Sunday, April 8, 2007

Write Governor Spitzer NOW! Action Alert From Susan Shapiro!

This just in from the desk of Susan Shapiro, and well worth SHARING! It's time to put the ACT in ACTIVIST people! This is now FOUR INCIDENTS in a matter of months, and that DOES NOT INCLUDE various violations of the 10 CFR Rules and Regulations that the NRC did not cite Indian Point for...that's right, many of Indian Points violations are NEVER CITED, NEVER FINED UNDER THE NRC'S GREEN LIGHT SYSTEM.

If you are outraged as I am that Indian Point can continue to threaten our region write Spitzer to live up to his campagin promise. Ask him to use the full power of his office to demand a comprehensive ISA (Independent Safety Assessment) and stop relicensing,

Below is a sample letter.

Dear Governor Spitzer:

Saturday morning's explosion and fire in the transformer yard at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, and subsequent shutdown of unit 3, is urther evidence the need for an Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) of these plants prior to relicensing.

Entergy and the NRC can no longer expect people to believe their repeated claims that everything is safe and secure at the Indian Point site. The public is understandably shaken by the multitude of problems and shutdowns that occur, and they deserve an ISA. This is the third incident this week alone. Earlier in the week a steam generator problem resulted in the manual shutdown of IP3, and 123 out of 150 of the new warning sirens failed their test.

Please use the full power of your office to demand a comprehensive ISA and stop relicensing,

Nita Lowey's comprehensive study of National Research Council for the Department of Energy released last June found that the energy can be replaced if "political, regulatory, financial and institutional" obstacles are removed. As you well know funding for renewable will not come on line, until it is known that Indian Point's day are numbered. . It is time for you to lead the political, regulatory, financial and institutional interests to replace the energy with sustainable renewables and efficiency

Indian Point is a problem-plagued plant. It is the only plant in the country that has ongoing leaks of both Strontium 90 and Cesium 137 into the groundwater and the Hudson River, in violation of New York State law, that all groundwater must be potable. Yet, New York State is not even levying fines against Entergy. As reported by the National Academy of Science. Strontium 90 and Cesium 137 are known carcinogens, even at low levels. The

Entergy has not identified all leak sources or remediated the leaks yet the company plans to file for 20-year extensions of their operating licenses. The NRC will rubber stamp this extension application, without considering the ongoing leaks and impossible evacuation plan, or conducting an Independent Safety Assessment.

During your campaign you said you would close Indian Point, now that your are the Governor I am calling on you to protect the citizens of New York State and the Hudson Valley, by using your EXECUTIVE POWERS to call for a comprehensive ISA and stop relicensing.

Susan Shapiro
Rockland F.U.S.E.
(845) 371-2100

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