Sunday, October 5, 2008

Experimental reactor buried on the Niagara Falls storage site?

The Hortonsphere is the ball at center. The silo in the foreground was used to store radium waste.

Report by Geoff Kelly & Louis Ricciuti

This is going to seem complicated and take a long way to get where it’s going. So here’s the gist, right upfront: Possibly, in Lewiston, are buried the remnants of an experimental nuclear reactor dating from the 1940s. This reactor would have been part of a secret program to weaponize poisonous materials—a program with roots in the study of poison gases in the First World War and whose culmination is found today in the use of depleted uranium munitions around the world.

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(Thanks to Cathy Garger of No New Nukes Yall for the head's up)


Rhotel1 said...

Cathy Garger never lets anyone comment to the contrary. Does that give you concern that maybe she really is a know nothing catering to those who know even less. The bit in Google Alerts that brought me here is pure bad science fiction nonsense. There is no such thing as "weaponized poisonous materials- a program with roots in the study of poison gases of the First World War whose culmination is found today in the use of depleted uranium munitions around the world". This entire nonsense statement is manufactured in the very fertile mind of Garger's partner in crime Bob Nichols, who not only knows nothing, but has an award to prove it (he just thinks his Project Censored Award has made him a real journalist despite never having had an editor or met a deadline or actually written a factual story). There is no buried reactor but the idiots who wrote the story Geoff Kelly and Louis Ricciuti have just conveniently ignored the responses of actual experts in the field. I circulated the article on the international radiation protection professional list RADSAFE hosted at the University of Delft in the Netherlands (clearly a Neocon stronghold!) and the article immediately drew strong criticism. Two of the consulted experts, Nichols (the mouthpiece for the notorious con artists Douglas Lind Rokke (aka Dr Rokke, aka Major Rokke) and Leuren K Moret who likes to masquerade as a "nuclear scientist" just because she worked within a mile or so of some from 1989-1990) and Ted Weymann, the lab assistant to Asaf Durakovic who cons veterans and their families into paying for DU tests where he tells them that they have been contaminated by DU but delivers results consistent with natural uranium. I will bet that neither author ever took a single chemistry or physics course; that's too bad since they are spreading lies around the world. I have written them; they have ignored me and they clearly have ignored the real experts who replied to them as well. For more on Rokke, Moret (to see what Nichols really deals with) a bit on Durakovic and others go to the Yahoo Group DUStory or Message 77, both of which give detailed instructions for accessing documents in the Files Section without having to join Yahoo or the Group. Or just write me and I will send them to you.

Royce Penstinger said...

My guess, is that people do not post your messages for a couple of reasons. First, your approach leaves a LOT to be desired, is arrogant, nasty and poorly composed. Secondly, ours is a Anti-Nuclear Blog...NEI Blog routinely fails to post up submissions that represent the other side, they do their best to keep our message out of the mainstream. So why would it upset you and others like you that we have decided too apply the same filters on the Pro Nuclear side that they impose on us?

Royce Penstinger said...

I seem to recall that Good Year over night filled in a huge hole in Akron to hide a experimental reactor.