Saturday, October 20, 2007

Could Georgia Drought Threaten Farley Nuclear Reactors?

Luckily, the Farley Nuclear Reactor site is cooled with Towers, which means their water needs run into hundreds of millions of gallons of water use a day, instead of billions of gallons of water use each day in a once through system like Entergy's Indian Point where the licensee has been fighting for 30 plus years the citizens demand that they keep their commitment to go to a Closed Cooling System. Still, hundreds of millions of gallons of water use on a daily basis is a LOT OF WATER, and there are serious reasons to suspect that Georgia's desperate conditions due to a continuing drought might be, or are threatening the Farley Reactors ability to continue running.

Water fights between Georgia, Alabama and Florida is not new, each state having their own positions on how water sharing is done...problem is, as we are seeing now, in a catastrophic drought situation as the one now being faced in Georgia, with the citizens of Atlanta on water rationing, practical life needs have nothing to do with legal battles, and differing water needs in three different states.
Here is the problem right now...Georgia, specifically middle Georgia does not have enough water to meet its own citizens water needs, and is less than 90 days from running out of water. The time has come to turn off the spicket that supplies Alabama water for its nuclear reactors, and water that Florida contends it needs to protect its Panhandle.

The tri-state battle pits Florida's concerns about preserving endangered species of mussels and sturgeon and the effects of booming population growth in Atlanta against those of Georgia, which worries that the water needed to keep the species alive draws from dwindling sources such as Lake Lanier outside of Atlanta. Alabama, meanwhile, contends Georgia needs to loosen its hold on water from Lake Allatoona in the Atlanta metro area so that the state can replenish much-needed water supplies and continue running a nuclear power plant in the southern part of the state.

Sat, Oct. 20, 2007

Can someone have a V-8 here? We have Alabama demanding Lake Allatoona water in Georgia be released so they can continue operating NUCLEAR REACTORS! Here is a wake up call to Alabama, and to Farley...people not nuclear reactors come first. Shut down Farley, put it into COLD STORAGE until the drought is over.
In the meantime, for all the communities where the nuclear industry wants to build their new generation of precious are your water supplies? Are you as citizens ready to face water rationing in the name of Nuclear Profits?

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