Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Entergy Is Broke! Long Live Duron!

Entergy is broke, all the tell tale signs are there... The workers at Indian Point are threatening to strike... Entergy is threatening to shut down Vermont Yankee if the Vermont legislature doesn't allow them to operate without sufficient decommissioning funds, because Entergy lost the nest egg playing the market. In turn the state of Vermont is threatening not to issue Entergy a new license because Entergy lied about the extent of a tritium leak which has spread to the Brattleboro water supply... and while all this is going on... Entergy decides to sue the Army Corps of Engineers for $68 million dollars in New Orleans, blaming the Corps for the failure of the levies which flooded their two nuclear power plants during Katrina!

No wonder ConEd decided to sell Indian Point, get itself out from under a jam. Now ConEd can paint itself as a green company, wash their hands of the whole Indian Point debacle, but they're still buying power from Entergy to flow through their grid. So it's still guilt by association!

Now I ask you, what happens if Entergy goes belly up? Who takes over the operation of all their crumbling reactors? And if nobody wants them, why would anyone want a bunch of broken down facilities long past their due date, ready for mothballs, what happens then? Homeland Security steps in? The Navy is the only branch of the Federal Government left which has the man power, the know how and the expertise to tackle such a task. The tax payer is going to flip the bill, or rather, the Bilderbergers keep minting more fresh bills.

We need to get ready not just for the collapse of the cooling tower at Vermont Yankee last year, but the total implosion of the Shaw/Entergy power company, and its consequences on the lives of the residents of reactor hosting communities. It's not about if Entergy keeps operating its reactors, it's about when their operation becomes so obviously, painfully insane do citizens and politicians finally step in to put Entergy out of its misery before another of their regularly scheduled incidents turn into an accident we can't walk away from.

Yes, Haiti... and so many other problems take precedence and seem so timely. But you know what they need most in Haiti right now? Lights! There's a company in India that makes battery solar powered LED lights, for just $130... and a group in Canada which raises money to install them in Haiti, despite so many relief workers getting shot as anarchy rules on the island. Entergy, which everyone in New Orleans keeps called "energy" because they've been trained since childhood to identity the company with power... should have invested in LED companies long ago. Now they probably will need to divest into them, and wouldn't that be a wonderful thing for 2010.

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