Saturday, October 20, 2007

From The Little Bird Department...Is Entergy About To LOSE Bid To Relicense Vermont Yankee?

We all love rumors, and even hints of rumors. Well, there are some serious rumors being whispered throughout the Northeast that Entergy may be about to LOSE its bid to relicense their trouble plagued Vermont Yankee Nuclear Reactor.

First, lets face facts here...the people of Brattleboro and the surrounding area do not want the plant in their community. With the recent serious SAFETY problems at the plant, including the now infamous collapsing cooling tower incident, can any one blame them? Are we about to see the beginning of an Enron like COLLAPSE of this supposed NUCLEAR GIANT? Has Vermont's PSB finally had enough of Entergy's decreased Safety Margins and lies...let's not forget Entergy's experts doing everything in their power to have the cooling tower contention TOSSED in the License Renewal Process, and the NRC was more than happy to obliege at the time.

Indian Point is far from a shoe in for Entergy what with their failing reactor vessel heads, and so many leaks that some citizens of Westchester County refer to the Indian Point Entergy Center as the Titanic on the Hudson. If Vermont Yankee is closed, which it should be, and Entergy loses the twin monsters at Indian Point, their fleet strength will have been may just be wishful thinking, but word on the street says to be expecting some fireworks up in Vermont in the coming days and weeks. Might be a good time to hedge your bets where Entergy stock is concerned...they lose three reactors here in America, and you will see a SERIOUS TUMBLE.

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