Saturday, March 3, 2007

Strontium-90 in the fish...God forbid we test the bones!

(CHIC today is a new online magazine which has just issued a special green edition. The cover is by famed celebrity fashion photographer Guiliano Bekor. Model: Ira. Perhaps next issue, CHIC will make anti-nuclear activism trendy again by featuring the work of sustainable designers like Katharine Hamnett.)
Morning rant by RemyC.
I became an environmental activist to prove my father wrong, because it the 70's he thought it was already all over, that as a species we had taken an irreversible course, that we would burn up everything that could be burned, nuke ourselves to death. He had been invited to sit on the Club of Rome by Prince Philip, turned him down saying it was a waste of time. I wanted to survive.
Knowing now what he knew then, considering we can't even get decent batteries into production, that the oil and automobile companies are still lying to us about the state-of-the-art in electric drive train propulsion, the sheer hopelessness of the situation in terms of getting alternative energy sources funded in a fashion that would reflect the urgency of the situation... I am now inclined to agree with my ol'sardonic departed dad, which would mean I have come to the realization I have wasted 30 years of my life... utterly and completely, on a futile quest to save a planet that doesn't want saving... it will just wipe us out, like flies...
The hedonistic folks who live in sensual bliss, who couldn't care less about the technicalities and hardships of eco-fashion and recycling, of trying to thread lightly on the earth, the folks who rip everything apart with their all-terrain assault vehicles, their chemical perfumes and vulgar diamond jewels which makes them look like wrinkled old ladies... Lavish in the lap of luxury while the earth dies, while refugees from oil wars starve... these people, living in Palm Beach, and Switzerland, and Bel Air... they were right, I was wrong, I was a fool and a twirp... They are rich, I am poor. I am nothing in their eyes...
The earth is doomed, being terra formed into Mars... it's all pompous grand standing and green washing, so few are doing anything real... aside from selling cute pricey eco-trinkets to the idle green rich at 2KH in Chelsea...

Sorry folks, I woke up with a knot in my belly this morning... this close from where Abbie Hoffman was when he decided it was time to walk away from his body... throw in the towel.

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