Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dennis Kucinich TOOK FIRST PLACE in the Democracy for America online poll!!!

154,391 Democrat activists voted. It is the single largest poll to date which measures the loyalties of so many informed and motivated activists.

These activists are the ones who will be getting out the vote in the Democratic primary elections and caucuses.

With this unprecedented and spectacular win, Dennis' campaign for U.S. President has received a tremendous boost of support and energy!

Dennis won 41 out of 50 states. If you want to see the details of his winning percentage in each state, then go to:

For more info on Dennis, the candidate, his campaign, the issues, and his positions, go to:

This win was a rejection of the Washington beltway political pundits and the American mass media conventional wisdom that had basically declared that this Democratic primary contest is all but over.

Dennis' positions on peace, on the environment, on healthcare for all, on labor, on diplomacy instead of war, on impeachment of Dick Cheney AND soon of George Bush, on immediate withdrawal from Iraq, on cancelling NAFTA and the WTO, on repealing the Patriot Act, on ending NSA spying on Americans, on restoring civil rights under the U.S. Constitution - on these issues and more - his positions are unparalleled, straightforward, and consistent, and have been for many years. They are definitely in touch with the positions of the majority of the American populace who are more progressive than the current crop of political leaders.

Please continue to support Dennis, this champion for freedom and world peace with your dollars, your prayers, and your emails to people who have not heard that a progressive New America is being born.
Source: RockNet

(Dennis voted AGAINST an ALL NUCLEAR NAVY! RemyC)

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