Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dantes Inferno Rushs Toward San Onefre Nuclear Plant

As out of control fires blanket Southern California in a living hell, the citizens of America have a much larger problem they need to be worrying about. The towering inferno that is torching hundreds of homes is now less than seven miles from the San Onefre Nuclear Plant. There should be a collectively GASP as that shoe drops.

nuclear plant threatened

Mount Palomar, San Onofre:

Fire officials at the command center in Riverside said the Mt. Palomar fire has exploded to 20,000 acres and could threaten the famed observatory at the top, which houses one of the world's largest telescopes. They also said two fires have broken out in Camp Pendleton, the Wilcox Fire at 1,200 acres and the Ammo Fire at 350 acres. The Ammo fire has raised concerns because it is at the base of San Onofre Peak and climbing up toward an array of telecommunications equipment. The San Onofre nuclear power plant is on the other side. Chief of Operations Chief Bob Green said the governor asked him to send in air tankers to lay down water between the fire and the communications equipment.


Odd that we are facing what could be a catastrophic NUCLEAR FIRE just as the NRC is attempting to LOWER SAFETY MARGINS for America's aging fleet of 104 nuclear reactors. Par for the course, the NRC is trying to put a positive spin on the situation by claiming there are no immediate risks to human health and the environment. Maybe a major news network needs to ask the NRC what the risks are going to be IF THE FIRE REACHES the reactor?

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