indirect support for fossil fuel exploration and power plants abroad;- funding and expanding public transportation at national, regional and local levels;- imposing international sanctions and wood tariffs to prevent deforestation;- facilitating massive global reforestation and revegetation;- imposing Border Tax Adjustment (BTA) to place tariffs on high carbon-footprint imports;- developing a global Marshall Plan for transfer of renewable energy technologies to poorer nations;- supporting relocalization of American economy, especially in agriculture;- signing on to all international environmental treaties

Solving the global warming and energy crises requires more than new technology. The mechanisms we have relied on have failed and created additional problems. Economic growth must mean ecological improvement, not ecological destruction. Market prices must reflect true costs for the market system to work. We must move to a full-cost pricing system, including consumption taxes, that will replace the traditional growth model that rewards increased extraction, production and consumption. The current "free market" is not free and is used to justify growth and profit at the expense of social welfare and ecological integrity. Development of new technological and entrepreneurial ventures has been suppressed by ill-advised government subsidies and tax breaks which reinforce the use of fossil fuel and nuclear energy. The urgent need to end the dependence of less developed countries on fossil fuels and bring them the benefits of renewable energy must be fulfilled in a global Marshall Plan to transfer technology and wealth from the wealthy countries to the poorer ones. We must move to a steady-state Conserver Society that makes the redistribution of wealth a major goal alongside ecological sustainability.


Executive Committee: JK Canepa, Stephanie Low, Rob Jereski, Roy Morrison, Lorna Salzman
Endorsers (to date): Ross Gelbspan


631-653-3387; 212-973-1782; 212-534-4103

* These positions are included in the IEER (Institute for Energy & Environmental Research) Statement of Principles, and are supported by CCAN (Chesapeake Climate Action Network), FOE (Friends of the Earth), IPS (Institute for Policy Studies), and NIRS (Nuclear Information & Resource Service) and over 100 local and regional groups in the USA and abroad.

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