Sunday, July 3, 2011

Get Your Anti-Nuclear Power Poster

Available now in high-resolution for printing, or by mail. Size: 11 x 17 inches, 28 x 43 centimeters. Artist: Erik Lundberg Scott. Spread the word about nuclear power by putting up these posters -- get people to talk about their precious, threatened world!

The poster is also a fundraiser for Culture Change. We need to keep up our journalism, art, and other projects. The more we do, the easier it is to network and help other activists. Below is information on how to obtain the poster and on the origins of the concept

To order, please send $23 or more to our post office box, or online:

Although this poster is a fundraiser for Culture Change, we also make the poster freely available with online high-resolution for those unable to donate funds.

Culture Change P.O. Box 3387 Santa Cruz, CA 95063 USA


Artichoke Annie said...

This is the best Anti-Nuclear poster to date. I may consider ordering a bunch and wallpapering my living room.

Jan Lundberg said...

Thank you Artichoke, you'll be glad to know that what you saw was enhanced to include Japanese translation. The final version of the poster is available for download at