Thursday, May 3, 2007

Just In, Stop DOE's Precursor To New NUKES In New York State

This just in, and too important not to share, even this late in the evening...I should be in bed, go in to hopefully get this cast off in the AM.

Tell the DOE to hold a public meeting upstate on NIETC designations!


The DOE has proposed a Mid-Atlantic Area National Corridor, which would include the counties along NYRI's proposed paths.

As part of the 60-day public comment period, the DOE will hold three public meetings to examine each draft corridor designation.

All 3 public meetings are to be held in cities that will merely receive the added power these projects will bring (New York City, NY; Arlington, VA; and San Diego, CA). They are not the places in which the projects will be built , the places that will be devastated by them and in which opposition is unanimous. DOE's choice of locations will serve to heavily favor one side of this very critical public debate.

Our representatives in Congress, Mike Arcuri, Maurice Hinchey and John Hall have asked the DOE hold at least one additional meeting in upstate New York, closer to where the projects will actually be built! They are hoping to maximize public participation in these meetings and ensure that we are given fair opportunity to convey our opinions in the matter.

Visit and use the letter that we've created. All you need to do is add your own contact information and hit the GO! button. (Then print out the letter and send it, of course...)
Fight the power, What you can do today.

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