Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wake Up To The Truths Revealed In Nuclear Past-Reactors are DEATH MACHINES, and NRC Endorses Said Holocaust

Nuclear Power is not, and has NEVER been safe...problem is, too many Americans have chosen to ignore the past, or are too young to remember it, and are buying into the propaganda of green nuclear energy.

Dr. John William Gofman, one of the foremost expert on nuclear energy, and the nuclear industry testified in the Federal Court in Nashville, Tenn back in 1978...his testimony was/is riveting, and nothing has changed in the almost 30 years since his testimony. Let's look at a couple of the damning statements found in the court transcripts.

Question: Can leukemia or cancer be specifically identified as caused by ionizing radiation?

Answer: There is no reasonable doubt in my mind or to my knowledge from the scientific literature on the part of anyone that radiation is A CAUSE OF LEUKEMIA OR CANCER.

If you read the entire transcript, it goes on to state, that the rate of leukemia deaths from the continued use of nuclear reactors could be as many as 100 deaths a day! In short, the NRC, the DOE are condoning/allowing the nuclear industry to KILL 36,500 of us EACH AND EVERY YEAR in the name of the nuclear industry.

Question: Could you tell us what ALARA, A-L-A-R-A, refers to ?

Answer: ALARA, A-L-A-R-A means as low as reasonably achievable. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SAFETY OR FREEDOM FROM CANCER AND GENERIC INJURY. It just means that for the amount of money you are WILLING to spend, try to do what you can to keep people from getting too much of a dose and hence too many cancers and leukemias and generic injuries.

Question: Does ALARA essentially PLAN IN HUMAN DEATHS?

Answer: It PERMITS deaths.

Question: Permits human deaths?

Answer: Yes, because ALARA does not say-see, the one way you could avoid deaths from the nuclear fuel cycle is to have ZERO releases. ALARA says keep the releases as low as you can reasonably achieve with the economics that you WANT TO SPEND ON IT and the equipment you have available and so forth.

So it is a planned emission of radioactivity and that in effect means PLANNED DEATH.

Curious here, how many of Green Nuclear Butterfly's readers are fine with PLANNED DEATH in the name of Nuclear Industry profits? We know there are releases...look at Pilgrim, look at Vermont Yankee, look at Indian Point....every one of these Entergy nuclear time bombs is LEAKING radioactive contaminants, everyone of these reactors IS KILLING PEOPLE...and that is OK with the NRC as long as those deaths fit within acceptable criteria of ALARA! Curious here...if your wife, sister, daughter is dying of breast cancer caused by Indian Point, is that OK with you? If your child is dying of Leukemia, is that FINE BY YOU....do you really find ALARA acceptable? Do you really find risk/cost analysis acceptable when profits come ahead of someone/any one's life? It's fine as long as it's not one of YOUR RELATIVES?

Did you know a child born in the United States today has a ONE IN THREE chance of dying of cancer? Did you know that the NRC has abandoned their claims that nuclear does not cause cancer, and instead gone to a fall back position that ONE DAY A CURE WILL BE FOUND FOR CANCER!

Indian Point is leaking Strontium 90 and Tritium into the Hudson River Watershed area, and effluent from their stacks are routinely releasing (ALARA) what the NRC refers to as acceptable amounts of other radioacive contaminants into OUR AIR, onto our soil. The Jordan Memorandum of 1977 lead to what was billed as the Murder Trail of the Century in Federal Case 78-3371. It is 2007, 30 years later, and the Nuclear Industry is killing more of us each and every day, Entergy's brittled and aging fleet of rusting, delapidated nuclear reactors are releasing more and more radioactive particulates into the environment with each passing down, and with these increasing releases, our DEATH TOLL rise!

The time has come for a NEW MURDER TRIAL OF THE CENTURY.

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