Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Expanding The Search Circle

One has to be vigilant when dealing with scum sucking nuclear monsters such as Entergy and their twin nuclear abortion machines that are visiting still births and untold THOUSANDS of cancers at the duped citizens of the Hudson River Valley. To that end, FUSE USA has been working behind the scenes in searching for the hidden Radiological data that Entergy has egregiously hidden and or twisted with the help of the NRC to make it appear that Indian Point is safe now, and for years into the future...

The first issue I would suggest citizens of Westechester County, as well as all those living in the five bouroughs of New York consider is the License Renewal Application, and WHAT WE ARE NOT BEING TOLD...I myself, Green Nuclear Butterfly, as well as FUSE USA have alleged all along that:

A) The license renewal application is RIGGED, that the NRC has been and will continue to RUBBER STAMP License Renewal Applications, including the application for Indian Point.

B) Entergy CHEATED on it's reactor core stress tests at Indian Point and other reactors it owns, controls or manages, and shared with the other industry reactor owners how they too could CHEAT on this critical test...in fact and deed, a reactor cannot be relicensed if it DOES NOT PASS THIS TEST. Entergy and other nuclear licensees CHEATED as they know their reactor cores are far more porous now than is safe for the general public, and that the risk of a instant implosion of a core from THERMAL SHOCK is not only a risk, but something that will happen to at least one reactor community in the next 20 years as a result of wrongful license extensions in the name of a Nuclear Renaissance. Am I the only one that finds it odd that the NRC claims they cannot find the same file on the EPRI Internet site that simple old me was able to locate? FACT...NRC is in colusion with the NEI and nuclear reactor owners to SAVE THE NUCLEAR industry under the guise of National Defense even if it means sacrificing and entire community such as New York City.

C) The License Renewal Application IS NOT JUST FOR 20 YEARS! NEI, NRC and Entergy are perpetuating a FRAUD upon our community. WE have alleged all along that the NRC intends to extend the 20 year license extension granted in this process to one of at least 40 years through a NON HEARING, NON PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT administrative order. You can find at this link, tacit admission on the part of Entergy that this is true. In fighting the same fight in a different arena that is FAR LESS PUBLIC Entergy uses as one of their arguements that the decommissioning funds for Indian Point will not be needed FOR AT LEAST SIXTY YEARS INTO THE FUTURE...hmmmm....2013 to 2033 plus another 20 years beyond that to 2053 comes out to 45 years! WAKE UP PUBLIC...if you do not get outraged, you are going to get stuck with Indian Point killing your babies, spreading breast cancer amount your wives, daughters and mothers for at least another FORTY FIVE YEARS!

Further, FUSE USA have reason to believe that Entergy, NEI and/or the NRC might have used Redstone to do some Tritium monitoring and/or modeling...to that end, we have filed a FOIA with this segment of the United States Army...more tidbits to follow. We would ENCOURAGE all REACTOR COMMUNITIES in AMERICA to file a FIOA with Redstone to find out if any Tritium testing/monitoring has been or is occuring in your community. You can email Redstone at redstone-USATAReg1@conus.army.mil
Dear Redstone:

It appears from your web site that Redstone provides some kind of tritium inventory/tracking/measurement services to both government and members of private industry. As a stakeholder living within 3 miles of the failing nuclear reactor facility known as Indian Point which is owned by the Entergy corporation, as a stakeholder aware that said site is leaking both Strontium 90 and Tritium into my environment, as a husband who attributes his wife's cancer to radioactive contaminants released from the Indian Point facility, I am always tracking down pathways for these and other carcinogens which Entergy goes to great extremes to keep out of the public domain.

Seeing the services that you offer, coupled with the fact that Redstone appears to be a segment of/department of our Federal Government, I am formally filing this FOIA request in which I seek the following release of information:

1. Any and all files, reports, papers, memos related to tritium. tritium releases, tritium dumps, tritium monitoring done by, or that Redstone is aware of within a 25 mile radius of Peekskill, New York.

2. Any letters, correspondence, files, reports, studies, papers, memos, notes and other underlying documents that establish mention or deal with Strontium 90, Tritium, Celsium 137, other nuclear industry contaminant streams and pathways, or that seek/suggest a relationship with, or an inquiry from NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute), EPRI, NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), and the commercial nuclear industry, including specifically Exelon, Entergy, Areva and TVA.

3. Any letters, correspondence, files, reports, studies, papers, memos, notes and other underlying documents that establish, mention. suggest or tie the Commercial Nuclear Industry to the use of, or defense of Directed Energy in carrying out their security requirements as more fully defined under the DBT for nuclear power plants.

Respectfully Submitted via electronic transmission (Email)

Sherwood Martinelli

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