Monday, March 30, 2009

Is NRC Commission About To Pay For DBT Cheating?

NRC Commissioners Under Investigation FOR DBT Fixing Anti Nuke Friends...This is an all hands on deck moment, our chance to hand the entire group of Commissioners a serious gut punch for CHEATING when it comes to the DBT I was (which is not unusual) upset when I learned the Commissioners had once again voted against staff recommendations regarding the strengthening of the DBT (Design Basis Threat document which dictates what weapons a licensee must be capable of defending against.

I did what I usually do...fired off a scathing ACCUSATION which outlined some of what I know to be a fact, pointing out why I knew the Commissioners were worshipping at the Nuclear Temple of Taint at NEI. Good news...the Inspector Generals Office has informed me that they are going to investigate my allegations, want to set up a time to interview me further on my allegations.

This is where all you in the Anti Nuclear Arena come in, and can become involved. ANYTHING related to REACTOR SECURITY (which if you think about it is ALMOST everything) and the DBT that you want addressed email to me via this email. I am specifically interested in instances where you feel the Commissioners have cheated on the DBT, or have ignored your CONCERNS and ALLEGATIONS regarding the DBT and security issues IE, force on force exercises. claims that the DBT is inadequate, instances where they have refused to address your concerns regarding the DBT, especially as relates to LICENSE RENEWAL. Think Mothers for Peace, think creating a huge MONSTER PROBLEM for the NRC, think of this as an opportunity to get rid of the likes of Dale Klein Politics of Power Final & Final Footnotes.pdf.

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