Monday, October 22, 2007

Money We Paid For Off Site Radioactive Waste Storage Being Given Back To Utilities

Each month we as electric consumers PAY A FEE to have spent fuel stored OFF SITE at a yet to be built repository...that money should be held in trust, and drawing interest. Instead, it is being used up defending lawsuit, and paying Nuclear Licensees DAMAGES! Why are companies like Entergy being allowed to sue DOE, and be awarded OUR MONEY? Simple, they are now being PAID to store the wastes ON SITE until a repository is built.

Lets say we buy into that general argument. If companies in the nuclear industry are now effectively being rewarded finacially for spent fuel to remain AT THE NUCLEAR REACTOR SITE, should not that storage of wastes be held to the SAME STANDARDS as would be required at say YUCCA Mountain? Time to demand some answers.

Another Utility Wins Damages Over Yucca's Failure to Open


A federal court has awarded a Minneapolis power company $116.5 million in damages for the U.S. Energy Department's (DoE) failure to open a permanent radioactive waste repository for the nation's commercial spent nuclear fuel, as the federal government promised to do long ago.

Xcel Energy Inc. subsidiary Northern States Power Co.'s victory in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims puts the company on a growing list of nuclear utilities that have won legal redress for the costs of having to store spent fuel at their reactor sites as they await the opening of the nuclear waste dump being built in Nevada's desert.

Northern States sued DoE, arguing that the federal government just like a company or individual is obligated to follow through on its contract obligations.

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