Friday, October 10, 2008

Wall Street CRASH Puts Every Decommissioning Fund In Danger!

HOLD THE PHONES, and STOP THE LICENSE RENEWAL PROCEEDINGS! Every Decommissioning Fund in America is now UNDER FUNDED SIGNIFICANTLY as said funds take a hit as a result of the Great Stock Market Crash of 2008. As example, Entergies failing Vermont Yankee's Decommissioing Fund has plummetted with losses of over $40 Millon dollars, and it is expected that Entergies Indian Point nuclear reactor site could now be short on adequate funding by tens of millions of dollars! Without ADEQUATE DECOMMISSIONING FUNDS, they are not entitled to License Renewal! FUCK YOU PRO NUCLEAR, SCUM SUCKING PIGS, we will win even with a bunch of piss ant pro-nuclear pricks on the licensing board! You have been CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN, now PAY UP! If you run short on funds to cover your debt loads, to fucking bad! Don't see you stepping forward to pay the medical bills for my wife's breast cancer that was, from my perspective, caused by your ailing failing reactors in Buchanon NY. Don't worry, I'll have a 2.206 Petition going out on this in the morning, and I would suggest every Anti-Nuclear activist in every reactor community follow suit...10 CFR Rules and Regulations are CLEAR on MUST HAVE ADEQUATE FUNDS for decommissioning!

Nuclear decommissioning fund drops 10 percent

October 9, 2008

MONTPELIER, Vt.—The decommissioning trust fund for the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant has taken a hit on Wall Street, dropping by 10 percent or more than $40 million in the past several months, officials said.

Because of the drop the state has asked plant owner Entergy Nuclear to provide monthly rather than biannual reports on the fund, said Stephen Wark, spokesman for the Department of Public Service.

"The performance of the fund is disturbing, and will likely be a large issue in the various cases concerning Vermont Yankee," Wark said. "Entergy will have to explain how they plan to meet their decommissioning obligations to Vermonters, given their reliance on market growth."

Vermont Yankee spokesman Larry Smith said the plant's decommissioning fund did lose about 10 percent, but over the same period the stock market lost about 19 percent.

He wasn't minimizing the drop.

"We're as concerned as any one else is. We're in this for the long haul," Smith said.

This is strictly and closely monitored and regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission," Smith said. "If there is a shortfall the NRC can take action to make Entergy make up the shortfall."

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