Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rising From The Ashes...Going to Be Reclaiming This Blog

How sadly tragic that many of the things warned about in this blog have come to fruition as citizens of Japan sit huddled together, alone and scared as they are ordered "Sheltered in Place" as the cancers from the radioactive fallout creeps into their bodies...can we all sing the nuclear industry lie, "There is no immediate danger"...fuck you Indian Point, NEI and NRC...there is danger, and hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens are already destined to endure horrid cancers, many of them leading to deaths the nuclear industry will deny.

Indian Point needs to many of you know that all three back up diesel generators are housed in the same building on the site? One fire, one flood, and our community is in the same boat Japan now finds itself in, and trust me, the situation there is far worse than the FACE SAVING Japanese officials are letting us know.

This blog was and is my domain, a project breathed into life for a is time that I take it back, clean up the garbage from it's bones that does not belong, and refocus it back to it's original intent...a weapon with which to spread the truth about nuclear energy, do wake up the masses.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is being-duty in this life. All the model stuff is crap (unless it is to introduce you to decision makers a few times removed from the models at parties and whatever). Warn the people about the nuclear reactors in your area. Tell them about alternative energy and cutting back on needless energy use. Otherwise, all will be lost one day and thousands of years of effort will be down the drain, at least, in terms of normative human existence. KEEP GOING, REMY.

RemyC said...

I didn't write this. Sherwood did. Looks like he just came out of retirement. The model stuff isn't crap... it sells a lot of LEDs, which is what's going to make up the replacement power when IP gets decommissioned. Big demo coming up in Manhattan on April 9th. We need all the beautiful people we can get to bring media attention.