Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Reactor Core Breach at Indian Point Three

In a developing news story, our research behind the scenes leads us to pose to Entergy, Indian Point and the Nuclear Regulatory Agency several key questions regarding the long term viability of Indian Point's two functioning reactors, specifically reactor number three.

1. Is it true that in 1984 the NRC and Con Edison hid a breach in the core of reactor three by having their space suited decontamination and repair crews working in the stealth of darkness, bringing crews in and out only under cover of the midnight sky? I'd suggest folks like Neil Sheehan be very careful HOW THEY ANSWER THIS QUESTION...never know what proof might pop up and bite them in the ass.

2. Could Entergy explain why they CHEATED on the reactor core stress test...the MUST PASS test if a nuclear reactor is to win license renewal? Further, can the NRC explain why they are not doing anything about this? Look for an explosive document release to back up this claim in the coming months here on Green Nuclear Butterfly.

3. Can the NRC, Con Edison and Entergy explain why a LARGE GASH in spent fuel pool number two (put there by an errant welder) was NEVER reported, even though it took over a year to repair the leak which was significantly below the water line. (This information comes from a former employee of Underwater Welding out of Connecticut)

4. Can the NRC explain why they have admitted there is tritium leaking on the Indian Point facility that does not match the fingerprint to be coming from the spent fuel pools...isn't it true that the NRC knows emphatically that tritium is LEAKING from the hot leg of both reactor 2 and 3?

More presents from Santa Claus coming...the pro industry biased pricks on the board may think they got rid of one Sherwood Martinelli, but don't be so sure.

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