Friday, May 4, 2007

A New Idea To Consider As I Head Out To Get My Cast Off

Was sitting here having my second cup of coffee, watching the pre-Kentucky Derby hysteria on the news when it came to me...lets put Entergy and the NRC's faith in plant security to the test with a winner take all Independent Force on Force test, with the site only knowing the day of the test. We, the host team get to design the event, and put together our own independently chosen attack force. Since we are not allowed to see security related items, we'll design our team, choose their weapons and attack points with only what we ourselves can find out on our own via the Internet. I'm thinking we should use a team of 18 members (we have precedent in 9/11 of that sized terrorist group working together inside America's borders) that we divide into say three strike force teams.

The NRC will provide us with nothing more than the objectives list. Entergy can prepare its site and security staff anyway it wants, but must have for the exercise it's normal security deployment beefing up plant security for the test.

If our community based and designed Force on Force attack team beats Indian Point's Security team, we win...I'd suggest my Uncle who did several tours over in Nam as a Green Beret, or someone like him act as planner of our attack design for this exercise. Entergy wins, the plant stays open, we win the plant closes. One last note...we will not be held to the worthless standards in the NRC's DBT in planning our portion of the exercise.

As the old saying goes, let the NRC and Entergy put their money where their mouth is, and prove to us how good their security team is. Put up, or shut up. Since Governor Pitzer, Hillary Clinton, John Hall, Muarice Hinchey, Nita Lowey and Spano all insist the plant be safe, would challenge these politicians to file this request jointly as a Petition for Rule Makking (2.208) but since it is doubtful they have those kind of balls, will do it myself when I return home this afternoon.

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