Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some General News Items From Green Nuclear Butterfly

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Greetings Readers:

Do apologize for the lack of fresh articles lately, but 1) it is summer, and that in and of itself comes with its own set of distractions, and 2) the deadline for filing contentions is fast upon us. Our volunteer staff over at FUSE USA are busy with document research, and crafting our contentions, which will be extensive. FUSE USA is now officially registered as a Not-For-Profit corporation, and will be bringing you more on that development in the very near future (watch for our new blog launch). Between now and October 1st, 2007, a huge amount of GNB's efforts will be dedicated over to document research and crafting petitions, so be patient, as the Blog takes a back seat to our important fight to shutdown the aging Entergy reactors known as Indian Point.

There is a new blog out there that I encourage my readers to stay abreast of it. This Green Blog is published by long time environmental activist titan Harvey Wasserman. Harvey has recently published a book (featured on this blog earlier this summer) called Solartopia...a must read for Green people the world over. Wondering here if Harvey knows what ever happened to Scott Powers who used to be a great journalist for the Columbus Dispatch back in the early 90's.

NRC is trying to RUSH THE PROCESS of relicensing Indian Point. They have scheduled an Environmental Scoping Meeting for September 19th, and the public comments period closes very shortly after the meeting. This meeting, and the public comments received will shape the Supplemental EIS that will be appended to the Generic EIS being used to relicense these aging reactors that are leaking tritium and strontium into the Hudson River.

1. If you live in the area, and are concerned about Indian Point, it is imperiative that you attend the meeting. We will be posting details on this meeting in very early September.

2. Submit written comments to the NRC that express your concerns. Be specific, use real examples. Where possible, grab some cites to back up your contentions and/or worries by using Google. (FAC or Flow Accelerated Corrosion) is one example of a Google search that should bring up some very interesting articles and studies.

We have seen in recent events (Earthquake that struck the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Plant and the collapsing bridge in Minnesota) that the effects of aging, fatigue issues, and seismic activities can and will take their toll on man made infrastructure...factor in the risk of a terrorist attack, and Indian Point needs to be closed down.

Entergy was delivered a STUNNING defeat when their Motion For Summary Judgement attempting to dismiss a well written and defensible contention was denied. Our tip of the hat to the warriors in Vermont trying to close down the Vermont Yankee reactor...their victory ranks right up their with the one out in California at the Diablo Canyon site. Neither Entergy, NEI, EPRI or the NRC is happy about this event. The grassroots anti-nuclear movement is prying the lid off the can of worms, are about to expose the wretched stench that is the License Renewal Process. The NRC has been trying to ram these license renewals through before we got ourselves up and running...problem is, we are now WIDE AWAKE, and the tide is turning.

Bush is going to be traveling to Australia for APEC 2007 to meet with Prime Minister John Howard, with plans for Australia (against the will of the people) to join GNEP, and the push for a Nuclear Renaissance. There are some MAJOR protests being planned for his visit down under. As a show of solidarity with the Anti-Nuclear movement in Australia, world renowned activist Benny Zable and Remy Chevalier, GNB contributor, are planning a direct action in NYC on September 7th to coincide with Bush's visit to Australia. More details on this action as they arrive on our desk. If you would like to be vetted for this event, please write with details about who you are, and what organization(s) you are affiliated with.

Lastly, GNB, Rock The Reactors and FUSE USA have been invited to table during EcoFest Sunday, September 30th at Lincoln Center. We encourage all Green Anti-Nuclear Folk to plan on attending this late September Earth Friendly spectacular in New York City.

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