Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wake Up Call!

It's gotten to the point, where it's just too complicated to explain... so if people haven't been paying attention, they're just going to be left in the wake of things. Last night I sent out an invitation to my mailing list for the Fairfield County Greendrinks I'm co-hosting this Wednesday with Heather Burns-DeMelo at the Papaya Thai tiki bar in South Norwalk, Connecticut.
Now anyone with half a brain knows what that's all about... It's about deep market penetration for green products and services into the most affluent suburb in America, 200.000 homes median value $1 million dollars! Unlike New York City, where all the good green folks who attend Greendrinks, can't do anything about the buildings they live in, because they all rent, have landlords, most of them time warp stuck in the 19th Century, except for a few progressive green architects who have now embraced LEED as their new religion, there's little or nothing you can actually do to green your neighborhood, other than change your lightbulbs and recycle.

Not the case in Fairfield County, where everybody owns their little 2 acres of the American dream, and suddenly, green ambitions are more than just the Prius, they become about how much energy your house consumes, how little the new carpet out gasses, how organic your food is!

Now to me, who's been at this for going on too many years... in fact working developing all the materials now going into all these new green construction and interior design technologies, the thrill of green has gently waned... as the impending reality of rising waters strikes me at the gut level... there's still a warm place in my heart for all these people who have finally come into their own, who can see the connection between their buying habits, and the fate of the planet, who can understand they vote with their dollar, but my mind is somewhere else now... a much more pressing matter... survival of the species.

So it should be plain to see, for anyone fighting to shut down Indian Point, that for every new Light Emitting Diode system installed in a home or business, for every new energy saving device, it reduces our need for the extra power nuclear provides. It's that "magic" alternative power Governor Spitzer mentioned, which got my Rock The Reactors campaign going... but then, when he got in office, he never started the count down clock... he lied.

So it's no surprise then, that this morning, Robert Kennedy Jr's errand boy at Riverkeeper, shoots me an email to take him off my mass list, in his words: "Needless to say, you should take me off your list. not sure why you'd have me on there to begin with." This while a LED Christmas tree shines in middle of Rockefeller Center, brashly trumpeting a new era of energy conservation, which is again going to make General Electric billions, since they pretty much own all the LED patents!!!

So there you have it... a year and a half ago I start a campaign to shut down Indian Point, I tell everyone that LED can do the job, I educate the entire Hudson Valley, all of Fairfield County... businessmen from here to California... I make it happen... and the best Alex at Riverkeeper can say is take me off your list!

Well Alex, keep this in mind, I didn't work all these years fashioning green super models so you could capitalize on them... Sorry mate, but Hachette and Conde Nast, I'm taking them with me, and there's nothing your little Rockefeller/Kennedy cabal can do about it. Never mind Hachette bought Ted's autobiography. Indian Point NIMBY... Cape Wind NIMBY... cough... oops... Looks like there's fires you can't put out in your backyard... Gee, sorry bout that... didn't mean to scare the locals.

Face it, this is a lot bigger than anyone thought possible... you can't control a brush fire... Indian Point has become a national symbol, an international symbol, by excluding Rock The Reactors, Green Nuclear Butterfly, FUSE USA, by stealing our ideas and our work, by not giving credit where credit is due, you're just polarizing the issue... the haves and the have nots... making things worse... squewing the dynamics... It's Vera Cruz. You want this to be nice and clean, when we need this to degenerate into complete chaos, so we can resolve some old business.

Let it go, it's not because Susan Shapiro stole the non-profit paper work from FUSE USA, and access to the bank account that it puts our team out of commission. On the contrary, it just reinforces our resolve, not only to shut down Indian Point, but to make Indian Point the key center of attention in the 2008 election... Keep IP open, the planet dies... the death culture prevails... close it, we walk into a new green era, we stand a chance turning the Titanic away from the iceberg. Harvey Wasserman gets it, but he's got chicken feet... won't come to terms with the fact his buddy John Hall sold out his youthful NoNukes yearning for a pension.

Anyway, enough of a rant for a Tuesday morning, just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive, and for Alex to take a chill pill... I told Robert I'd shut down Indian Point, and I intend to do just that... See you on the barricades! The question still remains, which side will you be on?

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