Saturday, April 7, 2007

April 14th - Back to Battery Park!!! 12 Noon

"Here in NYC, I want to fight for better energy efficiency and conservation, to reduce our demand on IP. And, realistically, a very, VERY small percentage of NYC's electricity comes from IP--by mandate a full 80% of the city's PEAK load (the hottest, more energy hungry summer days, that is) must be generated w/in the city. Most of our juice comes from all those natural gas plants scattered around our crusty waterfronts. So I hope that we can, as a city, reduce our demand on IP to a big 0. And I think that's quite possible."
~ Ben Jervey
On April 14th, 2007, activists and citizens throughout the country will be gathering for a national day of climate action, a landmark day that might well be the largest environmental activist event since Earth Day 1970. I've been working with friends from Solar One, Transportation Alternatives, the NRDC, the Lower East Side Girls Club, Code Pink, the Church of Stop Shopping, Swear on our Friendship, the artist Eve Mosher, and literal dozens of other amazingly motivated individuals to create an event on scale with our city's size, impact, influence, and creative vitality.
Step It Up 2007 is nationwide campaign that aims to deliver a clear and powerful message to our congressional leadership: CUT GLOBAL WARMING POLLUTION BY 80% BY 2050! The campaign will culminate on Saturday, April 14th, a national day of climate action, when Americans, representing voting districts throughout the country, will voice their support for this bold and necessary commitment by gathering together and making their voices heard in hundreds of local Demonstrations.
Sea of People will go down as such:
Rally at 12 noon in the lawn at Battery Park, with brief comments about the importance of climate change legislature from many diverse fields--science, politics, the faith community, youth, business, and a very special address by the revered environmentalist and longtime global warming activist Bill McKibben, he responsible for the entire Step It Up movement!
After the rally, all participants will march north in two lines, connected in Battery Park, along the 10-foot elevation line, or the potential "future sea level" line. We're asking that all attendees WEAR BLUE to help make our SEA OF PEOPLE an even more symbolic and powerful action.
WE STILL NEED PLENTY OF VOLUNTEERS to help make this event the powerful statement it's been conceived as.
If you're interested in helping out, please email us at
If you plan on attending (and I do hope you will),

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