Friday, March 20, 2009

NAVY TAMPING DOWN NEWS...USS Hartford Nuclear Submarine RAMS Another US Navy Ship....15 Sailors on Submarine have been hurt.

THE SAFE NUCLEAR NAVY? In breaking news from both FOX and CNN....the USS HArford Nuclear submarine deployed in the Straight of Hormuz between Iran and the IAE has crashed into another naval vehicle....details sketchy, but we do know that 15 sailors have been injured

Friday, March 20, 2009

USS Hartford In Near Nuclear Tragedy! 15 CREW HAVE BEEN INJURED

BREAKING NEWS...FOX, CNN...Nuclear Submarine USS HARTFORD RAMS another American Naval Ship...FIFTEEN NAVY SAILORS ARE INJURED. From Washington Scandal!

Friday, March 20, 2009

USS Hartford Nuclear Submarine Narrowing Escapes TRAGIC CONSEQUENCES in Straight Of Hormuz....UPDATE

Just in...BREAKING NEWS....CNN Makes it Official....The USS HARTFORD has been involved in a MAJOR COLLISION with another naval vessel in the Straight of Hormuz injuring 15 sailors on board! US MILITARY narrowing DODGES disaster on the high seas, nuclear catastrophes of the most horrific kind. More details as they become known. As is too be expected, the NAVY is mitigating the available news on this SIGNIFICANT NUCLEAR INCIDENT to protect the military/commercial nuclear industry push towards a Nuclear should be noted, that there is a certain REVOLVING DOOR where former sailors in the Nuclear Navy are moved into positions with NEI, NRC, or at one of America's 104 pathetically maintained Commercial Reactors.


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