Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Betcee May in Earth First! Journal

Excerpt from:
Our Bodies, Our Causes
By Sophia
Eostar 2007
Volume 27, Issue 3

"I came across a campaign to shut down Indian Point, a nuclear power plant in New York State. One extremely vocal man in this fight said that he was determined to find the prettiest girl on the Internet to support his campaign, and he did, indeed, find a model to stand beside him. One of their main publicity stunts—doing a photo shoot in front of this nuclear power plant—brought lots of traffic to the campaign website. Photos from the shoot, some of which were readily hung up in the power plant’s lunchroom, depicted the model posing in heels in front of the reactor, as well as lounging on a hybrid car. How could this be attracting people who really care about the environment? It doesn’t make sense to appeal to people using a method that needs to be obliterated."
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