Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas to Entergy in Stamford

Yesterday, Sherwood discovered via Google maps that Entergy had an office in Stamford! I dug a little deeper, discovered it's their marketing office, and they just moved here last year.

This is an article from the Fairfield County Business Journal. This screams "demo"! Let's set a date, plan on going there with signs, call the media, make a fuss!

"shenanigans!" ;o)

Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing, LLC.
100 First Stamford Place 4th fl.
Stamford, CT 06902

(It's the old Mobil Chemical building...)

Electricity seller heading to Stamford
By David Gurliacci

Fairfield County Business Journal
Monday, May 29 2006

A company that operates nuclear power plants is moving a marketing office this summer from White Plains, N.Y., to Stamford.

The move will put Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing L.L.C., a division of New Orleans-based Entergy Corp., closer to the energy traders, banks and other companies that buy power from it, said a spokesman for another Entergy division.

Even with telephones, faxes, e-mails and other technology, the spokesman said, there's no substitute for doing business face to face.

Bob Bellemare, chief executive officer of UtiliPoint International Inc., an Albuquerque, N.M.-based consulting company that provides research to energy companies, said he couldn't figure out why a company that sells electricity would need to be 15 minutes closer to its customers.

"I have a hard time coming up with a rationale," he said. He speculated that Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing might take advantage of Connecticut energy regulations, but he confessed he didn't know how.

No employee of Entergy's marketing division was available for comment last week to explain the reasons for the move.

Louis Dreyfus, Noble Energy, the PhibroEnergy division of Citigroup, Sempra Commodities, Statoil and UBS all have energy traders or commodity trading operations in and around Stamford.

Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing is now in offices also occupied by Entergy Nuclear Northeast, another division of the company, which runs the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan, N.Y, on the Hudson River and other plants in the Northeast.

Although the marketing division is moving, the Entergy, Nuclear Northeast division will stay put in White Plains.

The office plans to move into 6,867 square feet of office space on the fourth floor of 100 First Stamford Place, said Jeffrey Newman, executive vice president for W&M Properties, which owns the office campus.

Newman represented W&M in negotiating the lease. William Cuddy Jr. of CB Richard Ellis represented Entergy.

The Entergy office will first move into other space in the First Stamford Place complex as its new home is prepared, Newman said.

"They very much wanted an office in Stamford, which provides easy access to Manhattan and to a lot of the companies that have chosen to relocate in Stamford," Newman said of Entergy.


This is another tenant in the building... and more at this url.

XL Weather & Energy Inc., (XLWE) is a leading provider of weather and energy risk management solutions. Our range of weather risk management products is designed to help businesses address earnings volatility associated with changes in weather conditions including temperature, rainfall, and snowfall.

In addition, we offer contingent risk management products designed to address specific energy market exposures – such as the risk of an unexpected and unplanned unit outage at a time when power prices exceed a certain level.

Depending upon the nature of the transactions and/or customer preference XLWE can structure solutions in either insurance or derivative form.

We provide these solutions through the combined expertise of XLWE and the XL Capital group of companies, which together offer global reach, financial strength, and the capacity to meet growing demand.

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