Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ode to "Harry the Hudson Dog"

Our GNB blogmeister Sherwood Martinelli fell out of bed inspired this morning in reply to a string of posts by "Harry the Hudson Dog" on a Journal News website thread. Harry has been tracking and harrassing nearly every single anti-nuclear blogger on the Internet going on for years now, quietly sitting pretty while petting his cat Dr. Evil, using a multitude of pseudonyms, lambasting the likes of Paul Gunter of NIRS, Lisa Rainwater of Riverkeeper, Sherwood and myself. He once posted a picture of yours truly on one of his fake blogs sporting a Hitler moustache. Quite endearing actually, if not so scary.
We are sure the NRC and Entergy know who this man is, and yet they refuse to reveal his name to us, sanctifying his actions from the shadows. We are asking everyone to be on the lookout for Harry the Hudson Dog. We really like this guy... he's smart, funny, witty... has helped us considerably in fact... we'd like to shake his hand, invite him out for a drink... but he's such a shy little dog... won't come out of his hole. RemyC

The Journal News

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 7:26 am
Post subject: We need to help Harry the Dog

New Voice:

What we see, is that "Harry the Hudson Dog" (AKA Garrion, Harrydog and others) needs our compassion, and our help. This former Indian Point worker is obssessed with stalking any one that speaks negatively about his dearly beloved, aging, leaking, embrittled nuclear reactors. His last singular goal in life is a singular focus filled with hate. Traversing the internet looking into his various postings and hate blogs, it is obvious the man needs some serious counseling. Couple this obsession with his Catholic upbringing and faith, and it is obvious he in some misguided way sees himself as the Jesus of the Pro Nuclear camp.
Rather than hate "Harry the Hudson Dog", the anti-nuclear groups should work to get him the help he so desparately needs. We could start a fund raising effort to open up the "Save Harry the Hudson Dog Foundation". Maybe even broaden the scope of our efforts.
After all, when you really look at Jim Steets insipid remarks to the press, it is obvious the man has issues. Perhaps we could help Jim to find a heart, and perhaps a soul...sort of a modern day Tin Man like the "Wizard of Oz". Looking at Jim Steets, gazing back to the tragic murder/suicide earlier this year when an Entergy employee went whacko jacko, it is obvious someone needs to step in and offer these folks some help.
Imagine Bumper Stickers showing up all over Westchester County, "Save Harry the Hudson Dog, Close Indian Point", or "Save Steets, Just Say No to License Renewal." We could even film a one hour documentary of our efforts to save these two, air it on PBS with funding by Exxon.
Poetic justice in motion, Harry and Bob walking their Springer Spaniel along the Hudson River as we borrow a page right out of Entergy's propaganda play book. Camera's zooming in for a close up of the two walking hand in hand in their rainbow colored anti-nuclear T-shirts made from 100 percent all natural hemp. Something Bob Dylan carrying us to one last commercial from their friends at Exxon...GOD, makes you want to cry.
Who knows, it could spawn a whole new "Twelve Step Program" . Hello, my name is Patrick Moore, and I am a nuclear addict. We could open up the "Jebb Bush-Christine Todd Whitman" Nuclear Addiction Treatment Center, and make Norris McDonald its Executive Director, which might be just enough to pull in NY AREA as a major donor to the project. Our first high visibility patient Paul Newman...sure someone at some TV network would be super anxious to do a reality based TV program on all this. Entergy, Exelon and even NEI workers vying to get a spot on the show, and thus treatment in the Nuclear Addiction Center for FREE! They could all compete for a internship at Greenpeace where their healing could continue on.
The relicensing process is fixed. Read Green Nuclear Butterfly to understand how.
Sherwood Martinelli
Green Nuclear Butterfly


trish keenan said...

It seems to me that your Harry may be the same Harry Springer that recently posted a rather moronic message on my blog,

The IP address he posted from was unsurprisingly traced to Entergy's mothership in Louisiana. His e-mail was listed as and after I responded to his comment with a challenge to prove it... he never responded... surprisingly.

Anonymous said...

Just google "Harry Springer Indian Point" and you'll see his history of being an Entergy hack.