Monday, February 23, 2009

Pro-Nuke version of Rock The Reactors!!!
"Meet Alyona Kirsanova of Novovoronezh, one of the contestants in Russia's "Miss Atom" 2009. She is 22, works for Novovoronezhatomenergoremont, and loves "enjoying life." Don't you just want to take a dip in the cooling pond with her?

Alyona is a first-time contestant in "Miss Atom," an annual beauty contest open to (female) employees of Russia's nuclear industry. This is shaping up as a perennial favorite for readers of DANGER ROOM (as well as for Arms Control Wonk, who tried to rig the voting back in 2007).

Click here to meet this year's roster of nuclear supervixens. Of course, we frown on this kind of contest at home; we'd prefer something a little more retro, like Miss Atomic Bomb."

So how about it Wired and Grist, why not write an article about OUR efforts to shut down Indian Point? We demand equal time! Write to Sarah van Schagen and Nathan Hodge

For the anti-nuke pin-up gallery, go to and

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