Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mobile Billboard

The folks at Friends of the Earth assisted NukeFree in sponsoring a mobile billboard to promote the shut down of San Onofre. We are looking for one or more green businesses to help us sponsor a similar mobile billboard to shut down Indian Point. Contact: Rock The Reactors

The Paramount theater in Peekskill NY which for years had been controlled by Entergy, owners of Indian Point, is now under new management, friendly to the anti-nuclear community.

Too many artists were boycotting the theater and ticket sales suffered greatly after Rock The Reactors organized a direct action at the theater during a Bob Weir concert in 2007 to bring attention to Paramount/Entergy connection.

We are looking to host events at the Paramount, widening the scope of performers beyond Clearwater’s folk music community. In the past RTR has organized events at the Colony in Woodstock, the Hiro Ballroom in Manhattan, and many other venues in Connecticut in cooperation with GreenDrinks

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