Thursday, May 31, 2007

Paul Newman's Own Nuclear Reactor Safety Salsa

So, last week Paul Newman ran around Indian Point shaking hands, with Steet's nose doing the two cheek fork tongue, and left the facility ready to endorse it, and its security for another 20 years of operation. It was obvious that the doddering fool in this scenario had not done his homework on the facility, or their safety/security record...but then, he is Paul Newman of the blue eyes and faded glory.

Be interesting to know what Paul Newman thought of Entergy's Indian Point sending the REAL McCoy software up to Mass this week, instead of the sample software, so that when it was tested, the four counties surrounding Indian Point, and their emergency planning people started receiving faxes that an incident was occurring at the facility sitting on the Hudson! Neil Sheehan of the NRC, and Steets of Entergy Brown Nose fame were quick to say it was and inadvertent mistake, and the situation was rectified very soon after it happened...OH REALLY?

1. Entergy at first HAD NO CLUE, immediately contacting the State Police to find out who had HACKED INTO THEIR COMPUTER SYSTEM...ignoring the obvious (they forked up big time), they have basically admitted that a computer hacker can get into their system.

2. They sent a viable usable set of software to another reactor site...curious, was it MAILED, and if so standard first class mail? Not very prudent...what if it had been intercepted.

3. What if the Emergency Planners had taken the faxes as the real deal? Sirens sounding, people freaking out, a mass exit of four counties under way before someone called a time out. Also, look at the reverse...what if those faxes had been real, and while they were second guessing people were breathing in radioactive particulates?

So, we have Entergy playing games with safety by claiming that reactor 2 did not go into shut down, but is operating smoothly at 2 percent...all to avoid a White rating, and the NRC with a wink and a nod giving Indian Point a thumbs up on the shrewd move to avoid another unplanned shut down. We have the siren issues with the company promising us a working emergency siren system some time in August...isn't that special. There is the tritium leak into the Buchanan sewer system, and then that small problem with the explosion! We could go on, but think most of us get the picture.

To help Paul Newman get the picture, Remy Chevalier of Rock the Reactors paid a little visit to Paul Newman's organic eatery in Westport, the Dressing Room...never been there, but is the motif pink? "Another Environmentalist for Nuclear Power" bumper sticker, a flyer for Green Nuclear Butterfly and copy of Remy's latest documentary, Toaster 66, about electric car rapid chargers all along the old Route 66, so tourists can travel the old mother road without the $1000 gasoline bill for the trip were left for Paul.

Remy and Paul Newman have been adversaries for quite some time. In the late 70's, Remy fought Mr. Newman and his now retired local attorney Leo Nevas in the hope of establishing a park on Gorham Island, the once charming island in the middle of the river, downtown Westport. Remy's effort failed to prevent Mr. Nevas from building a three story office building. It would seem as if the old rivals are at it again. Remy can't understand how a seemingly intelligent man who would open an organic restaurant, could also advocate the relicensing of an old, dirty, decrepit, dangerous nuclear power plant that is leaking tritium and strontium into the Hudson River.

Maybe next time Paul is in Peekskill to sing the praises of Indian Point, he'll contact the Green Nuclear Butterfly so that we can sit down together and enlighten him to the truth he so far refuses to see...OK, maybe too harsh...sure at his age he does not see as well as he used too.

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